C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 218 D


Chapter 218

Part 4 (Four)

“Miss Luo, CEO Yu has been three days not coming at office, if you want to find him, you go searching him by your own way to look for him, I can’t help you.”

“Yao Yao, these times, Master never came back to here, you better search at others place.”

Walking in the street, Yao Yao’s face is dim, Yu Ao Tian would not do this, he is someone who has responsible, he won’t leave at sudden even not go to office for three days, does he… get sick? Though he is sick, where is he?

Her expression is little bit worries, she hurries hail the taxi and goes to the villa where she ever stayed before, perhaps Yu Ao Tian stays there?

She takes the key to open the door…

“Ah…en mm, ah…” from the inner living room, there is woman moaning sound.

“Damn! You want to kill me?”

“It is clearly yours is too big. I can’t anymore…”

“Wait for me! Together!”

This voice? Yao Yao is nervously gulping her saliva, when she has already walked at the living room, the bag that she carries is felt down to floor.

As seen, in the sofa, a woman is bending her body in front of Yu Ao Tian.

These three days Yu Ao Tian didn’t come to office because, he did this thing with this woman?

“Who are you?” When Shang Yun Yin paid attention to Yao Yao who is standing in front of the entrance, her expression isn’t panic at all. On contrary she acts as if nothing is happened, tidied up herself.

“Yu Ao Tian, I have things to speak privately with you.” She is trying her utmost to control herself, she does not look at that woman.

“What?” Yu Ao Tian coldly said, back her tidying his clothes.

“I want you to take back whatever you told your younger brother.” After said, Yao Yao is expressionless walking toward the sofa in front, straighten looked at Yu Ao Tian who sitting in sofa.

“Do you know what your status is? After all you dare to order me?”

“I know. But I am human, not your thing, not a thing you like to give to whom then give to whom! Or perhaps…” she paused, she continued to say: “You have given me to your younger brother, by this mean you and I do not have any relation, can we cut off all the ties?”

“Little thing, perhaps you mistaken one thing. In our contract, only you hear my order. I gave you to my younger brother, it doesn’t mean, our ties are cut off.”

“Yu Ao Tian! Don’t you think you are so disgusting?” Yao Yao who trying to keep calm suddenly exploded, Yao Yao is rushing to Yu Ao Tian immediately.

This time, Shang Yun Yin who is sitting beside rolled her eyes, by instinct she rushed, simply to stop in front of Yao Yao: “Little Miss, I really hate your attitude when talking with my boyfriend.”


Is she Yu Ao Tian’s new girlfriend?

Honestly, when she entered seeing at their lovely-dovely scenery, Yao Yao is off guard, she not really paid attention to this woman.

Now after she takes look carefully, she indeed the types Yu Ao Tian likes. No wonder he could cage for three days not even go for work.

But, he seems ever told her that he won’t get new liking this fast, didn’t he?

But forget it, Yu Ao Tian can find new girlfriend, she must happy on his behalf, if he can let her off perhaps this is the most perfect ending. “Yu Ao Tian, according to the contract, I must listen to your order. But, the contract didn’t state, there is one woman share two men, this point, am I right? Either we cut all the ties between us, or you take back what you said to your younger brother, you make the decision!”

Facing with Yao Yao’s attitude that ignore her, how can Shang Yun Yin swallow her anger, she raises her hand and give her a slap. “I tell you one more time, I don’t like your attitude speaking with my boyfriend!”

Finger print at her face, she is coldly swept Shang Yun Yin a glance, with pissed off eyesight she looked at Yu Ao Tian: “Yu Ao Tian! You speak up…”

Shang Yun Yin sees Yao Yao ignored her, for once again she raises her hand. But when her hand almost landed to her face…


  1. khimikimikim · March 16

    I hope they will separate ways and YAT will beg that YY will come back to him.

    I wish something bad will happend to that other girl. (I am really mad and sad fo YY)..

    Thank you as always!

    • flayful · March 17

      Khimikimikim, I can’t wait for that to happen too!!! For that time when Yao Yao will be able to break Yu Ao Tian apart in the most excruciating way down on his knees.

