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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 224 B


Chapter 224

Part 2 (Two)

Seeing she is rushing toward, Yu Ao Tian is helplessly smiling, actually based on his strong and forcing character, asking Yao Yao to stay is so easy, isn’t it? Why must he give so many explanations to her, also promised to her? But this time, he really wants her to stay happily in the ‘house/ home’ he loves the most.

“Bao Bei, come, accompany me to take a nap, after wake up, I will take you dine out.”

“I don’t want you go taking nap by yourself. I don’t feel sleepy.” She acts as if sculpture does not want to move even an inch from sofa.

Yu Ao Tian is furrowed his brows, he held her alike sack bag, lift her and put her into master room.

“I don’t want to sleep. You put me down!”

Outrageous tossing her to bed, when she wanted to sit down, he has already affixed to his strong body. His arms firmly encircled her waist so she can’t move.

Rotten Bastard man, if she has chance, she also wanted to let him taste the feeling being affixed and also gives him helpless feeling.

Eyes are open widen, looking at the ceiling. Not long after that, beside her is the man who turned facing her who has rough breathing.

So quick felt asleep?

Titled facing his side, carefully to look at his face, he has high nose, moderate fuller lips, his 360 degrees of perfect face and also his fair skin, he indeed rare handsome man. As additional his calm temperament, noble and extravagance, really wanted to know how his parent look alike, how could they born this perfect son?

Oh ya!

Parent? Until this point, she only knew his younger brother is Qi Lian Ao Yun, but never heard from him about his parent, really strange, although they had passed away, at least at home must have their picture? Why there is no picture no matter among of his many houses or villas there is no pictures or things related to his parent?

Yu Ao Tian family background really is mysterious, just similar with his mysterious personality, it has possibility at one moment alike sunny bright sky but in other moment can be gloomy dark cloud. Just expected he is type of man she must avoid.

Her petite body is leaning closer, her moisten big eyes are seeing at him who furrowed and creased his forehead so tighten. Hehe, this man although he is sleeping he still keeps nervous stance? Really bitter, his brows are deathly locked together, really want to stretch it apart.

She is softly pressed his locked brow together, Yao Yao is sniffing… really good scent, what shampoo he uses, the scent smells so good, his hair is so dark.

Humph, God isn’t fair, he is growing up so handsome and yet there is no pimples at his face, even his hair is taking very good care. Really makes one envy, jealous and hate.

At sudden she rolled her eyes: “Hi hi.” She is curved up her mouth, grinning deviously, very careful she is trying to loosen up Yu Ao Tian’s hands which encircling her waist, she is taking off her rubber hair band from her hair, humph, who ask you acting so bossy! Who asked you so bossy! Who ask you being unreasonable!

‘Ding dong’


13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 224 B

  1. Oh no….. naughty Yao Yao… she must have taken off the rubber band to tie Ao Tian’s hair if it is long enough…. Nice to read finally how Ao Tian explain himself and only wanted to take a simple nap instead of bullying Yao Yao. Thank you for the chapter

    1. It will be soooo ‘soap opera’
      I can’t imagine Shang Yun Yin with her swollen face ringing the door bell, claiming Yu Ao Tian as if wife looking for husband. LOLS
      XD XD XD

      1. Thanking you very much for another translations and promising us the readers with more of your translations. I am as a reader who are very spoil rotten by you the translator who translated awesome novels. I hope with all this translations you allow some free times for yourself too beside from working, that’s it.

        Well SYY is a shameless hussy what else she would not do by disturbing YY n YAT quiet times with one another since she claimed to be YAT’s girlfriend.

        I love seeing and reading about both YAT n YY has loving times with one another even though, one is taking a nap while the other up to something no good. hahahahah

  2. YAT brought YY to his simple apartment were they can live a simple life, be themselves and a happy home with no trace of other girls. YY is naughty, I think MXT is at the door. Thank you again for the update.

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