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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 225 E


Chapter 225

Part 5 (Five)

Aren’t they fellow colleagues from the financial department?

Yao Yao remembered these people, all of them are Sun Li’s confidant, Sun Li is the person who cooperating together with France’s branch CEO Mu Yue who caused her trouble before, later because of Yu Ao Tian showing up, Sun Li got demotion to be an ordinary employee while she was strangely being promoted as Finance Department Manager, although she only worked for three days.

“You guys see, as what I said she is Luo Yao Yao, you guys said she isn’t.”

“I fainting I thought my eyes are wrong. Never thought…” these few female colleagues are standing in front of her, using kind of disdain eyesight measuring her. “Luo Yao Yao, didn’t you resign? Why are you coming here joining the company annual meeting?”

“Yes ah!”

“Haha, long time no see. I am coming to accompany friend. Well, she is Gong Xiao Man from the sales department. I am coming here to accompany her.” Yao Yao is introducing Gong Xiao Man while pulling Gong Xiao Man’s arm.

Gong Xiao Man is replying at her ex-colleagues by nodding her head: “Hello everyone.” Actually, Gong Xiao Man thought it is okay to tell them she is invited by Yu Ao Tian, what’s the matter? She has that ‘queen’ position why doesn’t she take it out and show off to those ex-colleagues? Gong Xiao Man really not understood.

“Oh that’s the case, why aren’t both of you in ordinary employee banquet hall? Why coming to the VIP bouquet hall? Or else, Luo Yao Yao you still haven’t given up, thinking to bait golden turtle?”

“That’s right, Luo Yao Yao, before you resigned from the financial department you were promote as Vice Manager, you still kick out Sun Li, weren’t it because you and Regional Director Wang…?”

Gong Xiao Man who is standing beside although she not really understands what they are talking, but from the way this few girls expression, she knows they aren’t say what good thing. When she wanted to speak on behalf of Yao Yao, but Yao Yao faster ahead…

“My coming to this VIP bouquet there is no other purpose, if all of you think my coming to here because I have purposed, it prove that all of you showing up in here also have some purpose. Bluntly to say, all of you must go to the ordinary employees banquet but why all of you are showing up in VIP banquet?” she does not want to quarrel with her ex-colleagues but she never thought they are gossiping her with Regional Director Wang, just to let them know that inside her heart Regional Director Wang is one of the best teacher she has.

“That’s right. We are showing up in here to catch golden turtle, we dare to admit. Are you daring to admit if you have something with Regional Director Wang?”

“There is nothing between me and Regional Director Wang!” It is so obvious Yao Yao flared up little bit.

These few girls seem not getting enough: “Bullshit, if there is nothing between you and Regional Director Wang, how could Sun Li demoted, while you were getting promoted? Geez, the most hatred person is someone like you who acted as chastity girl but actually a bitch.”

“You guys!”

“What are you talking?” a gentle and soft voice interrupted.

This few girls are lifting their head up, stunned with beaming eyes: “Long…General Manager Long.” All of them are expecting to catch golden turtle, golden turtle, but they really never expected today they are encountering one of the highest rank golden turtle who is General Manager Long, this golden turtle, after all in this company, there is a possible all of them will never to speak with Long Ye this top management person.

“Aiya, General Manager Long, there is someone who isn’t company’s employee anymore, but shocking shamelessly still coming to participate our annual meeting.” Said this few female colleagues, who are talking sarcasm about Yao Yao.

While Gong Xiao Man who is standing beside, she is waiting for good show, she is absolutely sure that Long Ye will take action?

Long Ye is pretending not understand anything, creased his forehead: “Who? Is there really still has kind of person?”

“See, the person is her. But, General Manager Long, you don’t need to take notice with this kind of person. Do you have time, if possible…”

“Yao Yao?” Long Ye is interrupted few female colleagues who trying to flatter him, he showing strange smiles: “So all of you are talking about Yao Yao?”

“What’s matter? General Manager Long.” This few female colleagues are looking each others.

“Hahahaha, Yao Yao, you are really, you have resigned, but still keep your relationship with CEO Yu in secret?” Long Ye is smiling while glancing at Yao Yao.

While those few female colleagues seem haven’t regained themselves: “Keep her relationship with CEO Yu in secret?”

“That’s right. Since Yao Yao is being humble and low-profile, does not want to say anything. Well let me tell you guys. Yao Yao is CEO Yu’s girlfriend, since she last time when she had summer break and staying at home quite boring, CEO Yu was arranging her to come at office to have play, today is CEO Yu who inviting her to come and join the banquet, she isn’t someone outsider or so whoever. Even I still need to give this future boss’s wife a face.”

After Long Ye spoke, this few female colleagues are dumbstruck. They never thought that… Luo Yao Yao… could be… Yu Ao Tian’s girl friend!

“Hahahahaha, this thing those people might understand, not everyone you guys can provoke?” Finally Gong Xiao Man who is standing beside spoke with sarcasm.

Yao Yao who is keeping on silent for this time, quickly pulling Gong Xiao Man’s hand, awkwardly smiling at Long Ye…




17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 225 E

  1. Hahahaahaha The Long Brothers are the best…
    Long Ye ♡♡♡
    Heheh so that was the propose of Yu Ao Tian , telling the world that YY is his Girlfriend…

  2. Haha…finally those ladies had to eat their own words…YY is very humble, low profile, doesn’t boast who she is. I’m glad that Long Ye told those people that YY is YAT girlfriend. Thanks for the update and good job. Have a blessed day.

  3. Thank you….though its good that it is now out in the open but it could be dangerous where YAT’s enemies are concern.

  4. Spiteful hags eat your hearts n words out. Yes. Go back to the employees section where u bunches of hags belong. No golden turtles will be interested in u bunches of digusting spiteful hags.

    Long Ye way to go. Where YY is concerned both Long Ye n Long Qi will protect her no matter what even with their lives if need be.

    Thanking Azurro for a wonderful update. 😀

  5. Hi Azzuro,
    Thank you for the latest update. By the way, could you let me know the source…which is i can read the manhua version with free 🙂
    Thanks anyway

    1. Hi Jufi
      I have several sources for the manhua in Chinese and English.
      You may check:
      English source => (updated until chapter 23)
      Chinese Source => (updated until chapter 96)

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