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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 223 C

Chapter 223

Part 3 (Three)

The most important thing is…

She could feel Qi Lian Ao Yun who is standing in front of her is scarier than Yu Ao tian, perhaps the melancholy prince she had seen before only… someone at her past!

“Luo…Yao Yao!” at an instant, Qi Lian Ao Yun pair of melancholy eyes suddenly turned into pair of eyes which gleaming with anger, he is curling his hand into fist tightly.

Yu Ao Tian senses something odd, he hinted Yao Yao with his eyesight: “Bao Bei, you go outside first.”

“Oh.” She is carefully gets away from Qi Lian Ao Yun’s side and immediately slips out from the room.

After Yao Yao has gone out, the room is growing in silent, Yu Ao Tian lets out heave sighed: “Ao Yun, this time can you give up?” He used very calm speaking tone, as if the most ordinary from ordinary way of older brother who is speaking with his younger brother, that way. There is no such aura of underworld bosses or the mighty CEO way of speaking.

“Yu Ao Tian, you are too vicious. When I was looking for you, asking for Yao Yao, had you planned for today’s result?”

“Due to your character, if that time I didn’t give Yao Yao to you, you must do something more impulsive things toward her. Better like now, I was happily giving her to you, by that way she is much safer.” Yu Ao Tian would not deny the time during his younger brother asking, he was little bit angry, but in order to ensure Yao Yao safeness in the future not to be harm by Qi Lian Ao Yun, he must do it.

Just as what Long Ye said, no matter what Yu Ao Tian did he must have his own purpose.

Perhaps this is best thing to make, fulfilled his younger brother hanker for Yao Yao, letting both of them to have interactions, at last he asking his younger brother to give up, by this way Yao Yao is completely safe.

“Hehehehehe, Yu Ao Tian, you this person always schemes at anytime. But, you are really brave enough, didn’t you afraid I would force Yao Yao to me?”

Did this count as brave? Perhaps, but… still same words, Yu Ao Tian never fight the battle which he not sure to win. “Most of time you always said I am heartless cold-hearted, actually Ao Yun, compare to me, don’t you are more than me?”

“You had dated many girls before, there are lots of women surrounded you, this is not Big Brother does not know, but except your first love you never use your heart, big brother never seen you use your heart to any girl before. But until…”

“Last time, when you were at the teacher’s room and also that night, the contemplation which you shown toward Yao Yao, I have understood everything. Ha, how could you do something makes Yao Yao hate you?”

Yu Ao Tian is too understood this younger brother very well, perhaps his eyesight, his movement, he might able to see what his younger brother would do.

Although Qi Lian Ao Yun hides his shady character within that warm and melancholy eyesight, but Yu Ao Tian knows, once his younger brother has used his feeling to anyone, he won’t ever able to do anything which would harm that person!




26 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 223 C

    1. Ao yun’s character is:
      Once he puts his heart on something/someone, he will want to have it no matter what.

      If someone objects his desire, he will do something more harmful whether to the person who objects or to the someone that he wants most.

      If he get what he wants, but that something or someone makes him dissappointed or don’t want him, he will give up on his own and let go.
      if this happens, then that someone if safe.

      in this case, Ao Yun likes Yao Yao
      Ao tian can see this already through ao yun’s reaction in the past event
      Ao yun sees oppurtunity when Yao Yao had a fight with Ao Tian
      So he just simply ask Ao tian to give Yao Yao to him

      IF, Ao tian doesn’t give YY to Ao yun, Ao yun will do something even more harmful to Yao Yao, or to Ao tian and makes Yao Yao hates him..

      BUT, Ao Yun will definitely won’t do something that will make Yao Yao hates him. That’s why he didn’t continue with his intention when Yao Yao said she loves Ao tian and only can do ‘it’ with Ao tian.

      Yao Yao is the want who rejects ao yun, so ao yun cannot blame ao tian on anything, and he also cannot blame yao yao. he will just have to give up and let go…

      1. This is the only way that YAT can protect YY from his brother QLAY, also giving YY a choice to choose without forcing on her like usually.

        Thanking u very much Azurro. Happy Easter to u n your family.

  1. Wow. YAT’s understanding of his brother is frightening. He even knows QLAY did something that makes YY hates QLAY. Seriously, QLAY is even more scary than YAT. Thank goodness YY chose YAT.

  2. I think QLAY is scarier than YAT bc he probably got spoiled by YAT. YAT is probably happy that YY choose him. I can’t wait for the next chapter, hopefully QLAY does’t do anything crazy that will prevent YY and YAT from getting closer. I mean they still have FCY to worry about.. I’ m amazed how many guys are fighting over YY and they are all crazy. I feel sorry for her.

    1. YAT really knows his younger brother’s character, so he just fulfill QLAY wish, and sooner or later, QLAY will have to let go of his wish, and nobody to be blame…

      spoiled? maybe… but of he was forced to accept defeat even before he enters the battle,then he will become even more lethal to anybody even to the ones he love

  3. There is a sayings that goes: “Its always the Quiet one, are those whom you have to watch out for”. That’s what I remember when QLAY showed up, I thought at first he seems nice and yet we’ll have to wait and see. There’s something off about him. Now we know:) I think he is somewhat jealous of YAT, thus the resentment towards his big brother because he is and never will get ahead of YAT…YAT is too smart.

  4. Thanks Yunaem. Your insights into QLAY’s character is astounding. I admire YAT. The way he thinks. Truly deserves his title.

    1. Alhamdulillah.. Thank you…
      YAT is 2++ IQ…high sensitivity… really suit to be underworld emperor, CEO, and hope a good lover when he become more sincere towards himself

  5. I’m glad all along YAT never give up YY to his creepy bro, he is able to understand his devilish way and giving YY to his brother demand is the way to protect YY. YAT loves YY it’s just that he can’t sort his feelings toward her. Everybody knows that he love YY but himself. Thanks a million and looking forward for the next update. Have a blessed day.

  6. Thankies for the update, Azurro~

    So that’s Qi Lian’s character, huh? Pity the guy for getting dumped~ Well, at least his brother gave him an opportunity. Not EVERY guy would do that.

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