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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 227 D

Chapter 227

Part 4 (Four)

Returned to the banquet hall, the venue has turned music for dancing.

“General Manager Feng, I am Berson Group Marketing Manager, I have heard you big name, doesn’t know whether I have honour to dance with you?” one beautiful woman is standing in front of Feng Chen Yi with smiles.

He politely smiles, coldly said: “I am sorry, I have dance partner already.”

“Oh, it is so regretful.”

“General Manager Feng, I want to have dance with you, can I…”

“I am sorry, I have dance partner already.”

Facing with one by one the beautiful women in front of him, there is daughter of the politician, famous star, well-know business woman, he answered coldly toward them one by one, while Ou Yang Zi Xuan who is standing beside him, little bit envious, jealous and hatred.

Actually, Ou Yang Zi Xuan is quite handsome man, but unfortunately he and Feng Chen Yi are best friends, naturally he will let his best brother to get the limelight!

Feng Chen Yi frozen eyes are looking coldly at the big hall entrance. When he spotted Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao return, his mouth twitched, hurried he faster his footsteps into the entrance: “CEO Yu.”

“En? Chen Yi, what’s matter?” Yu Ao Tian stopped his footstep.

Yao Yao is lowering her head, purposely avoiding Feng Chen Yi who keeps moving forward.

At sudden he stretch out his hand, hold to Yao Yao’s arms, with smiling face looking at Yu Ao Tian: “Does not know whether I can dance with your girlfriend?”

“Haha, this you must ask my girlfriend, and not…asking me!”

‘thump’ (nervous)

One huge problem is thrown in front of Yao Yao, must she refuse, but her in front is bossy Feng Chen Yi, if today she refuses him, she does not know what trouble will she arouse in the future, she really does not dare to think about it; but facing the strong Yu Ao Tian, how must she give an answer, what big problem is waiting for her when she goes home, she does not dare to think of it. What to do?

When Yao Yao is in dilemma, suddenly Feng Chen Yi solved her problem: “Haha, As long as CEO Yu, you not mind, it is okay!” After said, he is forcibly bringing Yao Yao to the dance floor.

Being surrounded by beautiful music, Feng Chen Yi is elegantly grabbing Yao Yao’s waist, coldly said: “Didn’t I have teach you how to dance? Have you forgotten?”

How could she forget, long time ago, when she stills together with Feng Chen Yi, both of them were participating many venues, for convenience, Feng Chen Yi was teaching Yao Yao lots of high society etiquette as well dancing in the ballroom.

She in difficulty glancing at Yu Ao Tian who is not far away, slowly puts her hands in Feng Chen Yi’s shoulders, expressionless dancing according to the music.

Under the spotlight, Feng Chen Yi can see her charming face: “Yao Yao, today you are especially beautiful, I almost can’t recognise you.” He shows his charming smiles, he speaks vaguely, whispering in her ears.

“My Beloved, 2 years you with me, you never put makeup, how? After follows Yu Ao Tian, are you understand to beautify yourself and make him happy?”

His intoxicating voice somewhat is piercing into Yao Yao’s ear, she bites her lips, many times she tries to avoid his whisper.

“Now in front of your current boyfriend and your Ex-boyfriend dancing together how is your feeling? Does it exhilarate for you, en?”

“Feng Chen Yi!”

“Sst. My beloved, your current boyfriend is watching at us, you guess, will he think us ** in here? Or are we talking about our past?” Feng Chen Yi expression is so ambiguous; it is so rare to see Feng Chen Yi smiles so charming in public.

Yao Yao understands, he is intentionally to provoke Yu Ao Tian, but… at last the person who will be suffer will be her!

“Feng Chen Yi, you enough, what will you gets by doing this?”

“Of Course I have. As your Ex-boyfriend, of course I want to see how deep your feeling with your current boyfriend.” After said, he is intentionally hugging Yao Yao’s waist tightly, that cold eyes are spotting the red mark in her neck…




13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 227 D

  1. Aish… YAT and FCY are playing boxing with a sandbag, the sandbag is Yao Yao. 😭😭😭
    Thank you for the chapter. She’s coming out bruise either way with these guys.

  2. Thanks for the update. FCY totally defeated by the hickey on YY’s neck. YAT is long sighted to plan this move. Infuriating FCY.

  3. Thanks for the update! Poor YY. Hope she does not suffer since I’m sure YAT probably predict that this will happen.

  4. FCY cunningness compare to YAT, FCY you are still a wet whelp. FCY plan anything where YY is concern based on what he can see whereas YAT plan on what he know of ppl, circumstances n foresee the future. YAT not only act on what will happen but definitely will happen to the YAT wants it.

    FCY learnt to be cunning n survives within your family whereas, YAT survives within the life n death environment of gangsters. Beside YAT have an IQ above 200+

  5. Who provokes who, YAT or FCY?. But, we all know that YAT is always ahead of the game. I hope nothing bad will happen to YY after the party is over. Looking forward for the next. Thanks again and have a blessed day.

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