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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 227 E

Chapter 227

Part 5 (Five)

“Hey, who is the girl that dance with General Maanger Feng, does she his girlfriend?” outside the dance floor, everyone is shocked looking at Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao dancing along the music.

“Absolutely is, General Manager Feng is well-known for his cold character, but you guys see when he is dancing with that little girl, he is smiling so charming.”

“No matter what to say, that little girl is looked perfectly match with General Manager Feng. She is so beautiful.”

“That’s right.”

At this moment, everyone eyes are focused to Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao alike pair of prince and princess. Perhaps if replaced by Yu Ao Tian, those people might think her as his little sister, or perhaps someone who being supported, that kind of relationship.

Actually these two men if compare from their outlook, must be an equal (no distinction), no matter their height and their appearance, both of them are dominating the mature and also steady temperament.

The important point, Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao have 9 years age gap, his height is 192 cm; Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao have 3 years age gap, his height is 187 cm.

Although aside the main factors, forget the age, height, everyone will still think Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao as couple.

There is no reason, only a feeling.

Perhaps, this should be same alike what Yao Yao’ mother said, Feng Chen Yi has bright pair of eyes while Yu Ao Tian has pair of deep eyes which bottomless, at one glance could guess that he is someone who has many stories with him, he is so complicated, he is really someone that could not stay side by side with Yao Yao, moreover he is not suitable for Yao Yao. Although both of them are publicity their relationship as lover (couple lover , boyfriend and girlfriend), naturally, people will think she is a girl who supported by Yu Ao Tian.

“What circumstance is it, Ao Tian. As what I know, Feng Chen Yi is rare to dance in public, what is going on today?” One of Long Ye’s hand is holding a glass of red wine, his head is tiled at Yu Ao Tian’s side.

He is coldly looking at Long Ye, while his eyes are slowly looking at two figures that dancing in dance floor: “That little thing is Feng Chen Yi’s ex-girlfriend!”

“Huk” subconsciously Long Ye’s mouth spitting out the wine, afraid of his gaffe being seen by others, he quickly takes his handkerchief and wipe dry his mouth: “Are… are you sure? Xiao Meng Li… Xiao Meng Li is….” this is big trouble! This time really troublesome!

Last time when meeting Feng Chen Yi, Long Ye would not sense anything, Feng Chen Yi cares so much with his Ex-girlfriend; while in Yu Ao Tian’s side it seems he and Xiao Meng Li has tied. No need to ask, these two men no one of them will give up, this is really interesting.

Just at this time, the dance hasn’t ended, as seen Feng Chen Yi’s face darken, pulling Yao Yao’s hand inside the venue.

Yu Ao Tian sees, frowned; he also wanted to rush there.

Long Ye pulled Yu Ao Tian’s arm: “Ao Tian, you calm down. Just to know, you and Feng Chen Yi relationship are business partner, don’t because this simple matter ruins the overall plan.”

“Rest assured, I know what to do.” After said, he quickens his pace out from the venue.

Long Ye still can’t be rest assured, helplessly he puts down his glass of red wine and following at Yu Ao Tian back; at other side, Ou Yang Zi Xuan could see Feng Chen Yi almost lost control, hurried go there.

At the beginning the banquet is lively, after Feng Chen Yi, Yu Ao Tian also left the venue, unintentional it puzzled the guests with undoubtedly eyesight. But none of them could able to guess, today these two businessmen who are most anticipated and as pride by people because of one woman both of them are losing control of themselves…


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 227 E

  1. I just wish the two guys consider YY’s feeling. Thanks Azurro your hardwork and commitment is highly appreciated

  2. I hope YAT and FCY will be civilized to each other, this is not the right place for them to fight for YY affection. FCY should respect YY and YAT relationship and moved on. Thanks Azurro for updates and looking forward for the next. Have a blessed day.

    1. Or YAT should just give up YY and let her go. Between the two?
      , it’s obvious that FCY loves YY much more, whereas YY is more like an interesting toy to YAT.

      1. Both of Feng Chen Yi and Yu Ao Tian love / Like Yao Yao but in very different way.

        Yao Yao is a hostile for Yu Ao Tian and she will be his until he found out the secret behind her scar and also Luo Tian Ming’s secret.

  3. Oh if your Ao Tian suffers for being so bad with Yao Yao. Now as you see that her ex boyfriend is no small thing is that you pay more attention! I hope Chen Yi makes you suffer for bad, and I hope that Chen Yi will at some point find love with someone other than Yao Yao

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