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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 227 C

Chapter 227

Part 3 (Three)

“CEO Yu, congratulation, the annual meeting is success, in China business other than Berson Group perhaps only Feng Group which can be a par to held this grand annual meeting.” This time another honour guest is coming.

“Bao Bei, you are not allowed to leave. Find one place wait for me. I will go to accompany you immediately.” He is whispering at Yao Yao’s ear, he smiles and has talked with them.

Yao Yao is slowly walking to one of the corner, her face is extremely bad!

“Ugh, how can you in here? Does Chen Yi bring you here?”

After listen to this voice, Yao Yao quickly lifts her head; her eyes are spotted at a man who has bright red hair colour. Is he… Ou Yang Zi Xuan?

Hurried she suppressed her anxious, she is forcing herself to smile: “Haha, I was Berson Group employee before, so that I participating this year annual meeting.”

“Oh, have you met Chen Yi?”

I have seen him, but… still in that very awkward situation. “En..”

“Where is he? I have looking for him for such long time.”

Eyes are sweeping for the entire venue filled with packed people, it really not easy to look for one person but Feng Chen Yi is someone outstanding, and people would recognise him at one glance. “That.” Yao Yao’s finger is pointed to somewhere not far.

“Ou Yang Zi Xuan swept at one glance: “Oh, Well, I go to see him first.”


Her eyes are looking at Ou Yang Zi Xuan’s back, when he has arrived at Feng Chen Yi beside, he is pointing at Yao Yao direction.

As seen, Yao Yao is hurried lower her head, she is afraid to meet Feng Chen Yi’s eyes.

Not long after that, Feng Chen Yi is bringing Ou Yang Zi Xuan out from the banquet venue.

“Follow me.” At sudden Yu Ao Tian is walking in front of her, immediately he is holding her hand and heading out from the banquet venue too.

Walking to the secluded corridor, occasionally there will few waiters passing by, Yao Yao is lowering her head; make a fist from her hand.

“Bao Bei, meeting with your ex-lover, is it worth to let your mood down for this long?” pair of his hands are inserted at his pocket; he is smiling deviously asked her.

“Yu Ao Tian, today in here all are your employees, I don’t want to argue with you in here!”

“Since you know it, you mustn’t show that half life half death expression!” After said, his hand at sudden pinched her chin.

“Uh.” The pain is tingling, she could feel the hand that pinched her chin is showing vein.

At this moment, two figures from the other side of corridor is entered Yu Ao Tian’s eyes, his mouth is curved upward, smiles sinister, at another second, he is forcing his lips to kiss her lips…

“I… do I mistaken something? The person… who is kissing with Big Boss Yu, the girl is… is she…your Ex-girlfriend?” the person who is standing at the corridor while smoking is Ou Yang Zi Xuan who glared with big eyes, at the other moment he is looking at Feng Chen Yi who is at his in front.

At the moment when he sees Feng Chen Yi anger face, he can’t help himself but gasped, “Chen… Chen Yi, won’t…the man that you are looking for this time…he is Big Boss Yu, right?”

Feng Chen Yi is curled his hand tightly into fist, with cold eyes, he keeps on looking at those figure which are not far from his place.

He thought at this time, he could control himself very well like before; he thought when he found out the person is strong opponent, he could play slowly. But when he witness by himself seeing Yu Ao Tian kissed Yao Yao that moment, his heart seems being suppressed, so suffocated so unbearable.

Bring up his pace…

When Ou Yang Zi Xuan sensed something odd beside him, hurried he stopped him: “Chen Yi, what do you want to do?”

“You say?”

“You calm down! Huh! Come!” Ou Yan Zi Xuan dumped his smoke which in his hand, using all his strength and his body to block Feng Chen Yi, disappearing from the corridor: “You must know, Luo Yao Yao is your Ex-girlfriend, Big Boss Yu is her current boyfriend, if you are rushing by this way, with what status you want to separate both of them? Moreover, your current relationship with Big Boss Yu is business partner, if in this time both of you fight, the person who sees you as laughing stock will be your big brother! Don’t get trick by it.”

“Chen Yi, I understand, until now you are still have feeling for your Ex-girlfriend, if you are really can’t let her go, you can go slower, at least let Yu Ao Tian to settle your big brother first, you may still have time, there is no need to be such rush, fight with Big Boss Yu now, you say?”

