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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 229 B

Chapter 229

Part 2 (Two)

“Oh? That is.” Yu Ao Tian is smiling deviously, his deep eyes are suddenly showed gloomy gleam, one of his hand is pulling back Yao Yao from Feng Chen Yi’s to his embrace: “So you are the person from 2 years ago, when Yao Yao slept with me, said that you was the boyfriend who cheating.”

Yao Yao heart is tightened, her moist eyes cast with gloom, yes…two years ago! The matter about two years ago, no one really knew it well other then Yu Ao Tian, right?

“You! You slept with him two years ago?” Feng Chen Yi recalled the scenery when he met Yao Yao with man’s suit in school garden, that time she told him that she was looking for one night stand sex, he thought she was speaking because of anger, did… it real?

But another moment, his unstable mood calm down! “My beloved, not long time ago when you were sleeping with me you had said that nothing was happened between you and your boyfriend? Actually were you lying or CEO Yu is lying?”


What does Feng Chen Yi say? How could he say something mislead?

Yes! She had ever said to Feng Chen Yi that she and Yu Ao Tian never happened anything, but it has reason!

Her stiff body slowly shivering, she is nervously slowly glancing at Yu Ao Tian…

He is curled his hand into fist until showing his vein, his forehead veins also clearly seen, when Yu Ao Tian cold expression caught by Yao Yao’s eyes, she is helplessly inhale cold air.

This time Feng Chen Yi is too much, really too much!

When everyone has not ‘digest’ Feng Chen Yi’s word, something surprising is happened, his mouth is curved upward, his sexy lips suddenly kiss on Yao Yao’s lips.

This kiss, so superficial, but it enough to push a war to become white-hot.

“Hm, really give a familiar taste.” Feng Chen Yi sneered lick his lips, provocative, his eyes looking at Yu Ao Tian: “CEO Yu, you won’t be minding right? This is only etiquette kiss.”

Ou Yang Zi Xuan who is standing beside has already looked with dumbfounded expression, Feng Chen Yi really does mean to fight with Yu Ao tian, although… if these two persons really wants to start a war, who will win and lose it still hard to say.

“Don’t mind. Is it only etiquette kissed, right?” If not because Long Ye, perhaps the suffocating atmosphere might keep on continuing, these two men if they really want to make moves perhaps they are able to ruin half of China, he is faintly smiles, alike an arrow dash in front of Feng Chen Yi.

Without wait to his response, Long Ye has landed his lips to Feng Chen Yi’s lips.

“Ugh…” the atmosphere which looks alike battlefield filled with fire and smoke at sudden turned to be funny scenery because of Long Ye sudden movement.

Feng Chen Yi’s face is darkening: “General Manager Long, what are you doing?”

“Haha, General Manager Feng, I just want to give you an etiquette kiss, that’s all.” Said Long Ye is gently smiling.

Though, he really does not willing to kiss a man, but only by this way it could postponed the war…


13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 229 B

  1. OMG didnt see that coming :))))
    Poor little Yao Yao. She is always the one who has to suffer everything because of these men selfishness.

  2. I died. My god , Long Ye … I can’t:))). And , I really don’t like what FCY is doing right now . I hope YAT won’t punish YY too hard for this .

  3. Long Ye, u rock. FCY, I never like you from beginning. Right now I really don’t like u at all. You are more of a selfish man than YAT.

    Thank you Azurro for your hard work.

  4. Thanks for the chapter. LY is my new hero. What a way to diffuse the situation. FCY must be wanting to wash his mouth with antiseptic now. He he

  5. OMG, it’s funny, but at the same time it’s nerve racking situation . LY is the man who save the day. It could have been a war between YAT and FCY. Thanks a million Azurro have a blessed evening.

  6. OMG, it’s funny, but at the same time it’s nerve racking situation . LY is the man who save the day. It could have been a war between YAT and FCY. Thanks a million Azurro have a blessed evening.

  7. Argg… Disgusting but LY you are a star. What a timely intervention to delay the upcoming storm. It’s just that YY is always in the middle of the storm. Thanks Azurro

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