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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 228 B

Chapter 228

Part 2 (Two)

“Han Li Shang! If you thought I am too young and bring off age as reason, well, I can prove to you, I am not little girl anymore, I am woman!” said Gong Xiao Man stands up; she doesn’t care about her wounds, immediately she undressed herself.

When she is half undressing herself, at sudden Han Li Shang stands up… “Enough!” his face is freezes pair of his hand is stopped her and pressed her down to bed. “There is no use to prove something like this toward me? Are you such cheap?”


He MF thought that she really acts like this to every man? He MF really thought that Gong Xiao Man such slutty?

Most of people said, woman pursuing man is alike layer of yarn (easy), but now for Gong Xiao Man female pursuing male isn’t such easy? Perhaps, because facing this big uncle, facing this person who won’t burn with passion flame of human world, this man will be this difficult?

There is losing in her eyes when looking at Han Li Shang pair of cold eyes, ha, lot of people say men are kind of creature who think with their lower part? How could when she is approaching Han Li Shang in half naked, but she doesn’t see anything except cold pair of his eyes? Why doesn’t she see that ** in his eyes, does she not have any charm? Or this man’s heart doesn’t even moved by her, tempted by her?

“Hey, Big Uncle, you really think I like you? I just want to prove to you that I am not a little girl, that’s all. Remember, don’t be so easy to take age as excuse, in my eyes you are a man. I hope you to see me in your eyes as a woman because I am a woman and not so whatever little girl!” Gong Xiao Man spoke coldly, her eyes sweeping and measure him: “Do you think this position pressing me is okay? People who don’t know will think you want to rape me!”

Han Li Shang also realized pressing her in this way quite odd, hurried he takes away his hand that pressed Gong Xiao Man’s hand, slowly he sits in the bedside.

“Dressed yourself first.”

  “S….” suddenly Gong Xiao Man gasped.

Han Li Shang turned his back: “Are you okay?”

“What okay, just now you are pressing at my wounds.”

He is helplessly frowning, slowly raises her wrist looked at the wounds in her arm. Suddenly he feels something off, his eyes are glancing at her body which only wear bra: “Dressed first.” His speaking tone is gradually softer.

“You hold my hand, how can I dress.”

Helplessly, Han Li Shang loosens up her hand, looking at the time…


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 228 B

  1. Thank you for the update nd lol HLS prob doesn’t know what to so with her😂 keep at it GXM nd u will get him

  2. GXM ganbate !! Man HLS really is very hard to approach. I hope GXM doesn’t give up . I really really like this couple . Even more than LYY and YAT because HLS is more “clean” when it comes to women and that makes him better .

  3. Actually I more love these couple, than YAT&LYY. Hopefully HLS&GXM will get a lot chapter to develop their relationship😊😊😊

  4. Excuses me, Did the end of this novel have a happy ending ? I hear that LYY has twin. But, who is their father ? YAT or FCY ? Please answer my question. I don’t understand Chinese and I just want to know the ending. Hix hix

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