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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 219 A



Chapter 219

Part 1 (One)

Suddenly Yao Yao grabbed her wrist: “Miss, you better behave. You better know your place before you speak. Actually at the moment I entered, the person who must get hit were you, I have endured you, what more do you want?”

Actually she really does not want to have anything with Yu Ao Tian’s woman, but now she cannot endure anymore, frustrated! After she said she loosens Shang Yun Yin’s wrist.

“Ao Tian?” Shang Yun Yin isn’t an idiot, she can feel something in Yao Yao’s words. Coldly she turned her head and looked at Yu Ao Tian.

“She is my lover.” Yu Ao Tian who is silent for this time finally speaking up.

She can see how stranger in his eyes, compare to two years ago when first they met, this is even stranger more.

Yao Yao really suspicious, did this few months her interaction with Yu Ao Tian, was all of it just a dream, now it feels both of them seem never know each other before? Or he is still angry because of Feng Chen Yi? Or perhaps, he is afraid of his current girlfriend jealous, so he is acting alike stranger?

“Oh… so this is the case.” Shang Yun Yin smiles: “Little Miss, according to the first come first queue, I might don’t have standing point, but… you are only Yu Ao Tian’s lover, while I am his girlfriend, this kind of relationship, the dummy also understand?”

She understood, lover is no matter in what kind of circumstances still outsider. “Please you understand one thing, today my coming to here not for fighting for whatever, so that just now whatever you did with him, I see nothing. If you really think you are capable, you can ask Yu Ao Tian to dump me quickly!”

When Yao Yao is talking these things, Yu Ao Tian eyes are gleaming dangerously.

Shang Yun Yin not even can say anything.

“Alright, it seems today nothing will give result for this conversation. Disturbing both of you.” She is smiling sweetly, as if nothing is happened and then leaving the villa with chin up.

It can be said, whatever Yao Yao did today is extremely satisfying, there is no slightly little girl, and on contrary she showed such majestic aura, not losing control of herself.

“Ao Tian, your lover she seems being spoiled to much by you.” After Yao Yao left, Shang Yun Yin curved his mouth upwards.

Yu Ao Tian is tied his necktie, slowly walking in front of her: “My matters… there is none of your business! Others, you perhaps mistaken one thing between us, you are… only my one night stand lover who turned be bed-mate.”

“Yu Ao Tian, you!”

“Sst, calm down.” He smiles sinister extended his hand, caressing Shang Yun Yin’s face: “When I still feel some freshness from your body, you better don’t do thing that I hate, or else, the consequence you would be ever face it!” after said, he swaying her face, turned his back and left.

Her eyes are staring at Yu Ao Tian who is leaving, Shang Yun Yin at this moment finally witness what the rumours spread that, cold blooded, heartless, mood swinging Yu Ao Tian.

These three days both of them are always close and playing together, doing lovely-dovely. But that time she thought Yu Ao Tian wasn’t as scary as rumours said, she thought he is easy to defeat. But now, thing has changed…

“Ha, just as expectedly with the spreading rumours he is heartless cold-hearted man. When doing he is sweetest than any lover-couple, but once he turned his face he could be stranger than stranger. But, really interesting!” her mouth is curved up smiles deviously, she turned her body and sat in the sofa, excitedly and also with high-self confident she murmured: “Not disappointed he is the man I Shang Yun Yin likes. What to do? Yu Ao Tian, I really love you more and more!”

“Xiao Meng Li?” Long Ye is driving his sport car, entering the villa’s district, when he at the entrance, he spotted at Yao Yao who is walking out, he lifts down his car window, hurried waving his hands: “Xiao Meng Li!”

“General Manager Long?” Yao Yao hurries walking to Long Ye’s car side: “Such coincidence.”

“Haha, I had called by Long Qi, I come here to have talked with Yu Ao Tian. After I think, he must stay at here.”



32 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 219 A

      1. ‘If you really think you are capable you can ask YAT to dump me quickly’ I loved this! Go YY…. YAT will never be able to dump you as in his heart, you have already embedded yourself into his heart… He truly loves you now just he has not realized how much you mean to him yet! Hahahahaha….

  1. Thanks for the update…I love the picture. I’m feeling a little happy the way YAT treated the girl.I can’t help but feel that YY is in trouble for making YAT mad but he deserves it 100%.I get that he is mad about FCY but right now YY belongs to him.. Ahh!! I miss the time when he tried to rescued her and they had their moment..

    1. Yu Ao Tian isn’t muddle head.
      Every decisions which made by him always had it’s own reason, not many people can understand him. Not even his closest friends but as long as they have faith in him, they will support him no matter how unreasonable in their eyes.
      I know how we (readers) despise Yu Ao Tian when he easily gave Yao Yao to Qi Lian Ao Yun, but in this case he also has his reason.

      1. I still rather choose to give YY to YAT but definitely BIG No No when it come to FCY n QLAY because they are bad rodent….I have no idea why I can’t warm up to both FCY n QLAY. YAT is not any better than those two rodents but no matter what he always protect YY.

      2. Oh, I forgot to mention I had been hiding in the background and reading most of your translations. I love it. I’m just peeking my head out and would like to say thank you for all your hard work, Azurro… ;)))

  2. Thanks Azurro. I am so proud of YY. She seems to have grown up overnight. Love they way she stops SYY from slapping her and even telling her off. YY is smart that she even asked YAT to dump her since he has a SYY. I think YAT is pleased that YY is able to stand up.

  3. SIgh, i hate double standard, so he’s okay sleeping around while she got the brunt of his anger of a “suppose” affair. Men… I tell you…
    Thank you for the chapter.

    1. I also dislike with Yu Ao Tian who is sleeping around with women. thought he has nicknamed as Underworld Emperor LOLS.
      But, don’t you think he has similarity with the ancient Emperor, using women as his pawn sometimes?

      1. Shang Yun Yin is very different with Li Mei Yun.
        In my perspective, Shang Yun Yin is lot easier to handle since she is coming from mafias’ background. She smarts but not sleek and smooth like Li Mei Yun but also rival who give lots headache.
        I can’t say which one is giving harder time for Yao Yao as long as Yu Ao Tian get involved, thing can be complicated.

  4. azurro4cielo, thanks for updating the novel. I am new to the novel. The manhua is really slow in updating.
    Just to ask, is YY already had lovey YATdovey moment with YAT? I just read the new releases.

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