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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 226 D

Chapter 226

Part 4 (Four)

Reality is reality, she dares to face it. But listened to what Li Ruo Ting said, because she ignored Feng Chen Yi, so that Feng Chen Yi was overstepping to the bounds, this point she could not agree with her.

“Li Ruo Ting, according to your logic, woman must give up everything because of the man she loves, should everyday goes according to them? You had slept with Feng Chen Yi, right? How’s the result? Have you gotten him?” at sudden she is swaying away Li Ruo Ting’s fingers who pointed at her: “If one woman must lose herself because of the man she loves, it is fated there won’t be any happiness in this life time!”

For Yao Yao, Feeling is supplement in her life, while man for Yao Yao is only a part of happiness in her life, but not as whole,

Perhaps many of women mistaken about this, by giving own body to one’s man, means holding onto that man’s heart forever.
Actually the truth is on contrary.

A man who is really in love with you won’t because of your body and then stay together with you forever, because if it so, soon or later he will go boring with it, he will stay together with you simply to say because he loves you this person, that’s all. On contrary, if a man does not love you, although you give him your body, waiting him played and get bored with you, naturally he will dump you.

So that… love is nothing to do with virginity. On contrary if giving own body sooner, perhaps the possibilities to lose man’s heart is even sooner.

In everyone eyes, Yao Yao who has petite posture, an innocent girl image, someone who really need to depend on man for her entire lifetime. But this petite posture which has innocent look actually has one strong heart; her ultimate purpose isn’t looking for a man and then gets married, that’s simple!

“Xiao Man, let’s we go!” Yao Yao is expressionless pulling Gong Xiao Man’s hand; walk faster to go out from toilet.

Li Ruo Ting isn’t happy with Yao Yao who pointed her weakness: “Luo Yao Yao, no matter how things went before, the current you are ugly shameless third wheel, a slut, you don’t have right to revile me! Furthermore you don’t have right to blame anyone!” after said, she picks up a bottle of warm water which put outside the toilet and splashed it.

“Yao Yao! Be careful!” Gong Xiao Man who sees it pushes away Yao Yao.

That bottle which fully filled is almost splashed into Gong Xiao Man’s body, the splashing out water sprinkled on her bare arm which is not covered by her clothes. At moment, her white skin becomes bright red.

“Xiao Man!” Yao Yao pulled Gong Xiao Man’s hand; angrily she glared at Li Ruo Ting.

Knowing she has caused trouble, Li Ruo Ting is hurrying run away.

“I am okay, I am okay.”

“What is okay, your skin is swollen, I… I call someone.” Yao Yao is panic when running at corridor, but when she just running a step, that 8 cm heels stumbled her feet.

When she is about to fall down to the ground, a cold figure showing up, firmly hold on her. Before Yao Yao sees who the person is, that cold figure has already dashing to Gong Xiao Man in front. “Are you okay?” said that cold voice which as cold as ice.

Gong Xiao Man lifts her head, glanced, as she sees… uh… still this iceberg uncle?

“Aiyo, it so hurt.” She is feeling a pain to the point she creased her forehead.

“Didn’t you tell Yao Yao you are okay before?”

Listen to Han Li Shang questioned, Gong Xiao Man in her heart she really wants to roll her eyes, geez…so this damn big uncle had heard her before. He really ruined the atmosphere, it is so obvious she is acting spoil, still dares to expose her.

“It is so pain! You try yourself being splashing with hot water, will it pain or not?”

“Cut it off.” This time Han Li Shang is letting out heave sighed, at sudden one of his hand is pulled and hold close Gong Xiao Man.

This thing is out from Gong Xiao Man prediction, she really never thought this big uncle who always ignore and cold toward her could act this way!


9 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 226 D

  1. Hahaha..HLS felt heart pain to see GXM got burned by hot water. I wonder how would HLS will deal with LRT?!!..

  2. This couple is so cute . GSM is perfect for HLS. I hope they’ll be together soon . Also I like how YY is not that kind of girl who depends entirely on a guy . She is a strong , independent woman .

  3. HLS came to the rescue. I guessed HLS is always in the background observing YY and GXM. Yea this is the beginning of the love story of HLS AND GXM. Finally YY stood up for herself against LRT and admired her for her strong well personality and very independent and have principle in life. Azurro your hard work and dedication to this novel is greatly appreciated and thankful. Have a blessed Sunday and God Bless.

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