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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 227 B

Chapter 227

Part 2 (Two)

Cannot, cannot lost control in this situation, otherwise she is getting into Yu Ao Tian trap!

Dark eyes flashed, she is coldly looking at Feng Chen Yi who stands in front of her, please don’t get into trap! Feng Chen Yi, begging you not to speak anything, or else both of us will be laughing stock for Yu Ao Tian!

“Bao Bei, come here.” Yu Ao Tian speaks devilish.

Yao Yao is hurried to hide her eyesight toward Feng Chen Yi, lifting her gloomy facial expression and walking toward Yu Ao Tian beside.

On the process, Feng chen Yi eyes are stopped at Yao Yao, until the moment when Yu Ao Tian’s hand is flung at Yao Yao’s shoulder, he finally can be certain!

That man who is standing beside Yao Yao for this time is who!

‘General Manager Feng, the detective has investigated, but the man has very strong anti reconnaissance capability, moreover he has many bodyguards who following him so it is so difficult to photo his face.’

‘Chen Yi, the thing that I promised you yesterday… I wanted to change my plan!’

‘CEO Yu, if you thought that I could not do this thing properly you can do it by yourself. But, this kind of thing, borrowing other knife to kill, why won’t you happy about it?’

‘Chen Yi, I realized that I am longing to be best friend with you.’

‘Haha, thank you to CEO Yu acknowledge. It seems this time must add your part together properly to ‘greet’ Xia Yu.’

‘Chen Yi, those few men aren’t my men. If there is not mistaken perhaps we are sharing same purpose. I know you are never touched something about underworld. Those people in my hands are better than in yours, at least… I can give you satisfying result!’

There are lot of coincides, lots of meet by chance, he wanted to play Xia Yu, Yu Ao Tian also targeting Xia Yu; he wanted to kill Ming Hui and his fellows, Yu Ao Tian also took an initiative to lend hand.

So everything has reason, all because both of them are falling for same girl?

Interesting! This is really interesting!

During that time Feng Chen Yi ever thought if the man who stand beside Yao Yao is someone weaker than him, the result must be not satisfied him, since the person is Yu Ao Tian, this game will give one’s strangely feeling excited!

“Chen Yi, come, let me introduce to you, this is…my girl friend, Luo Yao Yao.”

Girlfriend? Yao Yao is creased her forehead, she takes a peek to Yu Ao Tian expression, his smiles is more than fake, but she still wants to thank him, at least he still gives her face in front of  Feng Chen Yi.

“CEO Yu…girlfriend?”

Listened to Feng Chen Yi, hurries she looks at his face. His frosty expression with subtle smiles, his eyes are sharp.

“Something matter?” Seeing Feng Chen Yi for quite long not speak anything, Yu Ao Tian’s mouth is curved upward.

“Nothing, feeling Miss Luo is especially beautiful.” He is smiling elegantly.

Yao Yao lets out her heave a sigh, hehe, how could she forget, two years ago she has witness Feng Chen Yi capability, after experienced two years training in business world, believe Feng Chen Yi capability must be higher than before, must be higher, so that have the way to deal with the changes, isn’t him?

“Bao Bei, General Manager Feng is praising you, faster thanks General Manager Feng.” Yu Ao Tian is ambiguously smiles, whispering in her ear.

She is curling her hand into fist, if not because in this kind of venue, she really wanted to shout out loud at Yu Ao Tian, does he need to do this thing to this extreme?

“Hehe, Thank you General Manager Feng.”

Feng Chen Yi once again smiles elegantly; his cold eyes are slowly looked at Yu Ao Tian: “CEO Yu, I want to greet CEO Li, I take my leave first.”


Eyes follow Feng Chen Yi who is gradually leaving. Yao Yao who restrain her emotion finally release: “Yu Ao Tian, do you need to do thing on this way?”

“Bao Bei, what are you talking about?”

Still pretending? Yu Ao Tian are you still pretending? Doesn’t he feel he is too fake!


14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 227 B

  1. Thank you Azzuro. This time I feel like YAT playing so childish haha.. he looks like naughty teenage boy who got jealous over his love rival lol

  2. thank you Azzuro!

    I feel like YAT playing so childish this time hahaha.. he looks like teenage boy who got jealous over his love rival lol

  3. Thanks. Amazing FCY is able to behave himself in the situation. Wonder how YAT and FCY will progress over YY.

  4. Thanks for the update! It’s seems like it will be crazy from here on out as the two male lead battle it out for YY.

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