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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 107

Picture credit to :Devianart
Picture credit to :Devianart


Translator : Azurro
Grammatical Checker + Edited : Obsidian

Chapter 107

The Injury Gets Slightly Better


After a few days of nourishment, the white robe is already able to move a little bit although limited to this bed. He is able to heal faster all because of Long Mo Er taking meticulous care of him.

When he has a lot of time he thinks that his life has been completely brought back by her. Is his life hers now?

Actually what kind of girl she is? Taking care of him without demanding anything!

He recalled the first time he met her, the way she dressed was different from a girl who is from an ordinary family. And now she is wearing plain clothing. Is it because she is taking care of him! But why did she help him?

Where is her home? Her family?

He stands up, the white robe on his body slowly straightening. He is moving to the table which is not far from there. Although he has been getting better for quite a while, his wounds have not completely healed. A few times his wounds still have slightly hurt.

But after lying too long in bed he really needs to move around a little bit!

He still moves very slowly.

At this time the door sudden opens.

“White robe, why are you up? Are you okay? Do you want to drink water or what? Let me help you get it!” Seeing the movement of the white robe, Long Mo Er calls out, panicking. With the fastest speed she goes to the table’s side. Even faster she puts down the chicken soup that she cooked and hurries to help to support white robe, helping to ease his burden. “If you want to do something then call me. Let me do it for you! You haven’t healed yet. The doctor said many times that you need to rest!”

“I’m much better.” Although Long Mo Er anxiousness stirred white robe’s feelings and some warmth, he still faintly said, “I have been lying in bed for many days. I want to get down and move around a little bit!”

“En.” Long Mo Er is glancing at white robe’s face which is still unaffected from his movement. Nodding her head, she helps support him to walk to the front of the table. His condition now is that he is not yet fully recovered but compared to the big stormy days and nights with a weak pulse and no chance of living, this is much better. “Come, slowly, let us sit down for a while.”

Helping the white robe to sit down, Long Mo Er is pouring the soup into the bowl in front of him. “I just cooked it. Drink it while it’s still warm. This way your body will recover soon! The chicken soup smells good! This is something I learned from my big sister when at home! You are a lucky person, the first to drink it!”

White robe is looking at Long Wan Er’s face which is filled with anticipation after pouring the soup into the bowl for him to drink. The gleam in her eyes makes him unable to refuse. Moreover, he really does not want to refuse. This is the taste of warmness, the taste of family. It’s been so long since he has encountered it that he almost forgets to taste the soup.

Long Mo Er is quietly sitting there, waiting, looking. Seeing the empty bowl, Long Mo Er is filled with happiness.

Remembering the first time, it was so difficult for him to eat two spoons of porridge. Now this moment, the bowl is empty. Her effort is not wasted. He really is come back to life and once again he has the chance to live.

Recalling the time when his life was in danger and death near, and now seeing his vitality that has come back, the changes are a world of difference.

What to say? She really isn’t useless. She brought him back from hell!

Seeing him drinking the soup, her expression is really excited!



6 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 107

  1. Thanks for the update. I have been wondering how white robe is doing and about Mo Er in this situation. I have no idea how much time has past but I am surprised she hasn’t tried to contact her family at all. Isn’t she aware of how strange the situation is? It’s like she ran away.

  2. I wonder what she’s thinking. I thought it was bad to be around a male who’s not your brother or husband. I understand she wants to help him and maybe use this to leave but…. I would think this would ruin her reputation. I feel like she needs to be saved from herself.

  3. Thankies for the update~

    About time the no-name guy wakes up. LOL. I wonder how this will conclude. Will Ye Che find them together and misunderstand that she’s eloping with him? Ohohohoho~

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