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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 109

Translated by : Obsidian

Chapter 109

Sad Injured Spirit (2)

She thought these past few busy days would allow herself to fundamentally forget her heart ache, allow serene billows to arise in his heart, but unexpectedly no.  Bai Yin Chen’s face revealed no lessons to be learned.

Heart, her frail heart is starting to ache! Why is peacefulness not even possible?

Is he well?

Has he noticed her disappearance? Is he worried? If he’s concerned about her, why aren’t people talking about her disappearance? She’s stayed here this long and hasn’t heard anything about the Ye family searching for her.

How can it be this dead calm?

“Could be it even Lu Qun hasn’t noticed that I’ve disappeared?  Then how could Ye Che know?”  Thinking this, Long Mo Er immediately denied it and shook her head.  Her small voice said, “Impossible, Lu Qun could not have noticed. She would already be extremely anxious!  she certainly is extremely ruffled due to my disappearance.  Maybe she ran back to the Long household because I disappeared?

Nervous, Long Mo Er abruptly stood up.

“Heavens, heavens! If it’s this way won’t father, mother, and also older sister be extremely worried?  What to do?” This certainly must have happened.  Lu Qun, that idiot, because of Long Mo Er disappearance surely returned to the Long household.

Lu Qun knowing the news of the disappearance means that the Long household also knows. That type of talk definitely turns everything upside down.  Lu Qun certainly understands the consequences; she’d better not talk about it!

Should she go back?

She silently saw once again the image of Fei Yan’s back. That person, Fei Yan, brought this about.  It’s her!  So her suddenly appearing did this!

No, no, I cannot go back home.

How it is, how is it that she fell in love with Ye Che?  But Fei Yan is still in the picture!  Long Mo Er really is not a xiao san*!   Ye Che never said he likes her! How can she pursue her own happiness?  Is it possible to be happy?
*[Xiao san;someone who wrecks a relationship replacing the displaced party.]

It looks like her desires that she asked for in front of Buddha will not become reality!

Heavens predestined the marriage to be doomed.  Ye Che and Fei Yan met first.  They were acquainted beforehand.  They knew each other before I came along. Why is it that I’m too late? Medicine taken too late does not work.  And how would Buddha grant her happiness if it became known that she substituted for her sister?

She deceived everyone!

Going back is certainly a mistake!

She didn’t want to be hurt.  She didn’t dare try to touch the matter once again.  She couldn’t stand the idea of herself intervening and allowing beautiful Fei Yan to lose her radiance!  Having the memories of Ye Che ought to be enough!

“I should be satisfied with the memories!” in this way, Long Mo Er didn’t stop talking to herself, attempting to eliminate the central pain sneaking into her thoughts.

“Wait, when Bai Yin Chen is better I want to learn how to save people like him. I certainly want to do this type of meaningful work.”  Long Mo Er silently shed tears.

Home, the Ye family, will again think about them afterward!

She hopes for the time being that father, mother, and older sister have not heard the news about her disappearance.


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5 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 109

  1. I feel sorry n frustrated for n to LME. Especially in the olden era men n women had been separated from one another so much.

    Anyway, thanking you so much for this translation. How many more chapters will this novel finish?

  2. Thanks so much for the update. i am really worrying about Mo Er and what will happen to her. Will she find out that she is missed and searched for? Will it take another hundred chapters to clear the misunderstanding with Ye Ch? I hope not.

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