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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 110

Chapter 110


Still continuing doing the same actions over a few days, Long Mo Er walks inside the small room to serve (food) dishes.

Bai Chen Yin is silently sitting in front of the dining table, blankly staring.  Wearing that silver mask, his expression is staring far away however not losing the connection (with the current situation). It is easy for Long Mo Er to sense something odd as normally he wouldn’t act this way.  She’s never seen him so easily preoccupied.

Is it because of the wounds in his body, or other things? She’s always curious about his face inside that silver mask, why actually must he wear this mask? Does he look ugly or is his appearance ruined?

He is someone mysterious!

His appearance is coincidence and at the same time so enigmatic! The first time her mind was really interested with his background, all because of his medical skill. Although he said everyone knows the way he saves lives, she still really admires him. Because she does not know anything she wants to learn! The path she must walk is long!

And then when she sees that beautiful silver mask that he wears, she feels a little bit more curious about him! She never thought when praying at the temple that she would coincidentally encounter him again. By that time,he was so weak and she was so surprised with how he showed up. Actually when rushing to leave the lake, she really had forgotten him.  She thought that she would not encounter him anymore so things faded away in her memory. But they both encountered each other again.

Fate is something mysterious!

How mysterious he is? Truly she really wants to know, really wants to understand!

She had decided in her heart that he is the third mystery person in her life.

Of course the first person is Big Brother Leng.  With his impressive appearance, awesomely deciding to spend his entire life (with Big Sister), knowingly making promises, it makes Long Mo Er envious but also admires all of them. She only can smile sweetly when thinking about Big Sister and Big Brother Leng’s story. Both of them are so persistent and work hard for success.  Now it really makes one feel their happiness as well as be envious.

While of course, the second is a person who lets her heart ache.

Whenever she thinks about it, Long Mo Er eyes dim.

That time before they met, Ye Che was someone legendary, mysterious, able to raise above criticism.  That time when they met in the street, he was helping her.  That time, his domineering heartlessness, his changing mysteriousness, his gentleness, beautiful eyes…

Everything is so sweet and heartless.

There have been so many changes. Ye Che strangely is someone who lets her love but also not someone she dares to love!

Ignoring the hurt in her heart, Long Mo Er doesn’t want to keep thinking as the pain is so clear. Her gaze comes back to the present. The future is still a puzzle.  It’s bizarre that he showed up, bizarre to wear a mask, bizarre to have a body full of wounds and scars.  It’s more than enough that he is a legend, becoming her third amazing person.

It seems everyone has their own story, moreover all are so amazing and able to make others envious and also touched. What is the hidden story behind him? She is really expectant, expectant for him to tell it.

The mysterious and splendid story of everyone’s life, does she have this kind of story? Her status, her secret regarding the Ye family, her and Ye Che’s story, could all of this be told like the differences with the others? If yes then she still wants more marvellous tales, to become even more different than the three persons she’s encountered, become more exciting and also mystical. In this ways he will feel satisfied, satisfied enough to forget all the pain in her heart!



*] 迷 Mi : This single Chinese character has many meaning. such as:

  • be confused; lose one’s way; be fascinated by; indulge in; fan; enthusiast; a surname; fiend

This Chapter 迷 at least has two meaning ‘fascinated’ and ‘lose one’s way’




3 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 110

  1. When will Long Mo Er realize that people care for her, miss her, are searching for her? When will she realize she has not been forgotten? Will she stay and become a healer?

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