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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 222 B

Chapter 222

Part 2 (Two)

“Big Boss Yu!” all the Yu Long’s men are bowing 90 degree with respect to Yu Ao Tian.

“Ao Tian! Ao Tian!” Shang Yun Yin even rolling and climbing, rushing to Yu Ao Tian’s feet.

He is glanced coldly to Shang Yun Yin who is in front of him, his eyes looking at Long Qi, Yao Yao… “Yun Yin, who hits you!”

“It’s, it is the girl who named Nan Lu, standing beside of Long Qi.”

“Xue Tong, Nan Lu is your men. You know what to do?” Yu Ao Tian is staring coldly when speaking.


“Wait! It was me who hit Shang Yun Yin, there none of Nan Lu business.” Yao Yao is stepped forward, block at Nan Lu in front.

Mo Xue Tong is simply passing her and directly give Nan Lu a slap.

Yao Yao can see clearly Shang Yun Yin happy grin in her face, she, Shang Yun Yin is too smart, perhaps she knows very well Yu Ao Tian won’t do anything to Long Qi, so that she directly pointed at Nan Lu, on this way she could position herself and second she wanted to scare Long Qi, really cunning!

“Miss Mo…” Actually she wanted to stop by begging to Mo Xue Tong, but Yu Long’s men who does not dare to listen to Yu Ao Tian? Panicking glanced at Yu Ao Tian: “I said, it was me who hit her, do you understood?”

Yu Ao Tian acts as if he does not see anything, his eyes are looking at other way.

What does he want? Does he know that she not scared being hit or does he want her to feel pain by seeing Nan Lu gets hit? Yu Ao Tian is really vicious, every times he will do everything in extreme way, and it always hurts other!

Every slaps which slapped by Mo Xue Tong to Nan Lu, Yao Yao can feel her heart in aching.

She bites her lips, Yu Ao Tian this is because you force me! She is curling her hands into fist: “CEO Yu. Are you sure keeps on hitting?” the naive small face is smiling sweetly.

Yu Ao Tian narrowed his cold eyes, but not take a look at her.

“Whomever you guys, the Yu Long’s men do, there is none of my business, and I also not comprehensible with the you guys matters. I just know the today’s Yu Ao Tian currently he is Berson Group CEO and also the biggest shareholder moreover he also candidate for election.” She titled her head, pair of her hand are enveloped her in front: “But CEO Yu, you have girlfriend who has mafias’ background, are you sure you can do the political campaign? And now you are using the mafias’ way to settle the problem? Ckckckck, don’t you afraid it will spread and affect your future?”

No one believes Yao Yao would say something like this!

Yu Ao Tian deep pair of eyes an instantly gleaming with killing intention…

All the Xiao Di of Yu Long are shivering because fear.

“Yao Yao.” Long Qi knows this time Yao Yao might get in serious matter, hurries he pulled Yao Yao’s arm.

Thing has gone to this point already, what must she afraid of? But…

I am sorry Yu Ao Tian, if you are not harming Nan Lu, I will not… use this way to face you. I am sorry…

“Do you think Yu Ao Tian will be threatened with your words?” unknown since when, Mo Xue Tong has already stood beside Yao Yao: “Normally the people who dare to say this kind of words, they only have one possibility!” after said, her eyes are flashing, her ring weapon is…

“Xue Tong Jie (sister Xue Tong)!” before Long Qi can react, Mo Xue Tong’s ring has already been an inch piercing in Yao Yao’s neck, Yu Ao Tian is calmly spoke.

Mo Xue Tong is alike living weapon stopped when she accept the order, her hand is in mid-air!

Yao Yao can feel relieved little bit, she is almost slumping on the ground, actually she really does not know what is going on, and she only feels as if she is getting near to death God.

