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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 225 A


Chapter 225

Part 1 (One)

“Have you done eating?”

“En..” she is nodding with fears.

“Come with me!” Yu Ao Tian is standing up, faster walking out from the restaurant; he goes straight to the Chanel store at the first floor.

“Mr. Yu, welcome.” One of the sales girls is welcoming Yu Ao Tian passionately.

Does he want to buy thing? When she stills in her hesitate-state, Yu Ao Tian has pointed at Yao Yao. “Choose one piece formal gown for her.”

“Yes. Mr. Yu.”

Ugh… what situation am I having in? “Why, why are you buying me a formal gown?”

“This Sunday it will company annual meeting, you go with me!”

“Ah?” with what status she will be going there? As the ex-employee? But the colleagues must be suspicious? “No…no, I won’t go.”

“Must go!” after said, Yu Ao Tian is pulled Yao Yao to get inside.

Torment for sometimes, finally one of the formal dress is chosen, she is talking with Yu Ao Tian with absent-minded: “Ao Tian, you think carefully, if I go, the colleagues might suspicious.”

“This year there are more than 2 thousand people joining the annual year meeting, you say who will be recognized and pay attention to you?”

Uh, this is so true, mixed with so many people, who will pay attention, if really encountered with old colleagues, perhaps she can act dummy little bit to pass from them. But, why Yu Ao Tian must ask her to join this time annual meeting? “Well, I want to bring Gong Xiao Man along.”

“Do as you please.”

Since Yao Yao walking out from the restaurant and talking regarding Yu Ao Tian’s second girlfriend, he keeps on showing her his cold attitudes, even until they get back to home, there is no slightest warm from him.

“You go to sleep first.”

“Oh…” she is stuttering nodding her head, turned her back and walking heading to the bedroom, every two steps she will turn her back to take a peek at Yu Ao Tian.

This time, he is opened one bottle of red wine, slowly pouring it into wine glass and raised it high, gulping it one mouthful, his eyes is filled with unspeakable deep gleam.

It is not hard to see, Yu Ao Tian is having problem now.

“Did he still matter with his second girlfriend?” lay down at the bed, Yao Yao is opened wide her eyes, looking at ceiling.

‘It seems that old Zeng Kai Rui has paid attention to me.’

‘Impossible? You have hidden everything so carefully, there is no way he could find out your real status?’


Her mind is suddenly flashing back to the afternoon vague conversation between Vice CEO Han with Yu Ao Tian.

Zeng Kai Rui…

This name is so familiar, it seems that when father passed away, mother ever brought up his name once before.

Regarding to status?

Before Yu Ao Tian was mafias’ boss, now he is businessman, right? What other real status he has beside those? Just as expected he really one of mysterious man!

Before sleep she is bringing her curiosity and her question. Finally she felt asleep.

Not long after that, Yu Ao Tian is slowly walking entered the bedroom, looking at her sleep soundly little face, finally he let out all his emotions and showing his smiling face and quietly lying on her side.

Uh, really one of little face with peaceful expression.

This afternoon when Han Li Shan was showing his concern, it was not groundless. After all, there are too many people want him to die, moreover wherever he is there are many danger lurking at him. So that, he has high sensitiveness and also awareness, after some time no matter where he is he would maintain alertness and tension.

But, this kind of sensitiveness isn’t born with nature, but it sharpens due to strict practice, while the sacrifice for this ability is there’s no night he could sleep peacefully.

But since the day he encounters this little thing, everything is different. At least he could sleep soundly and have good sleep.

‘ggrrr grrrr’

The sound of teeth gritting flowing inside the bedroom.

Yu Ao Tian is gazing at her little face with frustration expression for moment, huh, just now he has praised this little thing, but an immediately she gives him a feeling alike slapping his own face, honestly this little thing sleep is not cute at all.


Half of her body is wide open and fall to Yu Ao Tian’s body, he is creasing his forehead, patiently endure the anger in his heart, he is sleeping by backing Little thing for the entire night…


8 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 225 A

  1. I can smell we can finally see xiao man love story again.. khukhukhu… right?
    Thanks for your hard work!! >.<

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work on translating this novel, Azurro!
    Wow, YAT has so many secrets, but seems like YY will slowly open them up. I wonder what that company annual meeting will bring to both of them.

  3. YAT has a hard life, can’t freely show his emotions and all. Will he ever learn to fully open up with YY same YY to YAT?

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