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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 220 A

Yao Y

Chapter 220

Part 1 (One)

But when Yao Yao sees that figure, her eyes are opened wide: “How can be her?”

“Ugh, Yao Yao, do you know her?”

She knew, of course she knew, this woman has an appearance which is not easy to be forgotten, moreover the place where they met before, perhaps she won’t ever forget it for her entire of life.

“She is Yu Ao Tian’s new girlfriend. Xiao Man, Let’s move faster.”

“Oh my, Yu Ao Tian has new girlfriend again? What he is thinking of?”

“Xiao Man, perhaps you are mistaken my relationship with Yu Ao Tian, there is no matter whether he has new girlfriend or not. The most important thing there is something that I hadn’t told you before.”


“Yu Ao Tian saw me…with Feng Chen Yi together.”

“Ah?” finally Gong Xiao Man understood why Yao Yao could be ended in this kind of circumstances. “Yao Yao you are really, although CEO Yu does not have feeling toward you but how could you expect him to tolerant this thing happened? With your plain character, better you choose one of them, between Feng Chen Yi and Yu Ao Tian, who does make you happier.”

“I have told you about my decision!”

“Ugh, you are right… well since you have chosen CEO Yu, don’t with Feng Chen Yi…” after she until here, Gong Xiao Man face suddenly turned to be dark: “Forget it, it not like I never witness Feng Chen Yi stubbornness, although you don’t meet him, he will still find the way to force you. Your fate is such bitter, encountering two stubborn men. Ah…”

This is the most troublesome part which is facing by Yao Yao, she and Yu Ao Tian had made contract and she also has already made preparation to spend time with Yu Ao Tian for three years, but Feng Chen Yi at other side is nonstop coming to disturb, it makes her heart growing annoyed to Feng Chen Yi but at same time it irritates Yu Ao Tian’s side.

“Let’s we move faster!”


When both of them are turning their back, Shang Yun Yin voices flowing: “You? Standstill!”

She furrowed her brows, slowly turned back, very calm she smiles: “Senior sister, Calling me, what can I do?”

“Ha, I thought my eyes got problems, so it really you. So coincidences, after all both of us are studying at same university?”

That is right, she also thought how so coincidences could it, she could study at same school with Yu Ao Tian’s new girlfriend!

“Yun Yin, do you know my girlfriend?” another familiar voice is coming over.

Yao Yao is dumbfounded at her standing place, turned her head, as seen that is a pair of hand is hugging her.

“Ao Yun? She is your… girlfriend?” Shang Yun Yin smiling eyes, as if she is waiting for one big show, she really does not know, the person who had mentioned by this little girl as Yu Ao Tian’s younger brother actually is Qi Lian Ao Yun? She seems as if knowing what a big secret.

“Mm, yes.”

“Not bad, your girlfriend is so cute. I and her… not long time ago, ‘accidentally’ met. Is it, Junior sister.” Shang Yun Yin is smiling and stroking Yao Yao’s head.

She is creased her forehead, this woman is growing up so beautiful, good fighter, in her eyes, Shang Yun Yin is especially ‘smart’!

“Ao Yun, I go to the classroom first. Later we have talked.”


Shang Yun Yin is leaving still surrounded by countless men, Yao Yao is coldly swaying away Qi Lian Ao Yun’s hand which is hugging her: “Qi Lian sunbae, I advise you better to stop. Be careful to be laughing stock, this you still don’t know!”

“Being laughing stock? I don’t mind! If really get embarrass, anyway I and Yu Ao Tian will be embarrassed together!”

Actually how much Qi Lian sunbae hates Yu Ao Tian? After all he could do this kind of scarification? “Qi Lian sunbae, this is the last time I warn you. I hope you know that I am only Yu Ao Tian’s lover. If three of us relationship being found out by others, the person who most embarrassed still is me. You did so many things; I could feel you are simply to outrage of me!”

Never thought, she really never thought Qi Lian sunbae who she respects so much finally get into conflict with her, but… all of this because Qi Lian sunbae who forced her to do, she really does not have any choice!

“Who ask you to be Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend…”

When Qi Lian Ao Yun is passing her that moment, he is whispered this words to her.

Dumbfounded for the moment when she is moving.

At sudden Qi Lian Ao Yun is grabbed her wrist: “Why must you! Why must you!” she can see his melancholy eyes filled with question that he does not understand.

Listened to his hoarse voice, Yao Yao could feel, Qi Lian Ao Yun ways of speaking is not for Yu Ao Tian, but for hers. Why…Qi Lian Ao Yun can say so?


10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 220 A

  1. Thankies for the update, azurro~
    Gas, you’re so fast! I have to catch up alot and I have like only a few mins for reading so gotta “sprint”. LOL.

    Qi Lian is showing vulnerability. Oh, you poor guy, lemme pat your head…

    Nah, I change my mind. LOL. He’s like a wild dog; he suddenly bites. Better safe than sorry~ Hahahaha. Yao Yao, careful there~

    1. BTW, that’s “Meat”!!!
      I mean, Sena Kashiwagi of “Haganai” in that picture! Hohohoho~ So she fits your image of Shang Yun Yin? Hmm, we’ll they’re both arrogant and pretty. Hahaha.

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