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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 27.3

Chapter 27

Part 3 (Three)

I feel myself as if a little boat floating in the wavering ocean and will be drown, but he does not calm down even a slightest, he even more ferocious.

I do only can grab his back, hinting him to go slower, gentle little bit.

He does not react even a bit, moreover he shows enjoying expression.

My body is starting to ache because of his quick pace, swelling, it feels pain until I can’t resist myself not to bit his shoulder to vent out my feeling.

He mm a sound, but he even becomes more excited, so ferocious and barbaric.

Unconsciously I’m starting to sob, I feel as if I am being torn up, I starting to cry and begging him, kicking him, and even thinking to push him away.

But he is catching my hands, pressed my hands down to the bed-head, and goes wildly.

I feel I gonna die, I want to cry but there is no sound I could let out, I do only nonstop sobbing with soft voices.

Finally he could feel, he is apologizing in my ear, “Miao Miao, Sorry… I am sorry…I have… lost control! Eleven years… I have waited for eleven years, I have wanted you for eleven years…”

I have already utterly defeated, I let him torampage and tormenting me.

After passed for unknown long time, when I thought I might go die, he growled with his hoarse voice, grimancing, and his body spasm and shivering a little, felt to top of my body as if death person.

Finally stopped, I came back to live.

I pushing him, he didn’t move even an inch.

I pushed him again, but suddenly he even goes crazier and wilder thrusting me, my head simply hit on the bed-head, the pain makes me gritting my teeth.

I saw him again, his face is showing comfortable expression, he is lying on my chest, there is no slightest movement from him.

Is he death, or he sleeps?

And then what?

And then what to do?

No one taught her before arghhhhhhh!

Waiting until Kang Yu awake, the sun has already rose, I was pressing down by him for the entire night, naturally I didn’t have good sleep, but he looked in good-mood, as if he had eaten the most nutrient food looks very energetic.

When he realized he had pressed me down from the entire night, seeing my bleak and pale face, his expression immediately changed.

“Miao Miao, are you still okay!”

I was lying at the bed as if death-corpse.

“Miao Miao, talk, where do you feel not uncomfortable!”

Belated effort! All men are worst!

“Miao Miao…” he coaxing me, he even using his hand to beg for my mercy.

I back him, ignore him.

“Miao Miao, don’t act like this…” his eyes filled with guilty, “I…I have wanted you too much…”

Damn you wanted too much, it was you who trying to endure it, it was you who wanted to wait until the marriage ceremony, it wasn’t me who didn’t allow you, well, now you done it, but you done it too rough.

He sees me ignore him, he is starting to kiss me gently, my face, my neck, my back, all is kissed by him until numb, after I experienced last night, I am not little girl anymore, being teased by him, my body is feeling hot.

But, I endure it.

“Miao Miao…” he is panicking.

After half day, he kneeling at the bed side, with guilty expression he said, “You can’t expect too much from virgin man!”


I grab pillow, I throw it to him.

He catches the pillow, but looked so happily, raised his body up when seeing me glaring at him, “Miao Miao, finally you have reaction!”

I back him, once again ignore him.

He is climbing to the bed with his hands and feet, he promised me, “Don’t be angry? En? How about, we have one more time, I promised after taking this lesson I won’t do same mistake anymore, I will give you a satisfaction!”


I can’t help, I paw his face.

Go die you!

Thus, after my first wedding night is rolling tears of ecstasy, this scenery…

My first…finally… finally no more!


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