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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 223 A

Do not disappointed me

Chapter 223

Part 1 (One)

“Gezz…” Long Qi for once more being scolded by groups of brothers and sisters, unhappily he rolled his eyes.

Seeing his expression, all the people inside the car can’t help not to laugh at same time.

This is Yu Long’s group; this is the bonds which create by Yu Ao Tian among his fellow brothers.

Perhaps in front of outsiders, Yu Ao Tian is heartless and also cold-heart man, Long Ye is the most cunning, Han Li Shang is the coldest ones, Mo Xue Tong is beautiful yet thorny, Long Qi is most unruly. But as long as they are grouped together, the aura that they had with them are fading away, very similar with an ordinary best buddies chattering, so relax and ease. But…

No one can barge into their world!


“Let me go, let me go, this is still in school, you behave.” On the way back to dorm, Yao Yao is being ‘kicked’ by Yu Ao Tian. The students who are passing by looked with curious eyesight.

Until Yao Yao comes back to her own dorm room, Yu Ao Tian finally let her off.

But this silent situation somewhat is created scary atmosphere. Worst, what will Yu Ao Tian do in order to deal with her? After all, she had said… that kind of words!

“Little thing, you are a wolf who know to eat but not know the feeder, after all you dare to bite on me?” his eyes sparkled at the words, he pushes Yao Yao to bed.

Nervously gulping her saliva, she hurried stand up: “This… this is, you forced me to do, you are on purposely asking Miss Mo to hit Nan Lu, only to hurt me, next time you can go straight hit on me!”

She is very aware with what she said. “Go straight to you?” Yu Ao Tian is giving her snort, slowly walks in front of her, his slender fingers are stroking her white small face: “You skin is so thick, does it useful to hit it?”

What? After all he dares to say her thick skin?

“You! You are the one who has thick skin, pei (cursing words)!”

“Little thing, you dare to curse me?”

Seeing his eyes, Yao Yao does not even feel fear of him, on contrary…

In this moment she is searching for that familiar atmosphere and aura, that feeling when he is purposing teased her and makes her laugh. No fear, only a familiar feeling.

“It is obviously you cursed me at first.”

“Still dare to talkback?” after said, Yu Ao Tian is flipping over his body and press down Yao Yao in bed, pair of his hand is pressing Yao Yao’s arms.

“You, what do you want to do?” she is blinking her big and moisten eyes, nervously to fight back.

“Of course to shut your mouth!” Yu Ao Tian curved up his lips, his sexy lips are brushing her soft lips.

This is really an addictive scent which he can’t let go.

This few days, every day Yu Ao Tian spending time with Shang Yun Yin, but no matter how many times they ‘played’ together, but he could not find that satisfying feeling, forever he felt in empty-stated.

But having contact and interaction with this little thing, forever he is lingering her. Especially whenever he tastes her lips sweetness, he feels as if he is sucking flower nectar and more he touched more he addicted to hers and wanted some more.

It seems, without he realized he had toxin by her.

Pair of his lips lingering for her lips, Yao Yao, “huhuhhu.” Indeed struggling, for the indescribable feeling.

Yu Ao Tian lifts his head, taking deep breath and little bit in rush: “Bao Bei, stick out your tongue!”

No, don’t, this is… so embarrassing.

“Faster, Bao Bei stick out your tongue!” his speaking tone is changed to be little bit forcing.

Yao Yao shut her mouth, not moving.

“I count to three, hurried stick out the tongue! 3! 2!”

When Yu Ao Tian almost counted to one, Yao Yao is closed her eyes, helplessly she stick out her tongue.

This time, he is looked alike someone who wait for good meal…

Gradually, his breath is more and more disorders, his big hand which is pressed her arms, slowly moved and groped her waist.

Very sensitive…

“uh!” feeling her hands aren’t pressed anymore, at sudden Yao Yao opened her eyes, restless struggle to fight back. But she isn’t par for this man?

He is so skilful untie her bra…

For once more he is stuff her mouth, so she keeps “huhuhuhu” begging him.

Suddenly his finger is stroking at below his belt.

The indescribable line has invisible crossed, she unconsciously taut her body, her entire body is completely wet by her sweat.

This is feeling of shameless…



35 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 223 A

  1. ok Azurro, you can call me pervert.. but …is still long way to go for them to ‘sleep’ together? some times I really frustrated with this hehehe

      1. for me, i still prefer ao tian with yao yao. but i think he’s too dirty, maybe he has to get some ” cleaning”. just like male lead in the empress with no virtue try to get female lead attention ^_^

      2. with whomever ? which I believe not a regular man…someone more closely like…mmmm.. YAT? hehee

      3. ‘sleep’ in term of having sexual activity. I think you need to wait little bit longer.
        We still have many chapters to go before that ‘part’
        so far, just satisfied yourself to know every day they are sleeping together at the same bed LOLS

      4. really have similarity with Haou Airen… but I really hope YAT don’t die like Hakuran did in that story… such tragic ending. I will go insane if that happen to YAT, and YY is sadden, please, not after reading hundreds of chapters of this series..huhu..

    1. This is positive sign in their relationship.
      Yu Ao Tian is missed her so much while Yao Yao also trying to search Yu Ao Tian who she has familiarized.
      Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao, they are extreme couple LOLS
      XD XD XD

  2. Thanks. Azurro. Good to know that despite playing with SYY numerous times, YAT feels something is missing. Something positive.

  3. She’s not scared of him anymore. I think everybody is curiouser and curiouser when will be the d-day for YAT and YY 😜

  4. Thanks azurro. Keep waiting for your updated ch 222 part 3 during my break….really glad, finished working, ch 223 is updated also.
    YAT, you keep teasing YY…so adorable
    LY, HLS,MXT, LQ ….friends never fail each other

  5. Whooh. What just happened? *blush blush*

    *ahem ahem*
    Anyway, is this the end of the storm? Or is this just a calm before another storm?

    Thankies for the update, Azurro~

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