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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 219 C

Chapter 219

Part 3 (Three)

“Mm, oh, oh yeah…” suddenly Long Ye remembered on something, he takes out a beautiful box from his pocket: “This is for you!”

She is slowly taking it, curiously she frowning: “This is…”

“You take a look first.” Long Ye is mysteriously wink his eyes.

She is so curious; opening that beautiful box, inside it is a classic key diamond necklace from Tiffany, why Long Ye gives this for her?

“Do you like it? It is for you.”

“Ah?” she is surprised and open-wide her mouth, hurried she puts the necklace back to Long Ye’s hand: “No, No, General Manager Long, I…I can’t have it, thank you… thank you for your good intention.”

“It is okay, just thought it as our token of love when we are having an affair at Yu Ao Tian’s back.”

Seeing at Long Ye devious expression, at sudden Yao Yao expression changed to be serious: “General Manager Long, does this necklace is birthday present which Yu Ao Tian wanted to give me?”

At sudden, Long Ye good looking face which is smiling deviously stunned: “How can you know it?” he sees Yao Yao not really happy, so he wanted to tease her little bit, but never thought she could guess it right at an instant? No wonder the 200 IQ little girl isn’t sham.

“Haha, because I believe the friendship between General Manager Long and Yu Ao Tian.” At the beginning she is so curious why Long Ye told her these things, but after she listened to Long Ye last words, she has already made guess this necklace must be birthday present for her from Yu Ao Tian. If… Qi Lian sunbae can have same feeling alike General Manager Long about Yu Ao Tian, thing must be best. “General Manager Long, didn’t you tell me this necklace had thrown by Yu Ao Tian, did you?”

“I have used all my effort to bring it back from a pair of couple who took it before, after all… this is the first time for Yu Ao Tian bought present for girl. This has memory value things, what a pity if being lost?” after said, Long Ye expression suddenly changed to be so serious: “Xiao Meng Li, perhaps there is thing that I mustn’t get involved in yours matters, but… I hope you can cherish and take good care of this ‘necklace’.”


Now the sceneries when she was barging inside the Villa flowing in her mind, her ears feel burning hot when listened to Yu Ao Tian and his girlfriend conversation before.

Who can tell her, what must she do in order to ‘cheerish’?

Her eyesight is glancing at that necklace inside the box, her heart is tightening, these three years she must play her role as a good lover…

The coming days, because of Qi Lian Ao Yun’s matters, Yao Yao becomes victim for all female students at school.

“Yao Yao, how will you settle this thing? What did CEO Yu mean by giving you to his younger brother? Really must be praised him, this thing he even could do it.”

She is also wanted to settle down this matter, these few days she is trying to contact Yu Ao Tian, but he seems to avoid her, she went to the company, he left; she went to his house, he wasn’t there.

“Now I could not contact Yu Ao Tian, so that I am trying to change Qi Lian sunbae attention.”

“En, this is good too. I accompany you go there.” Both of them are holding hands walking to school entrance, simply to say heading to the seniors’ area.

But at this time…

“The Majesty Queen is coming!”

“Impossible? Really?”

“Really! Really! Just now I have spotted her sport car parked in school parking area, if you are not believe all of you can wait for moment, must be able to see Majesty Queen!”

Countless of Senior students are packed on the hallway to entrance, as if they are coming to greet great person with expectation eyesight’s.

Yao Yao also wanted to cramp inside but she could not.

“What is going on?”

“It seems the school legendary person is coming to school.”

Seeing Gong Xiao Man’s eyes which is filled with expectation, Yao Yao also curiously blinking her eyes: “What legendary person?”

“I did also know it from the school discussions. As the rumours said she is big missy from one of four great mafias group, not only she is beautiful but she is also quite smart. The most legendary is, she is good fighter too one person can fight with ten men. But, one year ago, because her health problem she was taking school leave. She backs to school, Yao Yao how if we are also take a look this legendary senior sister how her looks?”

Cold sweat

Although she does not want to see, all the seniors are coming down and blocked her access.

