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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 221 A


There is no word to describe about this chapter except: Long Qi, you rock!

Chapter 221

Part 1 (One)

Luckily they are arrived in time, that brat Lu Chuan’s men are surrounding Yao Yao. “Long Qi, those men, they are keeping on harassing Yao Yao not let her go.”

“MF!” pair of Long Qi’s hand inserted at his pocket and walking shabbily toward there: “Hey, what are you doing?”

“Who is this man?” Lu Chuan sees Long Qi killing aura quite strong, asking to someone beside him in low voice.

“Lu Chuan, he is first year student, this few days he is quite famous, as rumours said he won when fought with 20 men during the open study session. Now most of the first semester students are admire him.

“Is he that awesome?” Lu Chuan isn’t Long Qi par, courtesy he smiles: “Junior brother, now I am talking with Junior sister, we are discussing about our feeling, this such thing you better don’t get involved?”

“You discuss with whomever, I won’t get involved and none of my business. But, you are not allowing discussing your feeling with Yao Yao!” Long Qi is moving step forward, one of his hands is pulling Yao Yao to his embraces.

“Junior Brother, Senior really admires you. I advice you one thing, this girl I have decided I want her!”

“MF, don’t you understand human language? I have told you, you are not allowed to touch Yao Yao, understood?”

“Do I need to hear you?”

“Why must you so protected to her?”

“Geez… what is going with you? Don’t you understand? Although she has already had husband, I will still same protect her, there! Is! None! Of! Your! Business!” Said Long Qi, he brings Yao Yao and Gong Xiao Man to stand aside, while he moves one step to face Lu Chuan.

“Long Qi is so handsome, so Man, just as expected he really can depend on!” hide behind Long Qi, Gong Xiao Man is secretly supporting Long Qi.

“Xiao Man, you mustn’t call Long Qi, based on Long Qi character small thing will get bigger later on.” Now Yao Yao really does not know what to do.

“So what should do? Person alike Lu Chuan that forceful, if not giving him little bit color (lesson), he will come harass you till death and won’t give up on you.”

This… indeed so true! “Geez…”

“Junior brother, since you are so arrogant, Very well. Zhu Que group, do you ever heard?” after said, Lu Chuan is rolling up his sleeves, showing his member’ tattoos as one of Zhu Que group’s men.


“What are you laughing of?”

“I laughed at you MF idiot!” at sudden Long Qi curved his hand into fist and give Lu Chun a punch right in his nose.

“Lu Chuan?”

“Lu Chuan?

“Lu Chuan, are you okay?”

“Damn!” perhaps Long Qi is one of the hardest obstacle in Lu Chuan’s life who he ever met, using soft way is useless, using hard way also useless, simply to say he is hard to deal. “Faster, calling Big Sister comes.”

“No need, I have seen.” One cold voice is flowing over Shang Yun Yin is taking four men with her who are faster walking in front of them…

“See, faster take a look, it seems Long Qi will have fight with others.”

“With whom?”

“I don’t know.”

“Sst… doesn’t all of you see that woman in front of her is so familiar?”

“Ah! She seems… she is our school person of the year, Senior sister Shang?”

“Impossible? Long Qi is fighting with her? For sure he will lose. Just to know she is from mafia background. Go, faster we take a look.” Those students who followed the sport class, all of them are paying attention to them, seeing weird atmosphere, surrounding and watch for the crowded.

“Yao Yao, just now Lu Chuan mentioned about his backing, does the backing his mean… is that Shang Yun Yin?” Gong Xiao Man is whispering.

She is creased her forehead, seeing women are fighting to gain favour because of jealousy she had seen so many before, moreover things regarding between Yu Ao Tian relationship, she really afraid someone like Shang Yun Yin won’t stop easily.

Must be there a conflict occurred? Or must let someone get killed then satisfied?

