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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 225 B



Chapter 225

Part 2 (Two)

The Annual Meeting of Berson Group.

Every year before the coming year, there are many groups starting their annual meeting. In order to avoid the peek session, Berson Group’s annual meeting is generally set around mid-October.

In huge seven stars Hotel lobby, people are packed, the banquet hall which accommodate for the people are already filled with the visitor.

Inside the VIP rest room, Yu Ao Tian is looking at the time, slowly he takes out his mobile phone: “Bao Bei, are you arrived?”

“En, I am arrived.”

“Go straight to the VIP rest room looking for me.”


Hung up the mobile phone, for long time only Mo Xue Tong who is helping Yu Ao Tian to tie and style his hair, for these past years, he never had anyone to be his stylist, everything is taking care by Mo Xue Tong.

Han Li Shang who is sitting on the sofa and facing Yu Ao Tian, coldly he asked: “Ao Tian, this is company annual meeting why do you call that little girl to come here?”

“Nothing so important…I just wanted to call her here.” When Yu Ao Tian said this thing, his eyes are gleaming slightest cunning.

At one glance Long Ye has already gotten the clue: “Li Shang, whenever Ao Tian does something not in accordance with common sense, it means he must have his own purpose.” But this time, Long Ye also could not make a guess the reason and purpose why he asked Xiao Meng Li to join the annual meeting.

“Huh, I also don’t know why I must come to join the annual meeting, it is so clearly that I am not company’s employee anymore.” Said Long Qi who is sitting at one corner of the room, pulling his tie down around his neck, talking to himself.

“Long Qi, this year I don’t ask you to come and join.” Yu Ao Tian is coldly mock at him.

“Wo Kao, Ao Tian, how can you say something like this? Well, I leave!” when Long Qi is pulled to open the VIP room door, Yao Yao and Gong Xiao Man just in time walking come in.

Long Qi at one glance, his eyes are stunned and wide open: “You, you, you are…Flat chest?”

“Long Qi, Xiao Meng Li is coming, what you are screaming…” Long Ye unhappily talking to his younger brother, but when he sees at Yao Yao, he also showing same expression with his younger brother, it is surprised expression: “Xiao Meng Li?”

“En?” Yu Ao Tian who is backing the door sensed something is odd, he hinted to Mo Xue Tong his style is okay, standing up from his seat and look at the doorway.

As seen, Yao Yao is dressed in dark purple Chanel sleeveless one piece formal gown; the tight design of the gown is showing the most beautiful of her figure, the V-neck cutting is perfectly showing her white and slender neck and her beautiful collar bone but at same time not showing too deep cleavage.

Her slender arms are wearing a pair of black gloves which give her a sense of noble aura, she is wearing 8 cm high heels which could boost woman’s most confident, the most feminine side and at a same time to cover the fact she is not tall.

Although these things were chosen by Yu Ao Tian who accompanied her to buy the gown, so there is nothing such surprising for him, but he could feel something is different now compare to the day when Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao went to try the gown, actually where the difference?

His deep black eyes is looking at her small-palm-sized face, she has watery eyes which drawing with black eyeliner and also using fake eyelash. Her tempting jelly sexy lips are covered with red lipstick color. As additional her hair is styled in Audrey Hepburn-hairstyle. Overall her appearance is giving pure and lovely little girl feeling and today she is covered with elegant and noble charm with her.

No wonder when the Long brothers saw her they could show such exaggerating expression, even this moment of Yu Ao Tian seeing the current her, he also get lost.

“I, I have said… don’t use makeup.” She can feeling the awkward atmosphere around her, Yao Yao is glaring and complaining at Gong Xiao Man.

Today, she is asking Gong Xiao Man to join Berson annual meeting, Xiao Man is stubborn to take her to salon, asking the stylist to get her the classic hairstyle of Audrey Hepburn, makeup her face with the most enticing look.


17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 225 B

  1. omg can’t wait to see how protective yu ao tian will be when yao yao goes out, definitely there’ll be a lot of suitors 😆😆

  2. Hmmm…. Ao Tian is using Yao Yao bait the Deputy Prime Minister, Kai Rui? Or using her to show Feng Chen Yi that she belongs to Ao Tian?

    1. YY won’t be his lawayer, she is still a student ,not license to practice, maybe an adviser.YAT will introduce her to be one of his aid,or legal advisor and girlfriend. YY father was Deputy Prime Minister Kai Rui secretary. As for FCY will be shocking to him, YY is his woman that belong to him. Thanks for the update. Happy Easter…

  3. Good job GXM👏👏👏. For some reason I’m hearing the pretty woman song..Lol..YY way to make YAT speechless.. Thank you.. Can’t wait for what YAT will do.

  4. Thanks. Wow. Even Long brothers cannot recognize YY. Wonder what is YAT’s agenda in bringing YY to the meeting.

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