“Faster, faster, Great Majesty Queen is coming!” following at the sound, all eyes are gathered to see at the graceful figure which is walking not far from there.

Her brown wavy hair is swinging follows her walking pace, she is walking alike model but with domineering aura.


18 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 219 C

  1. Thank you for the quick update. Totally appreciate it azurro4cielo.

    just thought it as our token of love when we are having an affair at Yu Ao Tian’s back… this is such a funny line coming from Long Ye. And YY so confidently know that this is the gift that YAT had gone to buy personally for her. Kudos to LY for his kindness in getting back the thrown necklace as it is indeed very “precious”.

    The Majesty Queen must be Shang Yun Yin…. Hopefully she don’t give YY as much troubles as LMY.

  2. Oh no. Now YY will be tormented from all side again. Poor YY. Get rid of YAT and go somewhere else. He’s not worth it at this point even tho he did all those sweet things. His payback is a bitter pill over nothing.

  3. I’m glad Long Ye is able to retrieve the necklace that was bday gift from YAT to YY. I hope YY is able to settle her problem with Qlan. I can only guest its SYY the bitch. Have a nice evening and thanks again.

  4. FYC gift of daisy set jewelry given on her every birthday till she turn 21 is….still, more thoughtful and sincere. . YAT slept with other girl, he’s no better than FYC. I still vote for FYC, her teenage sweetheart.

    Thanks dear 😘

  5. Thankies for this update, Azurro~

    Meygas, it seems like in this arc or season, so many troublesome characters are showing up all at once. Why do they all go to this one university? Go somewhere else! LOL.

    Azurro, sorry, I can’t do my part of the job these days~ I have to catch up to my studying. Yes, I’m cramming. LOL. Just a few days left before exam. I’m actually just sneaking to read cause I can’t endure. Hohoho (^_^’)> Jiayo!

    1. I also wonder is China only have obe University why r all nasty people goto the same University as YY n GXM. I also hope it is not the hussy n shaneless b****. Seducing YY’s man to one night stand then calling herself his girlfriend, shameless hussy. If she is the so-called Queen then no wonder she is the shameless hussy instead..isn’t someone describe that she is a leader in one of the mafias?!!!!!

      1. I don’t think there was much seducing on her part. YAT is just despicable and wants to get back at YY by sleeping with others to comfort him.

      2. I think she did seduced him, she followed him on his way to his car after the “supposed” party. YAT told her he’s not really serious of their bet and told her to go and yet she kissed him. But you’re right jumping from one woman to another is just not right. Who knows but I believe in everything YAT does, there’s a reason behind not just because of payback. In spite of all that, I don’t think FCY is a better man, just no.

      3. Hey, I’m sexually available is not much seduction to me. He may be using her to protect YY later on but being such a smart guy there must be a better way.

        So far none of the male leads is worthy of YY. All of them just makes her life more difficult not better. But I think YY has a part in that too with her decision.

      4. I do see many good points with both Kitty and May’s arguments. YAT is too “easy”. LOL. I’m going to dedicate Taylor Swift’s song to him: “Should’ve Said No”.

        “You should’ve said “No”,
        you should’ve gone home
        You should’ve thought twice
        ‘fore you let it all go

        You shouldn’t be begging for forgiveness at my feet…
        You should’ve said “No”, baby, and you might still have me~”

        I can’t wait for Luo Yao Yao to have THIS attitude towards Yu Ao Tian, but for now YAT have a good time~

      5. That’s because I’m letting out all my frustrations in studying for the exam through these comments. Hahahahaha

        Imagine me studying while doodling Yu Ao Tian’s face, and drawing black teeth and boogers on him. LOL.

      6. Hahahaha. She acts all high and mighty (saying I don’t know the word “losing”), but in the end she’s still just like all the other women of YAT: desperate enough to willingly throw herself at his feet. ( =_=)

      7. Yes. perhaps she is too arrogant because her father is one of four great mafias in China, rank 2.
        Moreover she also is good fighter, one person able to face ten men. See, Shang Yun Yin isn’t simple woman.

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