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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 225 D


Chapter 225

Part 4 (Four)

“Woah, CEO Yu really have so many beauty women, one to another is indeed beautiful women. But it is normal thing, his own appearance could be said as extremely rare good looking, of course always being surrounded by beautiful women.”

“Have you reconciled with CEO Yu? And Feng Chen Yi…”

“Hey! Sst! Don’t mention him!”

“See how nervous you are, CEO Yu isn’t here.”

“This is not the problem, Xiao Man. Sometimes in order to learn forgetting one person, the best thing is starting from the most surface aspect such as not mention that person name anymore, stop to think about the past, throwing the things he ever gave and so on. By this way, can really forget that one person.”

“Why must forget Feng Chen Yi? Since you love him, why don’t you keep him inside your heart, just wait until three years passes and then think of it again.”

Ha, Gong Xiao Man speaks so easy, hiding someone we like inside our heart, and then facing the other person, it is really tired, so tired, she really cannot do it.

“Yao Yao, your neck?”

“What wrong with my neck?” seeing at Gong Xiao Man surprised expression, she is curiously touching her neck.

“Hahahahaha, wasn’t this strawberry planting by CEO Yu just now?* did he want to announce to world this person has already had the owner? Just expected he is such domineering man.”
*Gong Xiao Man referred to the hickey in Yao Yao’s neck.

Planting a strawberry? Did, before Yu Ao Tian was leaving he left this hickey? What did he do? Did he let her to meet other people or not?

“Knock knock knock”

“Miss Luo, hello. The annual meeting is done now the bouquet is going to start, CEO Yu is asking me to take you to go to lobby bouquet.”

What to do? What to do? Should she go to the banquet hall with hickey in her neck? But, if this time she looking for something to cover, it is too late? Yu Ao Tian is too much!

Helplessly, Yao Yao bringing along Gong Xiao Man followed Yu Ao Tian’s men heading to the bouquet hall…

Berson Group bouquet is held on the seventh star hotel rooftop, it is divided into two sections the indoor and outdoor, indoor is for the honour guests and high level management of Berson Group while the outdoor is for the ordinary employees of the company.

Both the indoor and outdoor, times to times there will be ordinary employees who want to climb to higher level come in and out, strolling around the hall.

When arrived at the VIP bouquet entrance, from inside there is music flowing out, when pushed open that big door, first thing that catch eyes are those men wearing western style suit and women wearing beautiful formal clothes with radiating elegant and noble auras, as seen this bouquet indeed glamour.

“Woah, Berson Group annual meeting isn’t ordinary, after all they even invited the international stars.” Gong Xiao Man is exhilarating over; her eyes are looked at the surrounding.

Such glamour and grand high society dinner party, although she is regarded as Miss from wealthy family but still this is first time for Gong Xiao Man to join.

If today Yao Yao is not dressed up, perhaps she has drowned to this grand bouquet. There are too many beautiful women, too many.

But now is different, the shows up of Yao Yao in this bouquet has attracted many eyesight’s.

“Does that little girl Berson Group employee? Or who’s companion she is? Her aura really is different.”

“Yes.  At least compare to those who use makeup she can be considered as refined and elegant, indeed eye-catching.” All the people is discussing about her. Compare to those beautiful women, Yao Yao innocent appearance is elegant and charming in which attracted many eyes.

“Hey, Hey, Yao Yao, you see everyone is looking at you.” Gong Xiao Man is smile proudly.

Seeing at Yao Yao, her forehead corned is forming sweat bead, just as expectedly she still dislike this kind of bouquet, that time when she was still with Feng Chen Yi, she must join this kind of bouquet, for such long time, she still cannot get used with this moreover she really cannot get used with those hot eyesight.

“Miss Luo, you wait at here little while, I will be going to look for CEO Yu.” Because there are mny guests coming to this evening, that man who leading the way is difficult to find Yu Ao Tian so that he asked Yao Yao to wait in somewhere inside the hall.

“En. Okay.” She and Gong Xiao Man are standing at one corner of the VIP bouquet patiently waiting.

This time, few girls are coming to her: “Luo Yao Yao?”

Following with the voice…


11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 225 D

  1. Thank you Azurro for the lovely update. Can’t wait to read who are those girls whom called Yao Yao. And I have a feeling that YAT purposely plant the “strawberry” mark is to show FCY whom would most probably be at the banquet since they are associated in business. He is going to show FCY who owns YY…. Oh no…. stormy days ahead!

  2. Thanks for the update!Hope everything is working out with your aunt visiting. FCY going to be at the banquet? YAT wants to mark YY as his with the hickey for FCY to see?

  3. Thanks Azurro for posting this chapter. Wondering where is FCY? No doubt YAT planted the hickey to show FCY that YY belongs to him.

  4. I think it’s FCY sister who came with him. YAT deliberately give hickey on her neck to show she is his woman and has an owner. Taking YY to the banquet and introduce her to influential people especially to political parties that will boast his campaign against The Primenister. YY is nervous a lot of attention and eyes are on her especially those ladies that are jealous and vying YAT attentions. People are curious who she is a one of them is FCY why YY is in the banquet. Azurro thanks for the update and hard work. Pls be patience, time flies before you know it your aunt will be gone.

  5. Just hope they are not Yao Yao’s former colleagues, their eyes will burn when they see her in a brand dress and all dolled up

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