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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 221 C


Chapter 221

Part 3 (Three)

His way of speaking really awesome, Yu Long’s men are fighting with Zhu Que’s men.

“Wo Kao. Long Qi… really… Man.” Gong Xiao Man is looked at Long Qi’s handsome face.

He has very serious and mature looked, this expression is extremely difference compare to his daily carefree expression. He is so charming, really cool and awesome; she really not dares to believe, after few years how good looking Long Qi will be in the future?

“Hehe, Xiao Long Xian Sheng when he really serious, he is very similar with Big Boss. Even Big Boss Yu ever said, Xiao Long Xian Sheng is born naturally to be the Master of Underworld, later or sooner he will expand to the bigger world. But Big Boss Yu does not agree to let Xiao Long Xian Sheng to take mafias’ path, so that he always had objection. Unfortunately…

“Unfortunately, Long Qi only has interested in Underworld.” Yao Yao is continuing what Nan Lu wanted to say.

Since the day she knows Long Qi, she had found out this man doesn’t have any interested with working, studying, but solely he only interesting with mafias’ world.

Of course, she also understood the reason and objection of Yu Ao Tian to not let him get into underworld, after all the future of the mafias and politician really had so much differences. She finally realized, Yu Ao Tian actually is someone who has consideration toward every friend in his side. No wonder whether Manager Long or Vice CEO Han or others are willing to entrust their life to him.

“Long Qi! Must you really make Yu Long group to fight with My Zhu Que group?”

“Nan Lu, do you know why I called you here?” After all Long Qi is ignoring Shang Yun Yin questionable eyesight, coldly he looked at Nan Lu and asked her.

“Of course I know it, Xiao Long Xian Sheng if not at last resort, he won’t fight with women.”

“Mm, well Nan Lu you take care her.”

“Yes, Xiao Long Xian Sheng.” Nan Lu is smiling alluring; slowly she is standing to Shang Yun Yin in front.

“I am your Big Boss Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend! I don’t believe all of you dare to touch me!” Shang Yun Yin is coldly said; suddenly Nan Lu footstep is stopped.

She is doubt and takes a glance at Long Qi.

“Ao Tian’s woman, I am recognized Yao Yao only. Others, I don’t care! Nan Lu, what are you hesitate for, you go ahead!”

“Yes!” after said, Nan Lu kicks Shang Yun Yin and goes ahead.

“Long Qi really gives enough face for you, Yao Yao. You are too X awesome.” Gong Xiao Man is envy, jealous, so hateful she must give thumps up.

She helplessly creased her forehead, slowly walking to Long Qi beside: “Is this good? Long Qi, she really is Yu Ao Tian’s new girlfriend.”

“Yao Yao, didn’t you hear what I am saying before? I don’t want to speak for second times!” Long Qi’s face is showed expressionless in front of her.

At this moment, she feels little bit stranger with this Long Qi, after all he used to call her ‘flat chest’, ‘flat chest’ normally with that carefree and shabby attitude. Now when seeing him serious, moreover he is called her ‘Yao Yao’, still not used to with it. But… this feeling, no words can describe it.

“This Shang Yun Yin is really good fighter but Nan Lu also not bad. Really cool ah!” Gong Xiao Man is watching two women fighting without even blinking her eyes, their skill are almost at same level.

Long Qi who watching from far away impatiently furrowed his brows, taking an opportunity and chance to give her one hit, finally Shang Yun Yi being cornered!

This is the difference between man and woman, no matter how good one woman can fight but encountering man who also good fighter, moreover Long Qi is one of the best fighter in Yu Long’s group.

“Damn!” Shang Yun Yi is felt in ground, one of her hand is pressing down by Long Qi. She hatred gritting her teeth, her other hand is secretly takes out her mobile phone and sending short message to…


15 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 221 C

  1. Is she sending text message to YAT? Will YAT get mad to Long Qi and sided SYY? How long will SYY interfere with them? Will there be more ‘women’ that will be YAT ‘girlfreind’ that will come as the story progress?

    Im sorry i have many questions. Hehe
    Thank you Azurro!
    Thank you for making my day again. ♡

    1. Hi Khimikimikim,
      Shang Yun Yin is texting Yu Ao Tian.
      Yu Ao Tian value and treasure friendship more than anything so, He won’t.
      About girlfriend…
      We will find out later whether there will be new one or not :p

  2. Even YAT had told this hussy SYY that she is not his girlfriend only some girl who had one night stand with him yet SYY hussy being shameless hussy still will use the title ‘girlfriend’ to her advantage.

  3. Azurro you’re really fast ⌒.⌒. Wonder who she sends the message . I swear if YAT comes and sides with SYY … I really will hate him . I hope he will not do that because i don’t wanna hate him . X_X

  4. I bet she is sending the text message to YAT thinking that he will come and help her! I hope he comes and rescue YY instead…. please please please… LQ is sooooo cool…. and protective of YY. I also hope that this is the last we will read of SYY… Thank you for the speedy update azurro4cielo.

  5. I LOVE LQ!!!!! OMG HE’S THE BEST I have always shipped YY wid YAT but after this Idc even if they don’t end up together I’m going to treasure every moment YY an LQ have together 😍😍😍

  6. Sending message to his brother LY or YAT but it’s too late the damage is done. Long Qi is a loyal true friend of YY a guardian angel. LQ recognize YY is a true gf of YAT, the reason why he is at school studying. I’m looking forward for the next. Great job Azurro and have a blessed evening.

  7. I already love LQ right from the beginning. I just love him more & more as the story progress. I hope he will end up with a really awesome girl worthy of him. YY lost out big time.

  8. Wow. Shang Yun Yin deserves an applause. I mean, don’t you all get it?

    In this world of smartphones, can anyone still text with just one hand? I SURE CAN’T. That’s hella amazing! I can’t even type this comment not using both of my hands. I wonder what kind of phone is she using? Nokia 5110? 3210? LOL. (>v<)

    Thankies for the update, Azurro~

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