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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 224 C


Chapter 224

Part 3 (Three)

Not long after that, the door bell is ringing from outside.

At sudden Yu Ao Tian is opened pair of his eyes, the first thing that catch by his eyes are Yao Yao small face which is furrowing : “Humph, humph, who, so noisy and annoying!” Her eyes still closed but her mouth is muttering cursing words.

Still say not sleepy, never thought this little thing is sleeping more soundly than him! Yu Ao Tian awake and sit down and then run to open the door…

Outside the door, Han Li Shang, Long Qi and others are standing.

“Ao Tian, since when you…” when Han Li Shang spoke half way, at sudden his handsome iceberg face is dumbfounded.

While the others three people are wide-opened their mouth, they are control themselves not to laugh at him and moves their face to other way of direction.

At moment Yu Ao Tian senses the atmosphere little bit weird, he turned his body and dashing into bathroom.

When he is standing in front of mirror, the mirror is reflected an extraordinary handsome face but the in front hair is tied with rubber band, his appearance is so funny.

“That damn little brat!” Yu Ao Tian is untied the rubber band from his hair, pissed off gritting his teeth.

“Hahahahaha.” Those four persons who standing outside the bathroom are laughing except Han Li Shang, three of them are laughing hard until their stomach hurt.

Yu Ao Tian’s face at while is green another time is red, in order to saving his face he only can pretend to be strong and calm: “Why you guys looking for me?”

“Just this, Ao Tian, the lawyer who is responsible for your political election suddenly resigned, moreover he with his family are immigrating to South Africa, I tried to bring them back from South Africa but the Government of South Africa has issued out protection order for them.”

“What?” Yu Ao Tian is furrowing his eyebrows, his pair of eyes is gleaming coldly: “It seems that is done by that man, that old thing Zeng Kai Rui has paid attention towards me.”

“Impossible? You have hidden everything so carefully, there is no way he could find out your real status?” Han Li Shang is speaking while changing a glance with Long Ye.

Yu Ao Tian still with his dark face, slowly sitting down at sofa: “The South Africa government with Zeng Kai Rui relationship aren’t simple, Northern Europe countries there are also have alliance with him, since that lawyer could get South Africa government protection, this is absolutely because of Zeng Kai Rui’s ordered!”

“What to do now? We only have half of month before the election, although we can invite the replacement lawyer but still we must find someone we can trust. If Zeng Kai Rui really keeps eye and has been watching you, if keeps on delaying, he will find out more. If we give up this year election, waiting until next year, everything will be too late.”

This point, Yu Ao Tian is extremely clear, two years ago when he was still in Japan he was in hurrying to acquisition Berson Group and also expand Berson Group in the fastest way, all because of he wanted to find the fastest way to be the politician and joining the election. It could be said, his main purpose is being politician.

“There is no other ways, also can’t be trust, still need to find the replacement lawyer to do all the things. After all, none of us who has an authority in this field.”

“Understood.” Han Li Shang is coldly nodding.

Beside is Long Ye who is nervously speaking: “Ao Tian, Xiao Meng Li…”

“Sst.” Yu Ao Tian expression is an instantaneously changed , his finger is pointed inside the master room.

Immediately Long Ye reacted, he speaks with very low voice: “Is she here?”

Yu Ao Tian is silent nodding his head.

“That, we don’t have anything to say, we take our leave.” Long Ye is intentionally speaking in high tone.

Beside him is Long Qi who is creasing his forehead, he is very clear what his older brother wanted to report, but once he remembered Yao Yao who is inside the room, there is slightest guilty feeling in his heart, he really wanted to know, that time when he told Yao Yao about the burning villa case, was it right or wrong thing he had done.

“Ao Tian.” When few of them are heading to the door, Han Li Shang’s foot step is stopped, he silent for while, his cold eyes swept on Yu Ao Tian’s black hair: “Did you ask that little girl to tied your hair on purposely or did she do it when you were sleeping?”


15 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 224 C

  1. Thank you…….kekeke…….though they were discussing a serious issue but i was trying to imagine YAT with a ‘palm tree’ on top of his head…

    1. Only YY can get away from making YAT looked like a palm tree. LOL. If it is other wonen then the consequences might be different.

      Yeah! I also thought YY will be a replacement lawyer for YAT too. It will be good for YAT but yet again YY might not be because she will know too much of this other things that YAT does not want YY to know. Anyway, we shall see what happen.

      Thanking you Azurro for the latest post.

  2. My reaction would be the same as those guys, I’ll be laughing out loud. Do you think YAT would have time prepare him self for elections or he would be elected for govt official. Thanks for the update and good night.

  3. I also think YY will be YAT’s new lawyer…
    Anyway, I see similarities between Han Li Shang and one of Hakuron’s comrad, whose really want to become like Hakuron, an image of him… Is HLS wants to become like YAT until he have attitude, point of view and every single thing exactly like YAT?

    Thank you for your dedication in translating this novel…Jia you!

    1. You will find out in next part/
      Han Li Shang really doesn’t have ill intention when asking.
      Yu Ao Tian is his precious friend and with Mo Xue Tong and Long’s brothers

      1. yeah, but i think it’s funny. when another people don’t ask him why he has rubber band on his hair and our big uncle here actually goes asking him

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