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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 222 C


Some of you are despising Yu Ao Tian because his actions. He made Nan Lu got slap by Mo Xue Tong. From our point of view (readers),  Nan Lu did something great because she was helping Long Qi to fight Shang Yun Yin in order to protect Yao Yao. But, from Yu Ao Tian point of view, Nan Lu is acting against the ‘protocol’ because she was receiving order under Long Qi, who is not her boss. That’s why she got slapped not because Yu Ao Tian sided Shang Yun Yin. Actually, Yu Ao Tian could close one of his eyes but in order to give Yao Yao lesson he chosen to let Nan Lu felt little bit pain. that slap isn’t real hurt compare to the all days when they were in Japan, establishing Yu Long group.

Again, who is Yao Yao? She is so kind and soft-heart little girl who also treasure friendship no matter whom the person is, included Nan Lu. She felt much better if that slap is given to her rather than landed on Nan Lu’s face.

Here I presented…

Chapter 222

Part 3 (Three)

All the people who witness the scenery are dumbstruck, All the Yu Long’s men who don’t know Yu Ao Tian’s character?

What He hates the most is being threatening by others, as long as he has intention to kill he won’t be soft-hearten, after Yao Yao said those threatening words, all of them are clearly can see the intention to kill her in his eyes.

But… when Mo Xue Tong took an action, they also could see Big Boss Yu hesitations in his eyes.

Was it an illusion? If it really an illusion, was the killing intention in Big Boss Yu’s eyes are real? Or the hesitation of Big Boss Yu was the real one?

“Ao Tian! Ao Tian!” Shang Yun Yin seeing Yu Ao Tian leaving, although she must climb or roll, she must tag along him.

To unknown, she is being stopped by Long Qi, at sudden his hand is pulling her long hair: “Stop calling him, can you see he has already dumped you?”

“Being dumped?” Shang Yun Yin is dumbfounded, at the next second, the confident that she has in her eyes is cast off. Impossible! Yu Ao Tian won’t dump her, she has confident although she must use any ways, she won’t leave that man!

After leaving the battle field, Mo Xue Tong is bringing Nan Lu along with her and also Long Qi to the car which is parking at road side…

When open the car door, Long Qi takes a peek to inside: “Huh, Brother, you are here, why aren’t you showing up?”

“Showing up your pig head! Shang Yun Yin is my friend, am I showing up to help her? Or seeing her being hit by you?” don’t see usually Long Ye smiles warmly and gentle, but he is most cunning in the Yu Long group, he has nickname as ‘smiling tiger / wolf in sheep’s clothing’ and ‘public relation’ these beauty names.

“Geez.” Long Qi is pouting his mouth, he sits inside the car.

“What are you geez for? You little brat, long time ago when asking you to school you hit your teacher; asked you go to Berson for working you hit your colleagues; now sending you to University you even flame the fire. Can you let me live in peaceful?”

After listened to Long Ye nagging, Long Qi who is sitting inside the car quickly changed into ‘blank’ mode, he has used to with these groups of brothers and sisters scolding voices.

“However, this time you are really hit to meritorious. Along the street, Yu Ao Tian kept on praising of you.”

“Ah? What situation we are getting in?” Long Qi is excitedly turned, seeing his older brother smiling face, and also expectation.

“Hahaha, for long time Yu Ao Tian had intended to get rid four great China mafias’ group, not long ago we had discard Chi Long group, Qing Hu Group. He is still thinking the excuses to discard Zhu Que group, this battle, Zhu Que Group must think the way how to revenge to us, when the time is arrived…” after said to this point, Long Ye eyes gleaming with sly.

“Woah, would it be too ecstatic? But…” Long Qi remembered one thing: “Since Yu Ao Tian wanted to fight against Zhu Que group, why he helped that woman to vent her anger?”

“Ugh, this better you go to ask Yu Ao Tian by yourself, perhaps, hahaha…hahahha.” all because of Yao Yao!

“Nan Lu, believe me, today you being hit won’t be in vain, in the future I will pay that woman in double!” Mo Xue Tong who is sitting beside Long Qi is carefully applying ointment to Nan Lu, who is coldly at there. And then he glancing at Long Ye: “Can I?”

“You hit that woman, why are you asking me?”

“Doesn’t she your friend?”

“Since the beginning I always weight love more than friendship, okay? Or else just now I would not stay inside the car, watching the show.” The most important is, Long Ye never thought Shang Yun Yin as his best friend or real friend, the most he only sees her as friend who has value, that’s all.

Mo Xue Tong is creased her forehead, glaring Long Ye with her cold eyes and then ignore him.

“Brother, you are begging love too straight forward, aren’t you? Don’t you afraid Sister Xue Tong drown you?” Long Qi is joking, who knows Long Ye handsome face is blushed red.

“Now the person who I wanted to sink is you!” Mo Xue Tong is roared at Long Qi while glared him.

He frowned: “Sister Xue Tong, where did I provoke you?”

“You say? You fought, why did you call my men with you?”

“Ugh, I don’t have female among my men, but you have lots of female under you, of course I called Nan Lu to come over!”

“I tell you, Long Qi, next time if you dare to call my men to help you fighting, let’s we wait and see!”




23 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 222 C

  1. Thank you azurro4cielo for the wonderful read. Don’t think this is the end of SYY yet though. Hahahaha…. love the interaction between LQ, LY and MXT in the car…

  2. I knew it ^^. YAT indeed had a plan . I think this is one of the few moments when LQ does something rekless and is praised :))

      1. Also I don’t think YAT will punish LQ because LQ only do what he had been told to do by YAT to protect YY.

        Thanking you Azurro for keeping me sane in this Easter season by reading this translations of yours – been packing too many hot cross buns..

  3. I loved this chapter.. It seems like things r going back to their right places 😌😌I hope YAT makes YY stay by his side now 😣

  4. Way to go everyone…

    this chapter bring big smile to my face… hahahaha…

    Thank you azurro..good job translating…
    I’ll be waiting for next chapter

      1. Since YAT is smart, he must have a plan for SYY mafia group and taking advantage of SYY help him cause a discord. At first I thought that he gave YY to his brother to protect her from SYY but now that I read the recent chapter I was off.But he still pushed YY away to preveny YY from getting her from his brother. But then she still got hurt ( emotionally) bc she was pushed away by YAT.

      2. He had ‘given’ Yao Yao to QLAY before met SYY. So, this can’t be called as plan to protect Yao Yao from SYY.
        His purpose was clear because to protect Yao Yao from his younger brother.

  5. Ohmu, Mo Xue Tong, you sensed it too? Yu Ao Tian’s denial? Heeehee~ I knew it; it’s not just me~

    Hahaha. Long Ye’s love trial is sooo difficult. His charms and up-front love confessions doesn’t work on Mo Xue Tong. He and Gong Xiao Man should build a club of hopeless romantics. LOL.

    Thankies for the update, Azurro~

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