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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 219 B


Chapter 219

Part 2 (Two)

But, starting this moment, this place isn’t her place anymore, she is awkwardly smiles: “Hahaha.”

“Just in time, I have questioned to ask you, you get in car first.”

Yao Yao is pulled the car door and sits down; Long Ye is slowly stopped his car at street side. “Actually, after your open study session ended, I could feel Yu Ao Tian was little bit odd, actually what did you do, offending him?”

After the open study session ended? Was it during the time when Feng Chen Yi celebrating her birthday? “During that time, I, I didn’t meet Yu Ao Tian.”

“En? It was strange. When your open study session ended, Ao Tian was clearly rushing to the sport field to find you.”


Rush…rushing to the sport field? Did he witness by himself between her and Feng Chen Yi?

No wonder since went home from the police station, Yu Ao Tian was speaking with certainty in his every words. “He, he… went to sport field to find me, for what?”

“Of course he came to celebrate your birthday.”

“To celebrate my birthday? Didn’t he celebrate Miss Mo’s birthday?”

Seeing Yao Yao surprised expression, Long Ye is smiling warmly: “So that was what Yu Ao Tian told you? That day wasn’t Xue Tong’s birthday, perhaps he wanted to give you surprise, so that he told you in such way. He was dragging me to accompany him to choose present last few days ago before your birthday. Just to let you know, that was first time for Yu Ao Tian to choose birthday present for girl.”

‘Said, Ao Tian, what happen to you today? Why are you taking me strolling with you?’

‘Next few days that little thing will celebrate her birthday, so that I want to choose present for her, you help me to take a look.’

‘Ugh, you bring me to take a look? Are you alright? Both of us are mature-grown up men, you should bring Xue Tong to help you?’ but at the time when Long Ye is recalled the memory: ‘Something fishy, Ao Tian, normally you are hate to choose present for woman, aren’t you? Every times when your women birthday you always give them your card, what happened to you today, after all you choosing the birthday present by yourself for Xiao Meng Li?

‘You less speaks nonsense, hurried, help me to choose!’

Indeed, this is the first time for Yu Ao Tian to choose present for a girl, he who is normally impatience with women usually only give a card or cheque for his women and let them spent it.

And then, that was the first time for Long Ye to stroll in the shopping mall for 2 hours, finally he chosen one beautiful necklace. Unfortunately…

“Huh, since he came back from the sport field holding the present which actually must be given to you as birthday present is threw, even the Pub which being booked in order to celebrate your birthday, finally only attended by few of us, let we playing.”

After listened to Long Ye, Yao Yao mind ‘open’ as if something one exploded sound inside her head, finally she could feel Yu Ao Tian feeling when seeing she with Feng Chen Yi together.

No wonder he could…

What to do?

She really never thought she who never told Yu Ao Tian about her birthday but after all he still knew it, furthermore he still choosing present for her by himself, prepared surprised for her.

These days when she staying together with Yu Ao Tian, is not that she never seen his impatience towards women, she also could feel he is type of man who won’t be enough with one woman. But why must he do all these things for her?

When she thought to this point, she could not help herself to weep and mopping, her eyes are moisten and she could not control herself to let out her crying voice, she really does not know why Yu Ao Tian do all this thing, but more she thought about it more she could feel her heart hurt and pain, the pain let her to recall all those memories when she staying together with him, those days.

There is bitterness but at same time sweetness in her heart, she tried her utmost to release out all the bitterness and let the sweetness stays, but every thing that makes her happy really stick to herself, unforgettable.

“Xiao Meng Li? Are you crying? You don’t cry ah, I feel afraid to see girl crying, especially little girl like you.”

Trying to stop her tears, she is forcing herself to give smiles: “I, I am okay. General Manager Long, I feel little bit uncomfortable I will back to school.”


17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 219 B

  1. Thanks. Hopefully with this piece of news, YY will understand why YAT did what he did. With that, she can make a clean break and move on with her studies. It will be nice if she can just disappear and start life with a new identity.

      1. In so many ways YAT shown us that he is a hard men towards who opposed to him but when it come to YY, he did show his softer side of him….even the part, when he was sick YY tried to make a pot of congee for him but ended burning it…who ended up cooking the lunch for both of them…YAT…even YAT said it himself that he never cooked for no one let alone any of his women but where YY is concerned he willing to cook for YY even though he was sick that day….

        Thanking you Azurro for another translation…:D

        I hope you take good care of yourself too…not over-taxed yourself with real life, work and translations..

      2. Thank you Julie.
        I am extremely in very good condition. I will take good care of myself.
        I know my limitation 🙂
        Just thank to my new / current job. I have more time to do all my randomness XD

  2. considering we are still half the way, i’m afraid this storm is still considered small and bigger and bigger storms are waiting ahead us.
    alas, my poor heart…
    thx for the chapter dear

    1. I don’t know how you view every storms in this novel. but for me, as the story goes, I feel the author had controlled his/her self to limit the violence part and makes the story more ‘normal’

      1. sooo trueee….I feel like am going to hit his head, why he’s to stubborn to show his feelings.

      2. Aiya…
        He must save his face ah~
        after all he is ‘underworld emperor’ ‘successful businessman’ and now ‘going to be politician’
        XD XD XD

  3. Thanks Azurro. Love having interactions with you over the novel. I am glad we are half way there. This has a heppy ending ?
    Glad you like your new job.
    We your readers have been benefiting a lot. He he

  4. Thank you so much azurro4cielo for the lovely chapter. So the truth is now out for YY. But it has to be LY who mend the bridge between them. YAT indeed does a lot of things for YY that he normally don’t know. If only he is open and tell YY about everything instead of keeping numb most of the time, then there will be less misunderstanding between them. YAT definitely love YY a lot, unlike those other women that he brings to bed.

    YY will have a clean break with YAT as they are both the main for this novel 🙂

    Let’s just hope that this storm past by quickly and bring their sweetness back for a while.

    Agree with Julie. Don’t tired yourself out and ensure that you get enough rest although we look forward to the updated chapter daily.

  5. Finally YY found out the truth from Long Ye, why YAT acted that way, with this revelation from LongvYe I think YY is going to talk to YAT and explain about FCY gifts and her relationship. And also redefine their relationship. Great job Azurro and awaiting for the net. Have a blessed evening and peace.

  6. Thankies for the update, Azurro4cielo~

    I hope Yu Ao Tian will know soon about Yao Yao rejecting Feng Chen Yi’s advances before Qi Lian Ao Yun does any irreversible damage to Yao Yao…

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