This is Yao Yao’s reason why she wanted Yu Ao Tian to dump her when he is intending to find new girlfriend, she really does not want to fight over some strange jealousy.

“Junior brother, I never liked to waste my saliva talking to others. Just now you are hitting my man who is Zhu Que Group’s men, should I asked him to fight you back or should…” Shang Yun Yin pair of hand is enveloped her in front, coldly she pointed at the outside school.



33 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 221 A

  1. This is exactly what I mean about YAT making YY life difficult. His new lady is jealous and want to eliminate her competition. If YAT could keep his pant zipped then this may not have happened.

    1. I can’r say YAT makes Yao Yao life difficult cause by his women because with/out women, Yao Yao is always attracting problems to herself when she has relationship no matter when she with Feng Chen Yi, Yu Ao Tian, Qi Lian Ao Yun…
      She is prior to jealousy.

      1. It’s just women in jealous rampage usually is more vicious. Take a look at that forgotten celebrity girlfriend, who I already forgot her name. lol
        She is so vicious and she’s just a celebrity.
        Now this new girl is from Ao Tian’s world, she would be more vicious in shutting up Yao Yao.
        Really not looking forward to this angst.
        How many chapter until this girl is done?

        Thank you for the chapter as usual. 🙇

  2. Thanks! I love QL ! He is so sweet to YY ! He should thank YY, university life is less boring than working as security manager:)

  3. Long Qi is totally awesome when come to protecting Yao Yao 😍 how I truly wished that they fall in love instead of with YAT or FCY …. He is still the best for YY. Unfortunately he is not the main nor the 2nd lead in this story I guess. I have said this before and I still feels that LQ loves YY as well but because of their brotherhood, he is behaving himself instead choose to protect her 😉

  4. Really like your straight translation ie. “little bit color (lesson)”. When I read it and translate to cantonese in my head I’m LOLS and, of course, Jia You. It really makes it even more hilarious. Thanks Azurro and Jia You. ROFLMFAO.

  5. its seems Long Qi is always there for YY when it needed. I hope Lu Chan will stop harassing YY after this. Long Qi is a good friend and brother to YY. Thanks for great job Azurro. Happy Easther to all.

      1. OMG THANK GOD. I mean, as much as I love LQ, I just don’t see him as a love interest to YY. He’s more suitable to be an older brother to YY.

      2. Me too.
        I like Long Qi for his carefree and impulsive also his hot-tempered characters.
        But to be love interest either for Yao Yao or Gong Xiao Man, I don’t feel the chemistry.

      3. Azurro…will this ‘upcoming classmate’ also the YAT’s new competitor? he must be super unreasonably jealous again, right? *sigh*

      4. I won’t mention him as ‘up coming classmate’ because he is not student.
        Yu Ao Tian won’t get jealous easily by that time, he will only feel irritates for most.

      5. Oh so you actually rooting other male? Oh I am looking forward to him then. Honestly, I don’t want her ended up with either FYI since he’s an adulterer and YAT since he’s an abuser.

  6. Is SYY YAT girlfriend ? Didn’t YAT say that spending the night with him won’t make her his girlfriend? Man … I hate SYY confidence.

    1. Shang Yun Yin is self-proclaimed being Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend. He had told her their relationship not more than bed-mates. But, Yao Yao does not this fact because when Shang Yun Yin stated herself as Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend, Yu Ao Tian didn’t say anything only to anger Yao Yao.

      1. Oh . So that’s what it was . Thanks ^^. Oh boy YAT better clear this misunderstanding soon .

  7. I would be embarrassed admiring LC as an underling, got easily beaten especially fighting over for a taken girl

    Go Long Qi, be wild

  8. Shang Yun Yin, that perverted Lu Chuan (who I actually imagine as a fugly cowardly disgusting someone) is just a stain in your Zhu Que Group. You should just let Long Qi beat him up. He gives your mafia group a bad name.

    Thankies for the update, Azurro~

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