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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 227 A

Chapter 227

Part 1 (One)

“Vice CEO Han, Xiao Man she…” Yao Yao is worrying walking in front of Han Li Shang.

“Let me take care of her, you go back to the banquet first, Ao Tian is looking for you.”


Gong Xiao Man really can stand anymore, at this moment she really does not need Yao Yao’s loyalty as friend, if she can say, she really want to say… ‘Yao Yao, you hurry go, leaves me with big uncle to have privacy.’

“Aiya, Yao Yao, you are wearing high heels, walking isn’t convenient for you, having this big uncle to take care of me, I am okay.”

“Oh, well.” Perhaps until this moment, the dummy Yao Yao still hasn’t sensed Gong Xiao Man intention, with worried facial expression looking at Han Li Shang who is leaving.

With super worried heart, Yao Yao is heading back to the banquet hall.

Looking from far away, Yu Ao Tian is talking with whom-so-person, but that person who is talking with Yu Ao Tian isn’t Li Mei Yun’s father anymore.

Slowly getting close, no matter what she could feel from back the person who is talking with Yu Ao Tian is someone familiar?

“Bao Bei, where are you going?” when Yu Ao Tian spotting Yao Yao coming near to him, his face is masking with devilish smile.

Her heart is tightened, is Yu Ao Tian going crazy? Why must he call her so loud? Nervous looking at her surrounding, fortunately everyone is immersed in chatting and also music so that his voice isn’t attracted.

But, those people who are talking with Yu Ao Tian more or less must able to guess her relationship with Yu Ao Tian?

Only left two steps before she arrived in front of Yu Ao Tian, her remaining light flashes, vaguely when she is looking at the person’s face who chatting with Yu Ao Tian, at that moment…

A diamond earring shine!

At this moment, that face is not more than any familiar turned to look at her…


At this moment it feels the air freeze, two of them are looking eyes to eyes, at sudden Yao Yao’s feet stopped, as if her feet is nailed to the ground cannot move and staring in front of Feng Chen Yi!

Long time before she ever thought, there would be a day Feng Chen Yi will find out with whom she is; she also ever doubted before, when he sees who is the man standing beside her how would he reacted, while what kind of feeling she would have?

After all, Yu Ao Tian and Feng Chen Yi is business partner, meeting is something avoidable. This lies only can keep at least for moment.

Although, she is naively hoping Feng Chen Yi will never found out. But this is too unrealistic, isn’t it?

But today, the premonition scenery has broken out, and the outbreak is too fast, so sudden, she really does not know how to face and withstand.


Perhaps, this scenery… is… Yu Ao Tian has arranged it before, hasn’t him?

‘This Sunday will be company Annual meeting, you go with me!’

‘Ah? I, I won’t go.’

‘Must go!’

‘Now you are so beautiful, if I mess up… it would be too pity.’

‘Hahahahaha, wasn’t this strawberry planting by CEO Yu just now? did he want to announce to world this person has already had the owner? Just expected he is such domineering man.’

At sudden her mind is flown those sceneries regarding to Yu Ao Tian who was inviting her to join this year annual meeting.

She really not understood, Berson group is having annual meeting why must call her coming, she isn’t his girlfriend, she also does not have any right to show up even as couple.

But now, at least she understood the purpose Yu Ao Tian!

Actually when did he plan to scheme her? Since the moment both of them reconciled so he is starting to plan everything?

If suddenly calling her to participate in the annual meeting, wouldn’t it be too obvious? So that, he must foreshadowing one week before, making as if she doesn’t mind at all, creating false impression about him, when the time is arrived, killing her by borrowing a knife, it won’t be too late? Right?

How can Yu Ao Tian like this? His shrewdness how could be so deep?

Is it anger, or is it a pain caused by making fun, or perhaps because Feng Chen Yi has already found out who is the man with her, the nervous feeling being found out, she really does not know anymore, she just know, her mind is blank, the music and people chatting voice is slowly becoming quiet.


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 227 A

  1. Aiyo..y YY worried FCY find her relationships with YAT instead of living in secret all the times. She frequently commented that YAT have lots of secrets yet she just as bad.

    I for one am glad now it out in the open no more worrying either find out about one another.

    Thanking Azurro for the translation. I hope u had a wonderful weekend. 😀

    1. Really? Yes she acknowledges YAT has lots of secrets but she’s never been super determined or insistent on learning them expect the ones that are about herself.

  2. Thank you…..the secret is now out and we just have to wait to understand why YAT is doing so…
    I cannot guess his reason.

  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    But man the way this scene was introduced really was abrupt. Which kind of makes you understand how YY feels at this moment

  4. does YAT has a bad intention by doing this? does he want to hurt YY? or for different reason? i am hoping that at the end he is doing it for YY.. 😦

    Thank you Azurro! 🙂

  5. Oh my what a shocking intro for YY and FCY. YAT intentionally introduced / reveled YY as his girlfriend to FCY, knowing FCY is still hang ups with YY… GXM is working hard to have inter action with HLS, hoping she able melt his heart soon. Azurro I’m grateful for your hard work. Have a nice evening. Looking forward to the next update.

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