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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 223 E



Chapter 223

Part 5 (Five)

If not because of eavesdropping both of brothers conversations, perhaps she will hate Yu Ao Tian because he gave her to his younger brother and never know his reason to do so. She blames him, resent him, cursing and scolding him, at last she hates to the point she wanted to kill him.

But, in the reality?

How is not understandable she with Yu Ao Tian?

Perhaps he is so lonely, right? This man who is not good in explain himself, a man who is good in hiding himself, although he is being misunderstanding, still he will taking the responsibility and bear it by himself silently, he even can use his heart to think about others standing point. Yu Ao Tian is really…

How pity he is!

She close tight her mouth, takes a deep breath, she slowly walking to bed head and takes out the beautiful box: “This, Thank You.”

She not really wanted to recall thing that happened during the night of her birthday with Yu Ao Tian, but seeing the case with Qi Lian Ao Yun, she feels that she must face Yu Ao Tian, facing with his kindness, using her heart, sincerely thank this lonely, mighty, and also cold man.

“En? This?” Yu Ao Tian’s face longer, using one of his hand taking that beautiful box from Yao Yao: “This damn Long Ye, he really has his ways!”

“How could you know this is done by General Manager Long?”

“Apart than him who is busy doing, who else will do it!”

To be honest… Yu Ao Tian observation ability, really… scary which let people to shudder and get far from him, if later in the future she wanted to tell lie to him, will it expose soon? How smart he is?

“Come, Bao Bei, turn.”


“Turned back.”

“Oh.” Yao Yao is turning her body, backed Yu Ao Tian.

He is taking out the necklace from the box, slowly put it on her neck.

Still same words, Yu Ao Tian will cherish more the things that he had lost for once before, this present is clearly had lost before, but at last it could come back to the owner’s hand. Just alike the watch he wears…

“Later, without my order, must not be taking it off!”

From her back is flowing Yu Ao Tian commanding voice which could not be rejected by her, she nodding her head: “Oh.” Slowly she is lowering her head, looking at the necklace which put on by him…

‘Thump thump thump’ strangely her heart beat faster, this feeling?

She burrowed, her heart is thumping because get moved? Perhaps…

After she experienced this thing she really had thought, there is as if nothing ever happened between both of them, feeling she just gets back the thing she missed during her birthday.

“Yu Ao Tian…”

Seeing her who backs him, Yu Ao Tian pulled her into his embraces, whispering at her ear:”What?”

“You break with Shang Yun Yi, okay.”

‘thump thump thump…’ her heart beat is faster compare just now, she… how can she suddenly give him such suggestion? Asking him to… break with his girlfriend?

At sudden Yu Ao Tian who is still cuddling at her dumbfounded for moment, his deep black eyes are not gleaming.

At the next minute…

Oh, got an excuse! Yao Yao is letting out her heavy sighed, finally she knows why she must say that. “The thing I said before wasn’t joking. Shang Yun Yin has mafias’ background; she will affect your future. Before the election period, government will do the investigating regarding your background clearly. Once the government side found out your girlfriend is someone from mafia’ background, they will matter this thing to reject your election right.”

He can feel that Yao Yao knows very well about politics. She is slowly turned her head, blinking her big moisten eyes toward Yu Ao Tian, very seriously: “If you really need girlfriend, just find a girl friend who has politician background, perhaps this thing will be lot easier.”

So this is the reason why little thing asking him to break up with Shang Yun Yin? Really…, Yu Ao Tian is giving mocking laugh; tighten his hands which are gripped on her waist, pretending to be angry: “Who do you think I am? Am I the person who eats soft rice and depend on woman? Or am I type of person who can’t live without woman?”

“Ugh… I, I don’t mean it.”

“Well, let me ask you, have you ever counted how many women you had chased away before?”

What is called as how many women were being chased away? She dissatisfied burrowed: “If you and Shan Yun Yin break up, it is only two persons okay? Don’t make me as if I am your love-breaker.”

“Ha, only two?” Yu Ao Tian is narrowing his eyes, grinning deviously; rested his head to her shoulder, whispered: “I ask you, since we are together, how many girlfriend I had?”

“Ugh…” Yao Yao this time just remembered, it seems he dated 2 women! Cold sweat…

“Well, how about you don’t need to date anyone? Or else you dump me. You one person step on two boats for certain you will tumble!”


19 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 223 E

  1. thank you Azurro for all the lovely chapters today. It is nice to see that Yao Yao finally know the truth and how much Ao Tian endures and take blames on himself. So what comes next for this couple? Truly appreciate your hard work on these translations.

  2. Thank you for the chapter.
    YAT hate women who got jealous and ask him this and that. I wonder what will he does if YY really ask him to break up with women because of her jealousy?

  3. I also cannot answer his question…
    YY chase away other women? So far I remember, other than LMY, she chase away a few high schoolers by pretending to have niece-uncle secret affair…

  4. Thanks. Amazing the way YY thinks. Asking YAT to date someone with political background. Azurro well done. Your dedication amazes me. Grateful for your commitment.

  5. YY and YAT are together again. YY is like the necklace that was lost and found, back to rightful owner and she will be cherished by YAT. Yeah….grateful for your hard work and update. Have a blessed evening.

  6. Thank you….YY is so special, no wonder YAT really cares for her.
    Thank you Azzuro for your dedications in posting updates speedily

  7. Ah, geez, I thought she was gonna tell YAT what really happened that night with Feng Chen Yi… Will she ever tell him? Or will YAT find out by himself? It bothers me cause that issue might jump at them again…

    Thankies for the many updates, Azurro~ You’ve worked hard! And please don’t mind my crazy comments from these latest chapters. LOL.

  8. I thought maybe YAT was disappointed that she had a reason other than jealousy. He wants her to care about him for him and not for the contract. Neither of them really trust each other’s feelings enough to be open. He just said those other things because he was disappointed–if she was logical, he would be logical too and have one up as well. He may not want other girls to be cllingy but I think he wants YY to show that she really cares about being number one in his heart. Because she is.

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