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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 224 A


Release Schedule:
I will post A Naive Short Tempered Girl (ANSTG) three times daily (Yes, you get to read one part during your meal time, breakfast, lunch and dinner XD XD XD ) Every Monday to Friday. and then every Saturday and Sunday I will post one part together with others project translation so, still three times daily.

here I presented…

Chapter 224

Part 1 (One)

“Dump you?” Yu Ao Tian is turned her body: “Dump you so that bless you to reconcile with Feng Chen Yi?”

Her heart is shivering for while, naturally her face gets to be longer, with her eyes, she is glaring at Yu Ao Tian deathly.

There is no slightest changing in his eyes, not alike he is angry or get frenzy, it seems this words just flowing out in that way?

No matter what, Yao Yao still does not want to miss this opportunity to give him an explanation: “During binding in contract, I won’t together with anyone, this is my principle.”


Yes, principle, she will work to her utmost to suppress all her feeling for Feng Chen Yi, she only does not know how much time she needs to do, but no matter what, within three years she will keep herself according to the contract. “You are in my saddest circumstances, helped my family, you helped me to go through the most difficult times I had. So that, I will persistent until to the end.”

Persistent until to the end? Principle? This little thing always says he is heartless, but now what she said… isn’t she more heartless compares to him?

“Bao Bei, packing, packing up your stuffs, let’s goes with me.” Yu Ao Tian is changing the topic.

“Ah? Go? Where are we going?”

“You say?” he is grinning deviously.

Yao Yao can feel his real intention by saying ‘go’, her small face is darken, unhappily she is creasing her eye brows: “I want to stay at here!”


“Yu Ao Tian!” Endure! Endure! She bites her lips hard, she uses nice speaking tone: “Though I go with you, but still to my unknown time you might chase me out, why must so wasting energy? The most important is, doesn’t that place stay by Shang Yun Yin?”

“Who say to you she stays there?”

Doesn’t she? But why last time when she went there she spotted both of them…

“No matter whether she stays there or not, I won’t go back to there.”

“I don’t ask you to back and stay at there.”

“Ugh?” her misty eyes rolled: “Your villa in the mountain I also won’t stay there!”

“Also not there.”

“Ah? The new place I do also won’t go!”

“Also not the new place.”

Faint, she really wants to faint; she is going to be faint by Yu Ao Tian, not this one, not that one? So where does he want her to stay?

Both of them are having ‘verbal’ battle for while. Finally it is ended by outraged Yu Ao Tian, she is forced to pack up and followed him leaving the school.

This man, forever always this domineering, when he is happy he will teased her, when he is unhappy he will chase her away. She is counting carefully since the day she becomes his lover how many times she moving house?

Does he think her as his pet? Called and come just goes as his orders. Too much!

“Bao Bei, later you stay here.”

When the car stopped and parked in front of apartment, Yao Yao knows this place.

Here is Yu Ao Tian most modest and simplest building, it is only one single bedroom apartment, though she had ever come here two times, it has engraved deeply in her memories. Because staying at here, the ‘Yu Ao Tian’ is someone different from that Yu Ao Tian who used to be.

“Geez.” She is pretending to piss off and rolled her eyes, sitting at the passenger seat not moving.

Yu Ao Tian is coldly swept on her, he wanted to flame but at sudden he is suppressing it: “This place others than Mo Xue Tong, no one ever come; if we are fighting, you stay, I leave!”

Huh? “Really? This is what you said.”


“Hihihihi.” This time, Yao Yao finally showing her smiling face, happily she takes out her luggage from the car, as if a tough girl rushing inside…

It can be seen, Yu Ao Tian has placed her staying at so many luxurious places, but she loves this place much compare to those because here is most cozy and warmest place.

Of course, this… is also a place Yu Ao Tian most loved!


25 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 224 A

  1. wow…azurro.. you’re daebak! you’ve made the schedule…this is beyond my imagination. thank youuuuuuuu sooo much for your hardwork and sacrifice.

  2. Thank u so much! You r the besttttt😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘 love u lots nd hope ur enjoying the translation as much as we love reading them ❤️❤️

    1. Of course I like it.
      If I hate it, I won’t do it 🙂
      I have said that there is no burden when I am up dating my blog. I enjoying it, I love it because I like it if not why must I do it? I don’t get paid LOLS

      I happy to find you guys who share same liking ^-^

  3. thank you Azurro for the dedication and for sharing the schedule. Appreciate your hardwork and sacrifices in churning the translations out so often.

    Finally, a place that is simple while cosy that both of them loved. Loved the part where Ao Tian says: if we are fighting, you stay, I leave! But would that really happen, guess we just got to wait and see.

    1. Yes. Yao Yao is learning what kind of man he is, her first impression Yu Ao Tian is someone heartless, cold-blooded, vicious, no mercy but as time passes, Yu Ao Tian showing her his humanity side, he indeed also a man who made from flesh and blood

  4. Thank you! Appreciate all your hard Work. On ski vacation with the family and still trying to Rread your updates on ski slopes. This story is so additive!

  5. Just to let you know how much i appreciate and always look forward to your update. i found your site 3 weeks ago and love it. Thank you for your hard work and giving us your schedule.

  6. Hey, just want to say that you’re really awesome✨✨ 🙂

    I’d just started this manga yesterday and was really unsatisfied with the cliffhanger but luckily i found your novels translation, it totally saved me. I couldn’t stop reading, and while in the midst of reading, you even updated another chapter, so efficient! I can’t wait for more updates, so excited!!

    Thanks for translating, really appreciate your hardwork! Keep up the good work! Cheers! 👍

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