“Long Qi, you settle all the mess you did.” After said, Yu Ao Tian is slowly walking toward Yao Yao in front, while his deep bottomless eyes…

Without waiting for Yao Yao to regain herself, Yu Ao Tian has already put his hand in her collar and pulled her with his single hands as if she is little chicken. With faster footstep ‘disappear’ from the ‘battle field’…


32 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 222 B

  1. At this moment , I hate YAT. How can he take action on NL without finding out the truth. This is giving SYY too much face. He says she’s not his GF but his behavior shows otherwise.

  2. Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you for another part…
    Good job in translating.. Hope to see more..

    and really hope YAT won’t hurt YY..huhuhu…

  3. Tq for updating azurro. Sorry last time i wrote azurre.
    Pity to NL but i think she is used of this kind of harsh treatment, the dark world. Sorry, SYY, i wont pity you if LQ does more harmful act toward you.
    YAT, YY is becoming stronger and determined, better watch out.

    1. Nan Lu is living in underworld life since she was so young.
      She got into Yu Long group and never once she resented herself or Yu Ao Tian or others because of their treatment because she knew the rules

  4. Why did YAT let Nan lu experienced being slapped? to make SYY relieved and showed her that he sided to her?
    Do YAT really sided to SYY? How about YY??

    How many more chapters before their reconciliation?
    im dying to see happy chapters again 😦

    Thank you again azurro! 🙂

    1. YAT will not hurt YY in the public hence NL got the slapped instead. Also in order to get to YY is via NL who YY cares very much for. Although, it seem like SYY believes and let others to believe that she is YAT’s girlfriend but at the end YAT went away with YY instead of SYY. Is she really gets the last laugh or YY did?? YAT ignored SYY from beginning till end when he appeared at the scene. YAT did not react towards SYY whereas, he got mad with YY who threatened YAT.

      Thank you Azurro and I second khimikimikin regarding to when are YAT n YY going to reconcile???

    2. Nan Lu being slapped by Mo Tong Xue because she had acted out to the Yu Long’s rules.
      No. He didn’t do to give Shang Yun Yin’s face but to show Yao Yao she must be stronger person if she wanted to protect others not to sacrifice others who protected her.

  5. Mad,mad at YAT for taking SYYside, not listening the reasons and punishing Nan Lu, I’m proud of YY for taking the blame and voice out her discontent of YAT actions. I hope YY and YAT will resolve their problems and set her free. Thanks Azurro for doing a great job. Have a blessed evening and looking forward for the next….

    1. Yu Ao Tian didn’t take side to Shang Yun Yin.
      The reason Nan Lu got slapped because she was acting out of the protocol / Yu Long’s rules (since she is Mo Tong Xue’s men not Long Qi)

  6. I’m certain YAT has a plan . He didn’t side with SYY. He is smart . He isn’t that stupid to believe everything SYY said . YY become really smart day by day . YAT must pe proud of her . I hope they’ll reconcile soon .

  7. I wanna curse out YAT who cares who hit SYY she’s nothing 😡😡😡 as always thanks for the update 😘😘

  8. All in all it is YY he went off with leaving SYY to be part of the cleanup. He let Nan Lu be hit to hurt YY most likely but didn’t expect her to say what she did. At this point why does he bother? He doesn’t know how to love so he should just give her the freedom and end the contract. At that point if he wants to chase her for real then we will see what he is made of. Right now he is only a big bully.

    1. He is not someone who does not know how to love.
      I hope you might find out Yu Ao Tian kindness, something that Yao Yao has seen, something in him that Yao Yao worth to hang on.

  9. Wow. That was close for Yao Yao.
    I bet Yu Ao Tian’s heart skipped a beat there. It did, didn’t it? No, I won’t accept any other answer! It did!!! LOL.

    I guess if Yao Yao can’t take it when her friends get hurt instead of her, Yu Ao Tian also can’t take it when Yao Yao’s life is compromised. Ohohohoho~

    Please, don’t argue with my theory!
    I’m comforting myself; lemme drown in my fantasies here. Thank you~ LOL.

    Thankies for the update, Azurro~

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