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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 224 E


Chapter 224

Part 5 (Five)

“Hu…hu..” her breathing is unsteady. Another second; there is sobbing voices flowing to Yu Ao Tian’s ears.

“What are you crying for?” Yu Ao Tian is frowning, taking off her small hand which covering her small face.

“I, I, clearly dislike it… dislike being like this, but every time…huhu, at last the result…hu hu…” she is nonstop sobbing feeling difficult, it is feeling that she can’t say out, her heart is resisting, but her body is acting and responding to Yu Ao Tian leading, now she really hates herself so much because she is so much useless.

“Hurry tidies your clothes, we are going to dine out, I wait you at living room!” Yu Ao Tian is changing the topic, he even changing the way of speaking to be so cold.

When Yao Yao wanted to take peek at his expression, he has already left and dashing out to living room.

Sitting on the sofa, his good looking face is showing abnormal face shade, he really never thought for this long time, this little thing really has good resistance! But now… he is the person who couldn’t hold on himself…

Damn! Actually when he will be able to find out and tracking down about the scar, either this little thing is the person he is looking for or not, at least he must know the truth and everything will come to the end!

“Quickly see! Quickly see! That little girl is so cute.” Inside the restaurant, one of girl who sits in row with them pointed at Yao Yao’s table.

While the girl who is sitting facing that girl smiles deviously: “Humph, I see, you are taking the opportunity to take a peek at that little girl’s older brother, right?”

“Uh? I am not, look what you said, I am already had a boyfriend, how can I get interested with other man.”

“You less pretending, your mouth said that little girl is cute, but your eyes are looking at the man who sits facing at that little girl. Geez, do you think I do not know you?”

The whispering sound are heard by Yao Yao, along the way she coming to this restaurant he has heard it many times, normally every woman who sees Yu Ao Tian, their eyes will shining brightly, furthermore, whenever they together people will think she as his younger sister.

This is little bit odd, Yu Ao Tian has 190cm something of height, he looks too outstanding and also eye appeal, as additional his emperor aura, for certainly he is so eye-catching. And but how’s about her?

She has 150cm height, 19 years old, but has appearance alike 14 or 15 years old girl, if dragging back more ten years while Yu Ao Tian mature little bit, perhaps everyone will say she is Yu Ao Tian’s illegitimate daughter.

“Ao Tian.” Yao Yao while eating is curiously facing to ask Yu Ao Tian.


“Xu Qing, Li Mei Yun, Shang Yun Yin, which one you like the most?”

After listen to her question, Yu Ao Tian is obviously turned to be tense by seeing the chopstick he held, perhaps if this question is being asked by other woman, earlier he might throw that chopstick and left. “All give a feeling.” Except Shang Yun Yin, because Yao Yao does not know, Shang Yun Yin isn’t his girlfriend but only his bed mate.

“All give a feeling?” Why Yu Ao Tian used this ‘give feeling’ this word but not using like?

She does not understand, his ‘gives feeling’ compare to ‘like’, is it types of weak feeling? Or it means, at one of time, he likes one woman but at the next moment, at sudden he won’t like that woman anymore, so that he said ‘gives feeling’?

Still really heartless man, it seems to get Yu Ao Tian whole heart and his sincerity isn’t easy. “Well, have you ever tried to like a woman?”*
(Yao Yao is asking Yu Ao Tian whether he ever loved someone whole-heartily and sincere)

Put down the chopstick, Yu Ao Tian is lowering his head; there is coldness in his eyes as if he is trying to recall his old memory back for few years: “My second girlfriend.”

Woah, she thought Yu Ao Tian never loved any woman before, never thought this heartless man ever uses his heart to love a woman.

After thought for while, Yao Yao lifts her head up, when she spotted the regretful eyesight from Yu Ao Tian’s eyes, she dumbfounded…

Is that her hallucination or her eyes have problem? Logically, if bring up the topic about Ex-lover, most of people will show loving expression, or will show sadness but why Yu Ao Tian is showing regretful?

“Is she Li Mei Yun?”

“She was my second girlfriend when I was in Japan.”

Cold sweat, think carefully, when Yu Ao Tian back to China he has three girlfriends, not yet counting his bed mates, the one night stands. But the problem, he has stayed so long at Japan.

During the time when she was in Japan, she often heard rumors about Yu Ao Tian. But she can sure one thing, he might have many women few times compare to now. Perhaps the reason he has already changed to ‘white’ path so that he not really playing with many women.

“Since you like her, why did you break up with your second girlfriend?”

“Little thing, why you have so many questions to ask, today!” Yu Ao Tian’s face is darker.

Yao Yao is nervous swallowing her saliva, is she too carried away? Still thought they might become friend already, so that nothing taboo to say; never thought… he still with his unreadable character, deep. Perhaps… his matter with his second ex-girlfriend must be something shouldn’t talk about?


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