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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 228 C

Chapter 228

Part 3 (Three)

“It has already be so late, If you want to back to school then back to school, if you want stay here, just stay here, I take my leave first.”

Han Li Shang is going to leave, Gong Xiao Man unhappily rolled her eyes: “Big Uncle, can you have a common sense, do you know if burning wounds can cause fever at night, so you want to leave me without anyone to take care of me?”

“Later I will call Yao Yao to accompany you.”

“Yao Yao has Yao Yao own matter, since you are responsible about me, you must responsible to the end, how can you not have any responsible sense?”

Facing with this smooth-talker little girl, Han Li Shang really does not want to waste his saliva to argue with her, hurried he takes a chair and sits down: “You sleep, I accompany you in here! Can it?”

“Hihihi.” Gong Xiao Man is secretly laughing, people said that older man will be able to give sense of security, from Han Li Shang’s she could perfectly feel secure feeling. If the man is someone in tenth or early in twenties, little brat, they won’t care too much, perhaps has already left very early.

“Big Uncle, are sure to spend the night sitting in chair?”

“Do you think?” Han Li Shang impatiently spoke.

“The bed is such big, you can sleep at the other side. If you are afraid I will act unruly toward you, well, there is no big deal you just put few of pillows in our middle.”

“No need!”

“Hey, what do you mean, actually you want to come here or not, I am a woman does not fear to sleep with you, a man, what are you afraid of?” Gong Xiao Man hasn’t stopped to provoking.

What to say, Han Li Shang is a man in his thirties, how could he does not see the scheme that Gong Xiao Man sets? But man needs to have face, a little girl could say something out of limit, if he is declining her, it seems that he is like what she said.

Expressionless he lays down at the bed side, backing Gong Xiao Man.

Seeing his back, Gong Xiao Man stunned for moment and shows her satisfied expression, huh, what a pity little girl, she feels very happy only by the man gives her little bit taste of sweetness, it able to satisfy her, really poor.

Time, ‘ticking ticking’ passing by, Han Li Shang breathing is heavier, he could feel that he really felt asleep. Beautiful man is sleeping in her front but how could Gong Xiao Man not be able to sleep.

Damn, is this big uncle really a monk? Only little bit, how could he not have any thought even for a little bit? Although she does not own an empress beauty but she is also not ugly? How could he sleep this soundly?

Gong Xiao Man hates gritting her teeth, gently she sat up, arched, and carefully she stares at Han Li Shang sleeping face.

His curling eyelashes, his white skin, his strong neck, not too thick and thin lips, how can this big uncle such handsome?

It is not she never seen any handsome man before, Qi Lian Ao Yun, Feng Chen Yi, Long Qi and others, but only in Han Li Shang and Yu Ao Tian she could feel the masculine of maturity man which have strong charming aura.

Now days, there are many handsome men, but handsome men with masculine maturity charm are really rare to meet. It is kind of charming aura which not able to resist by little girl.

When she thought about it, Gong Xiao Man is gulping her saliva, gently she brushes her lips to his lips.


A faint smile of satisfaction, she is happily comes closer to Han Li Shang’s back, close pair of eyes, feeling not really satisfied, she opened wide her hand and hugging Han Li Shang’s waist, happily sleep and go to her dream world.

While at this moment…

At sudden Han Li Shang wide open his pair of eyes, his frozen eyes are gleaming slightly. He is slowly raises his hand and stroking his lips, “Tck” heave a sighed, he is helplessly stroking his head, just expected he really could not do anything toward this little girl!


10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 228 C

  1. OMG they are so cute😍😍 love how GXM took advantage of him 😂at the end what does HLS mean “he really couldn’t do anything to her”?

  2. Thank you very much Azurro.

    This is from one extreme to another. On the surface HLS is rejecting GXM no what but without realizing it himself, his heart is warming up to GXM. GXM is the willing party n HLS is slowly defeated unwilling party.

    YAT n YY is the complete opposite parties from HLS n GXM.

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