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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 226 C

Chapter 226

Part 3 (Three)

“CEO Yu.” This time, one of middle age man who about fifty something is coming near.

  “Chairman Li.”

“Hahaha, today the annual meeting is so successful, congratulation to you.”

“Don’t be so courtesy, Chairman Li.”

That fifty something middle age man is smiling awkwardly, while his eyes are looking at Yao Yao from time to time: “Actually I always want to find a time to have talked with you, regarding your matter with Li Mei Yun. I just found out not long ago you and Li Mei Yun had broken up, about the reason she didn’t tell me. But now it seems…”

Mei Yun? So this old man is Li Mei Yun’s father?

Perhaps feeling guilty because of doing wrong or perhaps because too awkward, Yao Yao is nervously gulped her saliva: “That, CEO Yu, I feel not really well, I want to take my leave to go to toilet.” After said, she didn’t wait for Yu Ao Tian answer. Pulling Gong Xiao Man dashing to the toilet, “Hu…”

“Yao Yao, why are you so nervous?”

“Didn’t you hear, that old man is Li Mei Yun’s father?”

“And so what? Didn’t Li Mei Yun and CEO Yu have already broken up, what are you nervous for?”


“Is this need to ask? Of course because of the guilt feeling to be thief!” at sudden, an anger voice flowing over.

Quickly both of them are looking at the toilet door way, as seen, Li Ruo Ting gloomy face is coming nearer.

Gong Xiao Man and Yao Yao are looking at the in front, surprising in unison: “Li Ruo Ting?”

“What? Seeing me both of you are so surprised? Ha, I just found out… so you are the third wheel who broke my big sister and CEO Yu relationship!”

“Your big sister?” Gong Xiao Man and Yao Yao are looking each other, and then in unison they said: “Your big sister is Li Mei Yun?”

Heaven, how can there are so many coincides in this world? It seems that Gong Xiao Man relationship diagram must be added one line.

Li Ruo Ting is the person who broke Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi relationship, while Yao Yao is the third wheel in her big sister and Yu Ao Tian relationship.

“Ha, Luo Yao Yao, you are really cheap, after all you dare to be third wheel!”

“Let me tell you, Li Ruo Ting, anyone can scold Yao Yao, but exception for you, you are not deserved to scold Yao Yao. 2 years ago, not to mention which cheap slut who slept with Yao Yao’s boyfriend, humph, after all now even dare to scold other person as third wheel!”

“That’s right. I admitted that time it was me who took the initiative to climb at Feng Chen Yi’s bed, had initiative to seduce him, but Luo Yao Yao, did you really think yourself not have fault in here?” Li Ruo Ting is confidently pointing at Yao Yao’s nose.

Gong Xiao Man who is standing beside frowned: “Do you mean, you had seduced other person’s boyfriend, the victim must self-introspection to bear the consequences?”

“Gong Xiao Man, you don’t always protect and sided at Luo Yao Yao this slut, there is a matter, heaven know earth know, me and you know it.” Li Ruo Ting step forward in front of Gong Xiao Man pushed her away: “What kind of man Chen Yi is, you are know better than me, but how many scarification he did because of you, you know better in your heart. How much he loves you, Luo Yao Yao, you must know better by yourself. But how is about you?”

“Everyday other than study, it only study, you put Feng Chen Yi at side while you were becoming your good student. You even not let him to touch your hands. Did you think you boyfriend is saint, or a man who does not want him anymore?”

“It was you who had treasure, but not understood to cherish, so that you gave me an opportunity to break in, this isn’t anyone mistake but it’s you, understood?” More Li Ruo Ting speaking more she tensed, her fingers are pointing at Yao Yao’s chest: “As long as you cherish Feng Chen Yi little bit, that time, Chen Yi would impossible to sleep with me, understood? Don’t act to be pathetic victim who blamed anyone, thinking as if this world is owed you!”

Facing with Li Ruo Ting accusations, Yao Yao really cannot argue back, because whatever Li Ruo Ting said indeed true.

That year Yao Yao was 15 years old she was officially dating with Feng Chen Yi, that days everyday she was seriously study, perhaps only once a week she would meet up with Feng Chen Yi, and it was because Feng Chen Yi who took initiative to go dating with her, so that she agreed with him. Or else she would not meet him once at one month.

It can be said, in their relationship, it was Feng Chen Yi who sacrificed more times compare to her. So that… after they had separated for these 2 years, she never let go or forgetting those feeling, because Feng Chen Yi indeed treated her so well.


11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 226 C

  1. Really hate these stupid Li sisters……. It is easy to blame others but never themselves. Li Ruo Ting was the 3rd wheel in Yao Yao’s relationship with Chen Yi and yet the say she puts the blame on Yao Yao is soooooooooo stupid!!!!!!!! And to blame Yao Yao again for what happen to her slutty sister Li Mei Yun…… sigh…. I hope these sisters will disappear totally soon!
    Thanks Azurro for the lovely read. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

    1. Well in reality she is right and wrong. Well she is wrong for saying Yao Yao should feel guilty but is right to say that Yao Yao did have a part in the breakup of their relationship. If you don’t water a plant it dies more often than not.

      1. I totally agree…another saying, if you do not a bull going up a hill it will not go up by itself.

        Thanking you Azurro for another translation. I just hope YAT will deal with these two slutty sisters once and for all. So tired of their lies n pwttiness.

  2. Never argue with self righteous bitch sluts et whores 😂 pathetic reasonings! No self respecting girl/woman will think or have a mindset like the uber stupid sluts Li sisters!

    Thanks dear 😘

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