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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 217 B

After Li Mei Yun, the new love rival is coming. Yao Yao indeed needs to grow up faster to handle and taking care all women who coming toward to Yu Ao Tian.

In other side, Yu Ao Tian is facing Feng Chen Yi and his own younger brother as love rival in order to win over Yao Yao. He had gotten rid of Xia Ren Liang, well….

Chapter 217

Part 2 (Two)

“En?” Yu Ao Tian is looking at her with his deep cold eyes.

“How about we have drink battle, if CEO Yu lose, just running for three laps, how’s?”

This is first time for Yu Ao Tian meeting a little girl who dares to provoke him: “What if you lose?”

“I lose?” Shang Yun Yin rolled her eyes, she smiles faintly and hooks her finger, she gets closer to Yu Ao Tian’s ear, whispered: “Tonight we have one night sex…”

“You don’t regret.”

“I am Shang Yun Yin doing thing never regret before, because…” her lips curved upwards, smiles and with domineering way of speaking: “I still don’t know how to write lose, this word!”

The cold and dim room, Yao Yao isn’t moving and still lying at the bed, her eyes looking at Qi Lian Ao Yun who is undressing himself.

That gentle image, the warm heart image of him at this moment just disappeared. His eyes scarier compare to Yu Ao Tian’s eyes!

“Doesn’t fight back?” unbuttoned two buttons Qi Lian Ao Yun is smiling deviously asking her.

“You won’t. Qi Lian sunbae you won’t do anything to me!” both of them ever being stayed alone together before, after that night, Yao Yao is absolutely having faith with Qi Lian Ao Yun personality.


That time, Qi Lian Ao Yun didn’t know she is Yu Ao Tian’s woman. But this time… thing is different.

“Are you sure? Do you really have faith with me? But tonight it seems I will make you disappointed!” after said, he lowers his head.

He forcibly kisses Yao Yao’s lips.

She can feel his sudden frenzy kissing, Yao Yao does not have thought of Qi Lian Ao Yun will do such thing, her lips are little numb because kissed by him.

“How many times you did with my older brother in this bed?”

“How did he do you?”

“What types of position you like to do?”

His pair of eyes is looking disgusting at Yao Yao, every word that he said to Yao Yao as if a sword that thrust to her heart. “Enough, Qi Lian sunbae! Though both of us not knowing each other, but doesn’t Yu Ao Tian still your older brother? How can you say him in this way?”

Disgusting, this is really disgusting; she really can’t endure these brothers’ vague relationships. If from the beginning she knew Qi Lian Ao Yun is Yu Ao Tian’s younger brother she would avoid and go far away from him.

“mm, that is right, he is my older brother, the closest one in this world, but… you have heard, he had already given you to me!” after said, Qi Lian Ao Yun expression is dark, rude and rough he tears her clothes.

“No! Don’t!”

The entrance of Pub…

More than two hours finally everyone is dismissed.

Yu Ao Tian footstep is steadily walking to his car, when he is starting the engine. Shang Yun Yin beautiful body is jump in to his sport car.

“Miss Shang, anything else?”

“I dare to play dare to admit my lost. Let’s we move.” Just now when having drinking battle, Shang Yun Yin wasn’t Yu Ao Tian par. Just afraid ten of hers won’t be able to win over Yu Ao Tian.

“I don’t even care of that gambling deal. Miss Shang, I see you are drunk, let me find someone to send you off.” Said Yu Ao Tian, takes out his mobile phone.

An instantly Shang Yun Yin takes Yu Ao Tian’s mobile phone from his hand: “CEO Yu, you don’t tell me that you never have one night sex before. This way, I really will laugh at you.”

“Ha.” Yu Ao Tian is helplessly shaking his head, his good looking face is dim, his big hand is slowly grabbing her chin: “Even one night sex, it doesn’t mean all women can do it!”

“Oh, that’s right. I always heard that CEO Yu likes the “clean” women; it seems the rumour is indeed right. But…” Shang Yun Yin pair of hand is circling at Yu Ao Tian’s neck, she smiles flirtatiously: “Very coincidence, this is my first time losing and also my first time…” Her lips are already pout simply kissed Yu Ao Tian’s lips….


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 217 B

  1. Sigh. If its not LMY, there will be other throwing themselves to YAT. Likewise for YY, there will be other admirers. Wonder if YY will be rescued.

  2. I hope nothing happen will to YY, she will escaped from Qlan or released her. YAT will not fall for SYY and remember YY. What a cliff hanger. Have a nice evening and thank you very very much.

  3. Tsk! I’d rather, let YAT fell hard for that daring chick…since, they’re one of the kind… And, YY be released of her contract.. Rid of the two faced bro… And, be herself ah! 😣 oh well, im ain’t the author 😂

    Thanks 😘

  4. I’M verry disappointed in Qi lian . He was like a brother to YY. And that girl SYY … I knew it the first time I saw her . I knew she will be a rival. My senses are not lying.¬_¬

  5. Damn, we have another “fly” around Yu Ao Tian! Must get my pesticide. I can’t help using the word “fly” for that girl cause YAT looks like an excrement to me right now. *sigh*

    But at least he’s playing hard to get. BUT I’m not gonna expect too much, most prob he’ll still sleep with that “fly”. Tsk*

    Thankies for the update~

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