      Gas, this is making me sadistic. LOL.

  2. Julie · March 16

    Shang Yin Yun, the little hussy. Is she going to be another LMY? She dared slapped YY in front of YAT, she must be thinking just because she slept with YAT for three days that made her his girlfriend and treating YY badly.

    Terima kasih, Azurro for the translation.

    • azurro4cielo · March 17

      She is more difficult to handle since she also come from mafias’ background.

  3. minaaoe · March 16

    I really hate YAT right now!!
    She sees them f** and the bitch slaps her!! Hahah boyfriend,YAT has get really fast a new girlfriend…
    YY should just sleep with him and quit their relionship! YY shhould leave him,so that YAT would finally regret how he was to YY!! This chapter made me really angry….

  4. juli · March 16

    Thank you….

  5. amy3108 · March 16

    Mad mad for YAT for letting other girl slapping YY like that. I hope YY can reason out that YAt breach their contract for passing her to his brother. You go girl fight back, fighting, fighting.

  6. AikooxD · March 16

    Yao Yao is such a brave , smart , adorable girl . YAT clearly doesn’t deserve her . Poor YY . How sad for her to find that idiotic tsundere with another girl . Again .

  7. aigeha26 · March 16

    I’m really mad at YAT. How could he leave YY to his brother. I hope he does something to make it up to YY.. If they break up, let YAT realize how much YY means to him.. It would also be good cool off for them..

  8. Englam · March 16

    Thank you:)

  9. May · March 17

    Despite of that scene, YY is now brave and stronger to confronts YAT. YAT and YY both changed. Even if YAT won’t admit, his actions speak for himself, YY is right, he’s never irresponsible to missed work but because he’s finally affected of what he witnessed bet. YY and FCY likewise YY of what she caught in the act. She used didn’t give a damn whenever YAT was with other women. It’s painful, complicated relationship. Still a long and difficult journey if both of them won’t open up and confronts their feelings. I think something worst will happen in order for them to finally realize they truly love each other.

    • azurro4cielo · March 17

      He indeed get affected moreover sleeping with Shang Yun Yin could mean others thing.

  10. idontreadsite · March 17

    Ugh, the male leads are all pathetic weak characters here. If YY hasn’t stopped being such a pushover after all this, she deserves no better – after all she is totally ok giving her heart to a man who is perpetually looking for sex and jumping into bed with any available woman

  11. winifred94 · March 17

    This is exhausting, might give up soon. YAT is despicable as usual, I hope she really deals with him.

  12. winifred94 · March 17

    Thanks azurro4cielo

  13. Kitty · March 17

    YAT is hateful because he sleeps with another women to get back at YY. How is that love! YY should just leave YAT. I don’t know how she can stand in front of him and that other woman calmly. Hopefully she is able to get YAT to let her go. Or she needs to fight more dirty with YAT.

  14. Angela · March 17

    Ugh the cliffhanger is killing me T_T

  15. flayful · March 17

    “But when her hand almost landed to her face…”

    Yu Ao Tian gets to slap Yao Yao first.

    Gas, this book is making me pessimistic. LOL. I’ve learned to expect the worst so that I won’t be too shocked to madness. Hahahaha.

    Still, I aspire for the day I get to read the chapter wherein Yao Yao will be able to bring Yu Ao Tian down to her feet! That’s my motivation!! Muahahaha!

    Thankies for the update, Azurro~

  16. Mel · March 17

    Thanks! Another cliffhanger!! Can’t barely wait for the next chapter

  17. Yadane · March 17

    After getting affiliated with YAT, getting slap in the face became a norm

  18. Busybee · March 17

    Thanks. I am glad YY is thinking clearly. She’s not affected by YAT’s new GF. She’s right about the contract. Her ultimatum – Cut their ties or take back his offer to his brother. I doubt YAT will ever let YY go.

    • azurro4cielo · March 17

      And at same time she is clearer her position to Yu Ao Tian’s what so called new girlfriend who claim by herself, LOLS
      Yao Yao is Yu Ao Tian’s

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