Sociolla, My Shopping Experience



Hi guys 🙂

Still remembered my post about introducing Sociolla last time?

Well, today I will share my experience shopping in Sociolla website.

The website itself quite satisfying, the customer service not bad. I have placed my order at 15 March and my stuffs arrived at 18 March.

Things that I dislike…

Perhaps they should upgrade their system because it so not efficient to send an e-mail to sociolla, letting them to know that I have made the payment. confirm back to them manually. the confirmation need to be waited for 1×24 hours before my order could be processed.


I have ordered 2 items, Wardah body cream and Cottage shower scrub, total of both item were less than IDR50,000 plus free shipping.

The packaging was quite beautiful, at least they gave me a small box which made the items had exclusive feeling though the product were such ordinary.

This is the product which I purchased
This is the product which I purchased

After purchasing…

I tried to post my review about the products which I purchased but until today the moderator isn’t approved it. I don’t know why but my review was extremely far from the others reviews posted at their web. Such as, ‘this product is the best one’, ‘this is good product.’ , so on. XD XD XD

I will put the products review soon ^-^



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