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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 225 C


I am sorry for not sticking at my schedule. My big aunt came two days ago and going to be stayed at my place for few days. My update going to be super slow until she backs to place where she belongs. I am super frustrating with my big aunt she really can’t let me to have my rest. I didn’t have good sleep since her arrival.

Chapter 225

Part 3 (Three)

“Cut it off, you don’t understand, all of them are mesmerizing. Is it? Long Qi.” Gong Xiao Man is smiling, move one step forward in front of Long Qi: “Today, is Yao Yao beautiful or not!”

For long time, finally Long Qi is regaining himself, pretending to be calm by inserting his hands in his pocket, while his head is at other side: “Uglier than before.”

“Ugly? Why your face is red?” Gong Xiao Man is grinning all over her face, she is using mocking tone asking him.

Long Qi suddenly feels losing face, one of his hand is touching his red face.

“Hehe.” Gong Xiao Man is laughing satisfied, seeing the stunning expression from all the men who are in the room, it seems her effort to choose the new style for Yao Yao is paid off. “Hey, big uncle, you are also here. Does our Yao Yao look especially beauty?”

Han Li Shang is swept his glance at Gong Xiao Man, coldly he stands up: “Ao Tian, the annual meeting is going to start, I take my leave first to check it.”

“En, you go.”

“Damn, he is really a man who does not have any beauty sense at all!” Gong Xiao Man is glared at Han Li Shang who is going away, she resented looking at him!

“Xiao Meng Li, no need to pay attention to them, after all Han Li Shang and Long Qi are known as senseless. I think today you are…really beautiful.” More or less Long Ye could see that Yao Yao feels awkward, hurried console her.

“Hi, General Manager Long, I think from all of them still you are good talker. I like to hear you.”Gong Xiao Man is happily patting at Long Ye’s shoulder.

He is furrowed while smiles: “Oh yeah? I always know that I have good taste. Are you who named Gong Xiao Man? Do you have time now? I want to chat with you about the newest fashion.”

“I have time.”

“Well, you follow me to go at other room to talk about fashion.” Long Ye is smiling, while his eyes are looking at Long Qi who does nothing: “Long Qi, you also follow me!” after said, he is forcibly dragging Long Qi and leaving the room with Gong Xiao Man.

“Ao Tian, I also going out.” Mo Xue Tong is coldly spoke, slowly walking out.

Yu Ao Tian in this time he really wants to say, these fellow brothers indeed know him very well, this time he indeed need to have ‘privacy’ with Yao Yao now. “Bao Bei, come.” He is smiling deviously using his hooked finger calling her.

She is lowers her head, when she is walking…

That 8 cm high heels slant.

“Aiya!” she is almost felt in front.

Fortunately Yu Ao Tian saw it and his hand is faster enough, he rushed as an arrow, embraces her.

“Thank you.”

“Humph? Bao Bei, are you on purposed falling in order to seduce me?”

Seeing his face is masking with fake smile, Yao Yao is awkwardly furrowing her eye brows: “I, I don’t really like to use high heels, so that…”

“Oh? So that. If you are falling into my embrace still okay, but if I see you fall in other men embrace… I will break your leg!”

Is this something she can control? This Yu Ao Tian simply to say not reasonable?

“Bao Bei, what to do, suddenly I feel, I want… with you to do something in here. I want to do something I like!” he is bending down his body, spreading warm breathe to her nose.

An instantly Yao Yao glared: “No, don’t.”

“Ha, I am joking. Now you are looked so beautiful, if I messed up… too bad.” His slender finger is stroking her nose tip.

Seeing his deep bottomless black eyes, she always felt Yu Ao Tian seems have other meaning in his words, this feeling can cause people to be wary.

His slender finger already slides down to her neck, his deep black eyes looking at the necklace in her neck: “Really so obedience, after all you are wearing this necklace when coming here.”

How would she not? Didn’t he ask her to do so, later in the future if he does not ask her to do, she won’t take off the necklace because she does not want to cause any trouble!

“give you rewards.” His mouth is upwards smiling deviously, without waiting for Yao Yao to react, he has bent down, suddenly kissed somewhere in her neck.

“Uh…” hurt! “What are you…”

“tok tok tok”

“Chairman Yu, the annual meeting is going to start, Vice CEO Han is inviting you to come.”

Yao Yao question is cut off half because interrupt by the knocking sound.

Yu Ao Tian smiles, standing up: “Bao Bei, you should take a rest in here first, later when the bouquet start, I will ask people to come pick you.”


“My beloved!” Yu Ao Tian has left; Gong Xiao Man is coming back to the VIP rest room: “Did CEO Yu praise how beautiful you are?”

Cold sweat, this is not Yu Ao Tian character, bigger problem he will able to face with calm expression, moreover this is small matter. The most important is, she does not feel her makeup beautiful today: “Yu Ao Tian has met many beautiful women, didn’t you ever meet Li Mei Yun, Shang Yun Yin. There still one who named Xu Qing. Others there also Zhao Qing Kong, but she seemed not Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend.”



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  1. this chapter was way too sweet and i am eating candies on top.
    thanks for the update.
    And have a good rest and don’t get too much tired.:)

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