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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 221B


Chapter 221

Part 2 (Two)

As seen, outside the sport field there is open construction ground which parked dozen of black sedan cars neatly.

“Oh, such rush? There are such many cars; at least there must be more than fifty men inside.”

“As what I said, Senior Sister Shang has mafia background, although Long Qi is good fighter how could he win over that many of men, after all he is alone. Really must not provoke her.” Said one of the fellow student as if pouring cold water.

Few men who have good relation with Long Qi coming nearer, whispering: “Long Qi, you faster apologized to Senior Sister Shang. Her background is too complicated and she isn’t someone we can provoke.”

Perhaps, for this few men’s eyes, Long Qi is a brat who is not more than a good fighter. But his real background only Yao Yao who clears of it.

“Ha.” Long Qi is laughing coldly, he is spreading arrogant aura, standing with straight position he is slowly taking out his mobile phone: “Give all of you three minutes, must arrived at First University south gate! Others tell Nan Lu to come along.”

“Long Qi!” Yao Yao has suspicious this phone call, whom he is calling for, but the problem is Long Qi does not Shang Yun Yin is Yu Ao Tian’s new girlfriend?

“Forget it. She is…”

“Sst, flat chest, you follow me.” Without waiting for Yao Yao to finish her words, Long Qi has been dragging her hand, walking heading to the south gate.

“Hey, little brat, where are you going?” suddenly Shang Yun Yi is asking at back.

Long Qi is curved up his mouth, grinning, slowly turned his back: “Woman, doesn’t you want to play? How can we have good game inside the school?”

Seeing they are going to the south gate, Lu Chuan does not understand asked: “Big sister, what to do?”

“Tag along them, together go out.”

The battle field is changing from the school sport field to outside; those fellow students are following by climbing to the school gate to watch the crowded. Because this place is the safest place and they won’t get splash of blood.

Time is ticking away.

“Little brat, three minutes is almost ended, your men, aren’t they come?”

Listened to Shang Yun Yin provoking voice, Long Qi is smiling deviously. And at the next second…

As heard, there are countless engines sounded from all corners.

“This is, what sound it is?” those fellow students who are watching at the crowded, all of them are looking each other. One of them is screaming and pointed not far from there: “Hurry takes a look, there are many cars coming over here!” carefully counting at least there are more than twenty cars.

When the cars are parking aside, when the men out, there are about 100 people.

Shang Yun Yin is little bit panic.

“Xiao Long Xian Sheng (Mr. Long Junior / little)!” those men are standing in front of Long Qi, bowing with respect.

At moment, the domineering and also arrogant aura spread out from Long Qi.

When all those men lift their head, there are ‘Yu’ words embroider in their shirt which reflect on everyone eyes who sees it.

“Yu… Long.. Shi!”
(Yu Long Group)

“Faster see, all of those men are from Yu Long group!”

“Long Qi, don’t say you are big boss of Yu Long’s group, right?” this question is asked, those fellow students are dumbstruck.

“Yao Yao.” Nan Lu is smiling while walking heading to Yao Yao’s side.

“Yao Yao, who is she?” Gong Xiao Man is curiously pointed at Nan Lu.

“Later I will introduce both of you.” Thing in urgent she needs to settle is… finding a chance to talk with Long Qi, Shang Yun Yin is Yu Ao Tian’s current girlfriend! This is getting complicated!

“Xiao Long Xian Sheng?” Shang Yun Yin carefully looking at those black shirt which embroider with Yu, rolled her eyes: “You tell me, your older brother is Long Ye!”

“So what?”

“Hahahaha. I am your older brother’s friend.” Shang Yun Yin helplessly sighed, she really never thought this 19 years old Junior brother is Long Ye’s younger brother, she thought Long Qi is Yao Yao’s ‘guardian’, a body guard.

“Ya! Worst. I just remembered Shang Yun Yin is Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend, Yu Long group is Yu Ao Tian’s group, does this mean?” Gong Xiao Man as if awaken from her dream.

Yao Yao is helplessly shrugging her shoulders: “So that, I have stopped Long Qi before, but before I done, he has…”

“Long Qi Junior brother, on this way looking at you indeed you are having few similarity with your handsome older brother.” Shang Yun Yin is smiling and walking in front of Long Qi.

But Long Qi is acting on contrary; he lowers his head, coldly said: “Get rid this woman and also her men!”

“Yes! Xiao Long Xian Sheng!”

“Long Qi, what are you saying?” Shang Yun Yin shocked and also dumbfounded on her spot.

Yao Yao and Gong Xiao Man who are standing behind of him also dumbstruck: “Long Qi?”

As seen all the Yu Long men are surrounding Zhu Que Group’s men.

“Long Qi, didn’t you hear what I said before? I am your older brother’s friend!” Shang Yun Yin panicking makes an explanation.

“You have said it. You are my older brother’s friend. But… you are not my friend, I am Long Qi since the beginning never paid anyone debt!” at sudden he lifts his head, his deep eyes gleaming, one of his hands is waving: “Move!”


PS: Last part will post soon


26 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 221B

  1. Way to go Long Qi. Teach this bitch a lesson for bullying Yao Yao. Stupid arrogant bitch! Who she thinks she is …. Just because she offered herself as a slut for Ao Tian she can bully Yao Yao? Wonder why Long Qi called for Nan Lu as well? Thank you for the exciting read 😘

      1. Oh yes I remember now… The gentlemen don’t hit females so only make sense that LQ get Nan Lu to come and fight against SYY…. I hope that she would not call YAT to come and rescue her instead ….

  2. Deaback Long Qi I’m proud of you with your no nonsense attitude. Hopefully this bitch SYY will not harass YY anymore. I hope YAT will take note that YY is being harassed by SYY and her group. Azurro thanks, great job. Have a happy blessed Easther to all.

  3. Way to go Long Qi doesn’t bow to no one not even his brother’s Long Ye’s friend. First of all she is not even YAT’s girlfriend. YAT even told her so. Shameless slut..

    Thank yoy Azurro…3 more days before Easter Hot Cross buns rushed…your translations keep in from going crazy. Terimakasih Azurro. 😀

    1. She thought by telling Long Qi she is his older brother friend, Long Qi will give her face but later she found out that wasn’t working. Later she said she is Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend to threaten Long Qi but there is no difference for Long Qi since he had said he only recognized Yao Yao.

      1. I love QL. He is so loyal. Glad YY has him around! He doesn’t care if SYY is his brother’s friend or YAT ‘s girlfriend

  4. Long Qi is a true friend and loyal to YY and I’m glad Nan Lu will be there to kick SYY ass. Have nice weekend and Happy Easter to and Peace. Salamat Azurro

  5. Way to go LQ. Show her what are you made of . At first I liked LQ because he was the only one who wasn’t that harsh on YY . Now he has my respects too .

  6. Hahahaha. Shang Yun Yin doesn’t know Long Qi is the most violent brawl-loving guy in the Yu Long Group. She thinks she can just convince him with that. Hahahaha. Way to go, Long Qi~ Respect!

    Thankies for the update, azurro~

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