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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 223 B


Not only Yu Ao Tian, I also not sure what type of girl Yao Yao is. I am not sure how her brain is working.

Chapter 223

Part 2 (Two)

Her white snow skin slowly blushing pinkish.

Yu Ao Tian finally released her little mouth, “hu…” she heave a sigh and takes deep breathe, nonstop panting her breathe, “Yu Ao Tian, You…”

Without waiting for her to finish her words, a greater excitement crashes him. She is not tolerating him for standing in front of her head, shyly she begging him: “Don’t ah~ don’t ah~, this, this is still in school, don’t like this, Yu Ao Tian!”

There is strong and forceful ‘invasion’ to her body, not long after that somehow that feeling is coming back to return attacking her sense again.

Unknown what to do, her body especially so sensitive today, perhaps because the icy relationship between them are cracked and melt down?


Still in process of thinking, suddenly the dorm room door is being kicked opened.

Who? Who is coming? Yao Yao’s white face is still blushing red.

Yu Ao Tian faster covering Yao Yao body and with unhappy expression looked at the doorway…

“Older brother, you must know, now Yao Yao is my girl friend. You and her still doing this thing, didn’t you feel ashamed?”

Is? Qi Lian sunbae? After heard his voice, Yao Yao is lying in the bed not dare to move, nervously close her eyes. She does not understand, how can Qi LianAo Yun speaks that easy and straight forward, obviously…

“Ao Yun, you must have been interacting with Yao Yao for sometimes, haven’t you gotten enough?” Yu Ao Tian is standing up, slowly pulling Yao Yao up from the bed and hold her in his embraces.

“Of course not enough, at least I must wait her until she pregnant my baby?” after said, Qi Lian Ao Yun moves in front and wanted to pull Yao Yao to his side.

But Yu Ao Tian not even loosens up his hand, she is as if something being pulling left and right by two men.

“How about this, Ao Yun. Anyway whatever I say, you won’t listen. How about we asked Yao Yao to make a choice, if she chooses you, I will never show up again; if she is choosing me, you must stop to harass her. How is about it?”

“Yu Ao Tian, what you mean by your words? Do you want to take back your words?”

“En?” Yu Ao Tian is shrugging his shoulders, smiles deviously: “Last time I did only tell you, ‘do as you please’, but not said letting Yao Yao to be your girl friend.”

“You! Older brother, you are indeed cunning, whatever you did always left back up path for yourself!” Qi Lian Ao Yun loosens up his hand that pulling Yao Yao’s hand, his voice is dripped with sarcasm.

No wonder Qi LianAo Yun can say Yu Ao Tian so cunning, even Yao Yao as audience also thought… Yu Ao Tian indeed very cunning! This man no matter what thing he did, he is always having confident to win. Ha. Really once he attacks, he won’t retreat. She is admired him!

“Bao Bei, come, make your choice.”

“En?” Does Yu Ao Tian go for real? Really wanting her to make choice?

Actually… honestly…

This is one of the best opportunity to leave Yu Ao Tian, isn’t it? After all he is asking her to make decision, but… “Qi LianAo Yun, I remember that night I ever told you about my mind. Until now, I hadn’t changed it!” she spoke with certainty, she is holding Yu Ao Tian’s arm tightly, purposely showing her loving expression.

There is a time Yu Ao Tian is bad! Really bad!


Hahaha, this time she has made decision to stay peacefully beside this man for three years, except, ‘sky change’, or else she won’t ever violate the contract agreement!


18 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 223 B

  1. Don’t think it’s the end of Ao Yun but definitely the end of him trying to make YY his girlfriend. Good… Totally respect YY for sticking to what she thinks is a 3 years contract between her and YAT not knowing that she has actually fallen in love with him 😉

  2. Thank you….YY choose YAT, otherwise she might not be able to live in peace. Knowing YAT he will always find a way to get back with YY.

  3. Yea, she love YAT, YAT is a better choice than a creepy QLAn. I hope YAT will treat YY better.
    I hope they have a goodtime and familiarize each other. Thanks for a great job. Have a blessed evening and peace.

  4. Thanking you for translating this. Now, I can go to sleep after waiting for this post.

    I am glad to read that both YAT n YY chose one another instead of the hussy SYY n evil other brother QLAY.

  5. Thanks u so much for the update nd seeing ur words about not knowing what YY is thinking I got scared nd thought that YY would choose AY

  6. At least done with the brother now we have to wait how’s YAT deal with FCY. Will there be a new guys get interested to YY? Considering we aren’t half way thru the book yet…I guess there’s more to come but getting excited how’s their relationship changes now. Thank you always for the update.

  7. Yes, I concur with Coolkat. After reading your intro talk, I was a bit nervous that Yao Yao would again be too dense and choose Qi Lian Ao Yun to get back at Yu Ao Tian. Relieved, it didn’t turn out that way~ (^_^) So will we have more happy chapters after this? Heehee~

    Thankies for the update, Azurro~

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