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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 228 A

I know some of you are waiting so long for Gong Xiao Man and also Han Li Shang. I think this part can lit up our mood better compare to Yao Yao – Yu Ao Tian – Feng Chen Yi, which is so devastating relationship.

Chapter 228

Part 1 (One)

Other side…

Inside the hotel room, Gong Xiao Man is smiling sweetly when lying on the bed, she is recalled the scenery when Han Li Shang brought her to the hotel room.

‘Vice CEO Han, Hello.’

‘Immediately give me one room.’

‘Ugh… sorry, Vice CEO Han, all VIP rooms of our hotel had already booked, now we only left an ordinary room.’

‘Whatever, quickly!’


‘Other, hurry ask someone to bring ice water.’

‘Yes, Vice CEO Han.’

Inside Gong Xiao Man’s heart, Han Li Shang is someone who cold and almighty, but just now when he talked with the hotel’s staff, his speaking tone was sounding in such panic, she could assume Han Li Shang acting that way because of her wounds, so that he could show that kind of nervous?

Of course, when Han Li Shang hugged her along the way to the hotel room, she is actually enjoying the experienced being envy, jealous and hatred by others, this feeling.

Aiya, Aiya, now the person she wanted to meet actually Li Ruo Ting, she wanted to thank that cheap* person because splashing warm water to her body.
* (贱 Jian can mean cheap, lowly, despicable or even slut)

“Come, this towel I have soaked in ice water.”

 Seeing Han Li Shang out from the bathroom by bringing the cold towel, immediately Gong Xiao Man showing her painful expression: “Aiyo, so hurt, really hurt, Big Uncle, you say will it leave a scar? Hu, how will I face other people in the future later?”

“It just sprinkled by warm water won’t leave any scar.” Said Han Li Shang sitting at the bed side, one of his hand is covered the ice towel to her wounds.

Geez! Damn big uncle just expectedly really good in ruing atmosphere, she thought, he would act alike Feng Chen Yi when Yao Yao being paw by kitten saying… ‘Rest assured, if there left scar, if no one wants you, I will marry you.’

That time when Gong Xiao Man listened to Yao Yao narrated, actually she was so envious her for long time.

It is so obviously Feng Chen Yi is cold person, while this big uncle also someone who is cold person, but how could both of them have such big differences?


During that time, did Feng Chen Yi have fallen for Yao Yao?

If it was the case, it seems Feng Chen Yi has loved Yao Yao for such long time, after all that time when Yao Yao got paw by kitten she was only 13 years old.

“Well, big uncle, if I really have scar, no one wants me, will you want me?” Gong Xiao Man is seriously looked at Han Li Shang, her eyes are filled with expectation.

He is coldly lifting his head: “If really there is no one wants you, I will responsible to look boyfriend for you.”

“Cut it off, you are so bad at coaxing girl? You even can’t speak lie?” Gong Xiao Man feels lost and furrowed, not happy tsk her mouth.

Does she really need Han Li Shang to introduce her a boyfriend? Though her arm will leave scar, there still a person wants her. She is Gong Xiao Man who won’t go to that stage which no one wants her.”

“Little girl, I never said something sweet alike honey before, moreover, inside my heart I always thought you as my little sister, so that there is no need to coax you.”

After listened to Han Li Shang spoke without any emotion, Gong Xiao Man creased her forehead, quickly she glared at him: “What do you mean by saying this? Do you want to tell me, there is no possibility between us? Or what?”

“You know by yourself is more than enough!”

“Ha, my heart knows very well is enough? Big uncle, you don’t tell me, you especially brought me to here only to tell me this thing!”

After heard the question from Gong Xiao Man, Han Li Shang sink into silent.

At that time, Gong Xiao Man feels her heart as if pierce by something, it pains, she thought, perhaps this big uncle might have feeling toward her even little bit, at least he still showing panic expression when seeing her gets hurt, but now it seems, he just looking for right opportunity to let her know, between them are impossible?


11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 228 A

  1. Thank you for the chapter, can’t wait for more.
    I have been reading your blog for a long time now but this is the 1st time commenting on it.

  2. Thank u Azurro for another translation. I won’t b able to read more until I get home in another 24hrs. Flying into Melb from M’sia stop over at Brunei for nearly 8hrs.

    HLS surely know how to throw cold water on2 GXM.

  3. HLS actions to help GXM is commendable. The more GXM shows her interest in LHS eventually his heart will melt. Thanks Azurro for hard work and great job. Have a blessed evening.

  4. I really want read this novel in Vietnamese but no one translate it. I can only read in English. Thank you very much ^^ I’ll keep waiting for new chapter

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