Although Ou Yang Zi Xuan most of time looks so sloppy, but everything about Feng Chen Yi he always puts his heart, very considerate, whatever he said because to consider overall situation. After all, Feng Chen Rui wanted to wish for Feng Chen Yi death, having Yu Ao Tian, it can guarantee to discard Feng Chen Rui, once Feng and Yu fights, the last man who stands must be Feng Chen Rui.

“Chen Yi, how about, we leave first. Eyes not see heart won’t irritate, you say?”

“Why must we leave?” Feng Chen Yi regained himself, coldly laugh: “What to say we still need to wait until the banquet end and we leave, this is politeness; don’t you think so?”

Ou Yang Zi Xuan dumbstruck, feeling… Feng Chen Yi is planning something; it gives kind of frightening feeling.


14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 227 C

  1. Thanks for the update. Glad OYZ managed to talk some sense into FCY. FCY & YAT will lose if they battle. YAT is crafty. Kissing YY when he know FCY is around to witness.

  2. I know in war and love everything is allowed but FCY doesn’t have any rights to interfere with their relationship. Even if he loves YY more he is now a part of her past. Maybe I am too much of a YAT fan and I am not very open minded … But I believe YAT and LYY can change each other.

      1. I totally agree with u too. YAT maybe a lot of things but in his own way he taught YY a lot of things n how to protect herself as well as protecting her. When FCY tend to do a lot of underhanded things to YY which upset her very much.

        YAT just don’t be bothered to explain himself to YY whereas, FCY lied to get what he wants n put YY in an awkward position for example, FCY told YY’s mom n granddad he is YY’s bf n he was the one who helped paid for his medical bills.

        Come down to the end I don’t like FCY.

  3. Thankiee..
    YAT need to be calm and stop doing immature things tbh. YY already his though.. everything he did over his jealousy just make him looks so uncool lol

  4. Perhaps I biased that I hate YAT but it never amazed me that YAT always find a way to deliberately humiliate YY in the worst way. But then again, that’s his personality – cruel & demented to the core. I feel bad for FCY that he didn’t get the girl. I think he deserves a better one. YY couldn’t forgive FCY for his one mistake but she can over looked all the cruel & demeaning ways YAT treat her.

    1. Just same with me, I might be biased about Yu Ao Tian.
      Yu Ao Tian indeed bad guy, but that isn’t his real nature, environment forced him to be who he is today. Long Ye and others his friends know it very well so they never questioned whatever he did or what he has decided.
      I don’t think Feng Chen Yi deserves any better and I just agreed with Yao Yao who cut all her ties after Feng Chen Yi cheating. Actually, Feng Chen Yi wasn’t only cheat her once but he had done it many times only got caught red-handed by Yao Yao once when he slept with Li Ruo Ting.
      Also I agreed with Yao Yao point of view about ‘repetitive’ action. Someone ever told me, there are three things that man will do in repetitive way : Women (prostitution / cheating), Smoking and gamble.
      I won’t say Yao Yao overlooked Yu Ao Tian bad treatment but she might look Yu Ao Tian more objective while with Feng Chen Yi, she views him very subjective, perhaps because she has feeling with Feng Chen Yi while she has no feeling with Yu Ao Tian.

      1. Good point, up until now YY didn’t really love YAT so really she was very indifferent to his good points and bad points while with Chen Yi she really loved so really felt affected by his actions

      2. Sorry for double commenting. YY may not have feelings for YAT but that is the past because YY began to find n see the good things in YAT. YY always thought YAT is a bad man with his cruelty n mood swing. But YY can c y YAT being YAT because he has a lot on his plate as well as being underground emperor.

        YAT maybe a lot of things but he treat his ppl n friends very well n with respect especially, Long brothers, HLS n MXT.

  5. Honestly, who say women have to have men to be great? lol
    If it wasn’t a story, she could do better than these two, she’s smart lady….
    I am neutral,… actually I am on Yao Yao team. 😉👍

  6. *sigh*What a close, FCY is very close to reacting rationally but thanks to OXY who was present at the time. FCY should just accept the fact that he has lost YY forever bcz if I’m YY also it will be difficult for me to go back to him. There is an African adage that says once beaten twice shy. Although i wish he found happiness but I’m very sure it does not include YY. Thanks Azurro for this update.

  7. I want to believe YAT does all this immature things because he loves YY not because of his pride or ego. I find it kind of funny sometimes .

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