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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 224 D


Chapter 224

Part 4 (Four)

After listened to Han Li Shang’s voice with worries tone, everyone seems to be awaken from their dream, all of them were laughing at Yu Ao Tian but they forgot one thing…

Yu Ao Tian is someone who has very high sensitiveness. He almost alike Cheetah!

This is not bragging or exaggeration words, although he is sleeping soundly, a movement within 5 meters can immediately awakened Yu Ao Tian, he also could make quick judgement whether friend or foe, furthermore he could make fastest counterattack.

But today, a woman who sleeps in his side could be so easy to tied rubber band in his hair, after all he not even realized it, if that person is his enemy, perhaps he might already lost his head.

“Rest assured, I know what to do. You guys take your leave.” After he sent off Han Li Shang and others, he is expressionless getting back to master room.

Soft bed, Yao Yao is lying with face facing up to ceiling, with eyes still close, her cute and innocent face very similar with chubby baby that pouting which makes other people wanted to pinch it.

Yu Ao Tian is walking slowly to there, his sharp eyes are glancing at her little hands which pulling the quilt tightly, ha… this little thing knows she had done something wrong, what she pretending for?

She still not makes any moving when he is lying at her side, his big hand is naturally put on her lower abdomen. That sensitive touching is provoking on surface of her clothes…

Unconsciously Yao Yao is burrowed, her eyelashes also followed shivering.

That big hand is transmitting warm feeling; she really can’t help herself to continue pretending, faster she stopped his hand by pressing it, opened her eyes, and questioned him: “What are you doing?”

“Not pretending anymore?”

“Ugh…” cold sweat, just as expected she mustn’t pretend to be smart in front of this man.

At the time when Han Li Shang and others coming, actually she had already wake up, but because she was afraid get punishment because being mischievous, so that she must pretend to sleep.

“Hihihi, you won’t blame me right?”

“I won’t blame… you had helped me to style my hair, how could I blame you?”

Staring at his devious grin, at sudden Yao Yao could feel chills running on herself, his face is showing smile but his eyes are so cold, will he revenge at her? Absolutely he will!

“Bao Bei, let me style your hair too.”

“No… no need.” An instant she is protecting her own hair with her pair of hand.

Yu Ao Tian is smiling deviously, slowly he is stood up: “I don’t say that I will tie your hair.” After said, his pair of strong hands grabbed her waistband.

“Don’t ah! No!” Yao Yao is using all her strength to struggle from him: “I… there cannot be tied.”


Who could tell him, this naive little girl how can she speak such seductive words with so innocent expression?

“Bao Bei, now you are as expectedly so seductive. Come, let me check it, check it.” After said, his pair of eyes gleaming, he is pulling down her underwear.

“No!” she wanted to resist but it is too late, it only left quilt between them.

To unknown Yu Ao Tian is faster one step, get to look. “Aiya, you still same like before. Naked (too obvious).”

He… how could he like this?

“You, can’t you not say it out loud?” she is avoiding his eyesight, an instant her small face is blushing.

“Bao Bei, you are so seductive, are you trying to seduce me?”

“Of course not!”

“So why are you touching yourself?”

Rotten bastard! Didn’t he know the reason why? Less or more Yao Yao understood the vague words, in order not to get trapped by him, she shut her mouth up.

Yu Ao Tian is grinning deviously furrowing his brows, his big hand is pressing her back hand that cover her Mrs.V…

“You, what do you want to do?

“Ha.” He is showing his playful smiles, he squeezing her middle finger, strongly moving around.


“Humph…” Feeling as if a strong electric-shock is flowing in hers, her small mouth can’t help to let out moaning sound.

“Bao Bei, is it nice to play by yourself?”

Enough! Enough! She really wants to shut her ears so that she does not need to hear him. “You let me go!” her little hands are restless, but no matter how she tries she can’t sway away his big hand.

“Doesn’t like? Since you dislike it, but why you show reaction?” He is smiling deviously speaking with mischievous tone, but the other hands…

“Ug.” She is nervous biting hard her lips, she uses her utmost strength to resist, but no matter what she do it is pointless.

After while, she lost control. “Enough, stop.” Simply to say she is going to be crazy, her fingers are being controlled by Yu Ao Tian, and this is must stop.

“How can it be enough? You must feel bad now?” Yu Ao Tian is smiling deviously; his finger is gently touched…

“Uh en…” Yao Yao is taking deep breathe, impatiently moving: “Don’t move anymore! Please don’t move! I feel bad!” this way of speaking is bringing either feeling ironic or ashamed, forcing her white face to be** ripples.

“Ah…” she is moaning longer, she is reaching the peak.

Seeing how fragile and weak of her, Yu Ao Tian is grinning deviously, pretending to speak: “Bao Bei, every time at this time, you are especially seductive, if there is an opportunity I really wanted to photo you, showing the most real of yourself.”


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  1. lol I guess this just shows how YAT doesn’t have his guard up again YY😍😍😍😍 once again thanks for ur hard work u are simply AMAZING!!👏👏👏👏

  2. I was totaly not expecting that 😅😅
    Thanks for the update
    I already started thinking what the next storm is going to be like.

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