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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 222 A



Chapter 222

Part 1 (One)

“I am sorry, Xiao Long Xian Sheng, still needs you to take care.” Nan Lu is feeling guilty, lowering her head.

“It is okay.” He is coldly shaking his head, ordering his men to replace him pressing down Shang Yun Yin.

“Nan Lu, you go ahead. If I don’t call you to stop, don’t stop.”

“Yes!” Nan Lu is slowly walking in front of Shang Yun Yin in front, gives her slap by slap.

“Long Qi, are you…”

“Are you sure to do so?”

“Just now I have…”

“I had told Yu Ao Tian to come here!” Shang Yun Yin is talking while slapping by Nan Lu.

Long Qi seems as if not heard anything, coldly stand there, seeing everything.

“Long Qi, I think this is more than enough. If Yu Ao Tian comes, perhaps thing will be more troublesome?”

“Based on Ao Tian nature he won’t come to meddle with this kind of matter. Moreover, if today I don’t give this woman lesson, later in the future you will be more troublesome!” Long Qi words at moment shut up Yao Yao’s mouth.

That’s right, if not standing steadily, if not do the thing to the utmost, this indeed only gives herself more trouble!


Still one thing, she is so certain, Yu Ao Tian will come today. She can’t say out the reason, but simply she could feel it. As long as Shang Yun Yi secretly texted Yu Ao Tian about this matter, informed him that she also get involved, then… Yu Ao Tian must be come!

After half day passed, all of the Zhu Que’s men had defeated by Yu Long’s men while Shang Yun Yin face is swelling alike pig, but it seems Long Qi does not has any intention to stop.


One massive car engine sounds, can feel this time car is more than those cars which Long Qi’s called before!

“Long Qi, this…” Yao Yao heart is tightened, curiously looking at him.

Long Qi pair of hand slowly curls into fist, his handsome face changes little bit: “Ao Tian really coming!”

She knew it…

As long as Yu Ao Tian knows this thing involving her, he must be coming!

Those cars are parked at that construction empty field.

Everyone who is surrounded, each of them showing questionable expression: “Who is coming this time?” all of them are staring with wide eyes wanted to know which ‘great’ person is coming.

Unfortunately when the leader is getting down all the men in black clothes are holding black cloth and also covered the ‘battle field’ tightly around so the outside people won’t see anything that happens inside.

“What situation are we? How can it feel as if the Emperor is touring?” Gong Xiao Man is looking her surrounded men who holding black cloth; her face is showing suspicious expression.

Yao Yao rolled her eyes…

Perhaps Yu Ao Tian does not want people to know he also get involved in underworld, so that he is asking his men to cover the ‘battle field’ from outsiders? It seems he really wanted to wash-clean!

“Xiao Long Xian Sheng?” Nan Lu could sense Yu Ao Tian coming so she hesitate asking Long Qi.

“Let’s stop first. Nan Lu.” When Long Qi said…

As seen, Yu Ao Tian is wearing black suit and expressionless, he brings Mo Xue Tong to the ‘battle field’.

An instantly, all the focus and attention which belong to Long Qi at sudden goes to Yu Ao Tian, with his appearance everyone can see who is the Emperor and who is the Great General, this what is called as the Emperor Aura.


18 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 222 A

  1. Thank you….YAT is alway full of tricks. It could be seen that he doesnt care about YY but actually he could be protecting her in the long run.
    Please update soonest Azzuro dear…

  2. I don’t think YAT will protect the other girl SYY. What Long Qi did is justifiable, because SYY is so arrogant and brought her mafia group to intimidate or fight. The girl could had choose to avoid violence but she challenged Long Qi so he brought the Yu Lung group too. I’m looking forward what will happen next that YAT came. Azurro thanks a million and great

  3. “Holding a black cloth”?
    In my mind, the scene changes to…
    The eunuch shouts, “The Emperor has arrived!!!”

    What just happened!?! (>v<) ROFL. Such grand entrance~ It's like reading a novel wherein the Emperor's concubine and empress were causing a ruckus. LOL.

    Thankies for the update, Azurro~

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