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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 228 D

Chapter 228

Part 4 (Four)

Feng Chen Yi with his expressionless face is dragging Yao Yao to the quiet sidelines.

When his footstep stopped, Yao Yao is pissed off swaying his hand to let her hand off: “Feng Chen Yi, what do you want?”

“It not like you never stayed at Japan, don’t you know Yu Ao Tian’s background?” obviously, Feng Chen Yi is provoked by the kiss mark in Yao Yao’s neck, finally he vent out his emotion.

“I know!”

“Well, do you know or not how many women Yu Ao Tian have?”

“I also know it!”

“Ha, didn’t you say, you want to find a man who only sincere to love you solely; does Yu Ao Tian is someone who can be yours only? Is he really loves you?”

“He…” Yu Ao Tian absolutely could not have her only, after her interaction with him for this time, she really witness Yu Ao Tian charm, he is destined not to be a man who belongs only to one woman. She more willingly to believe, Feng Chen Yi perhaps will only love one woman. “There is none of your business.”

“That’s right, none of my business. He is your boyfriend, either you are happy or hurt, only you who know it!”

Seeing how unstable Feng Chen Yi’s mood, actually Yao Yao is helpless, this stupid, he thought that she will be so hurt if Yu Ao Tian have many women? Why must she hurt? Anyway she does not have feeling for him. But this is also good too, as long as Feng Chen Yi thought she really loves Yu Ao Tian, everything is good.

But Yao Yao does not know, more she showing her loving expression toward Yu Ao Tian, more Feng Chen Yi won’t give up.

Love, this thing is such strange.

There is time, seeing the person we ever loved is happy, though we are hurt but still we will give up and giving them blessing; but there also a time when seeing the person we ever love sad, forever we won’t ever to give up, forever hatred want to snatch that person back to our side. Perhaps, this is called as love; always hate to admit to let the person we loved get the greatest happiness.

All are mingling in high society circle, Yu Ao Tian rumour isn’t something that Feng Chen Yi never heard before, so that, he never suspected Yao Yao’s boyfriend would be Yu Ao Tian; he also never suspicious, Yu Ao Tian would say Yao Yao as his girlfriend. After all, these two men are too out of place.

Now when the truth revealed, no matter the reason because they ever had relationship or not in the past, he won’t ever feel peace to hand over Yao Yao to man like Yu Ao Tian!

His cold eyes are looked at her neck; that kiss mark as if a knife which piercing into his eye balls. “Where is the necklace?”

“What necklace?”

“The necklace which I gave you!”

Yao Yao is dumfounded, her eyes are avoiding to left and right: “Throw, have thrown it!”

“Say it one more time!”

“Have thrown it!”

An instant Fen Chen Yi is fuming in rage, at sudden he grabbed Yao Yao’s neck for the necklace, using forced to take it off…

They knew each other when Yao Yao was 13 years old, every times she was lying at one glance Feng Chen Yi always found out, included this time! But damn it! He knew that she was lying, but when he heard she said “Thrown” this word, his heart still ache!


7 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 228 D

  1. Thanks for the update. FCY is upset that YY chose YAT as her bf. As if FCY is better. When they were together, he was unfaithful. How can he turn so righteous now?

  2. Thank you Azurro for another translated part.

    YAT n YY is already developing yo-yo relationship addition to that YY n FCY is another yo-yo that gets no where. I wonder when will YY gets over loser like FCY.

  3. It must be hard for FCY to accept that YY is with YAT,knowing that YY wants a boyfriend who can love her only. When YY told him that the necklace that he give her was thrown,it was a big blow and also, it means that YY had moved on. Thanks for the update. Have a blessed evening.

  4. FCY really love YY, I can feel it in the way he’s frustrated with YAT and YY relationship but he has lost the opportunity of winning YY heart Completely by allowing his body to rule him when he created on her. Thanks so much Azurro.

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