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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 229 C

Chapter 229

Part 3 (Three)

Standing and keep on silent, Yao Yao has been staring blank from the beginning, she does not understand anything? How thing turn to be this way? Why Feng Chen Yi kissed her in front of Yu Ao Tian?

She is pissed off biting hard her lips, tighten her fists, swaying away Yu Ao Tian’s hand which in her shoulder, she is quickly running away without looking back.

‘So you were the man from 2 years ago, letting Yao Yao to sleep with me, as heard that boyfriend was cheating.’

‘My Beloved, not long ago when you were sleeping with me you had told me that nothing was happened between you and your boyfriend? Actually who is lying, you or CEO Yu who is lying?’

How could they act this way? How could they speak without any consideration? How to make General Manager Long and Ou Yang Zi Xuan who are standing beside to look at her?

Is she one hundred percent slut? Or a slut who will sleep with anyone?

Both of them are selfish men, really and really selfish.

Tears are flowing wetting Yao Yao’s face, under the dark night sky, the petite figure seems to be weak.

Perhaps, in people eyes, they thought she might have happiness; there are two extra ordinary men who fight for her. But, whether the today Yu Ao Tian or Feng Chen Yi, both of them are only leave Yao Yao pain, unlimited pain.

Both of them are indeed never thought and try to put on her shoes, on contrary both of them are scarifying her in this kind of situation and dumped her.

She is so clearly, in that situation they are used her to be a bullet to shot each others. But, she is human, not a bullet, and also not a thing, there is no one who put themselves on her shoes, thinking about her even for moment!

Ha, hovering around in between two strong men, the feel really bad.

Facing with the heartless Yu Ao Tian, Yao Yao really does not have any expectation, anyway both of them don’t have any feeling for each other; while facing with Feng Chen Yi who she ever loved, she really wanted to know, both of them had already broke up, he also doesn’t have any responsible to think about her.

Only by this, it feels better. Anyone doesn’t need to owe at anyone, no need to considering for feeling and getting along. And then, persevere for three years, after three years; she could free herself from this heartless game. Doing whatever she likes…

Inside the apartment.

 (key, opening door sound)

The door is opened, when Yao Yao arrived half hour later, Yu Ao Tian has back.

Her eyes are staring, coldly swept at him, bitterly gritting her teeth: “Today result, are you satisfied?”

“En?” Yu Ao Tian face is darkened; didn’t he hear mistaken? After all this little thing is asking him with this kind of tone?

“Ha, little thing, do you know what are you talking?” the key in his hand is thrown to the floor, the sound is piercing ears.

Yao Yao is angry, stand up: “Yu Ao Tian, you dare to say, these days you are treating me very well, aren’t you waiting for today—this scenery? Since you had known my relationship with Feng Chen Yi, why did you arrange this kind of coincides of meeting, do you want me to look bad?” she said coldly: “Ha, now finally I understood what did Qi Lian sunbae meant, unexpectedly whatever he said wasn’t wrong, you, Yu Ao Tian whenever you are you will always scheming, you have your own goal!”

She really admires Yu Ao Tian (in negative way), how could he control everything very well, able to make everything as if a chess game, while others people are his chess pieces, being controlled by him, this kind of man really so scary, right?

“Little thing, before you said all things, have you thought about your status?” Yu Ao Tian sneered, slowly walking in front of her, his good looking face has a trace of chilling expression.

“I know about my status, no need you to…” at sudden, Yao Yao seems to react, her anger emotion an instantaneous changes at sudden.

“Finally you are reacting?” He is stretching his body, his face does not have any expression, sitting on the sofa, chastise looking at Yao Yao who is in his in front.



Regarding the meeting with Feng Chen Yi was Yu Ao Tian plan, it is better to say at this moment is the starting game by Yu Ao Tian!

If she really does not have any feeling toward Feng Chen Yi, she would not be so afraid to meet her ex-boyfriend, so that the trap which set up by Yu Ao Tian would be zero; if… she still have feeling for Feng Chen Yi, she would be very angry when facing, or feeling afraid, without she realized she had fallen into Yu Ao Tian’s trap.

So that, Yu Ao Tian didn’t intent to make her looked bad or Feng Chen Yi, but he just wanted to test water… regarding her feeling toward Feng Chen Yi…

PS: Make sure to stay tune, I still have one part to be posted soon ^-^


18 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 229 C

  1. Thanks Azurro. Can you explain YAT’s test? Does that mean that YY still has feelings towards FCY? I don’t understand this part.

  2. @Mel and Busybee,
    Yu Ao Tian is testing Yao Yao whether she stills has feeling for Feng Chen Yi or not. If she stills has feeling for Feng Chen Yi, it means Yao Yao has violate the ‘lover contract’ between them. Furthermore, if Yao Yao really goes to Feng Chen Yi, this mean Yu Ao Tian must make plan to have war / fight with Feng Chen Yi which actually so troublesome since he has some enemies who aren’t settled by him. As additional fighting with Feng Chen Yi is more than troublesome and if Yao Yao also join with Feng Chen Yi, this mean double troublesome.

    If Yao Yao does not have any feeling toward Feng Chen Yi, this is good news for Yu Ao Tian because he perhaps still has chance to win over her heart, makes her surrender to him (just alike his initial plan), Yao Yao also someone who will give him many benefits if she sided him and for sure Feng Chen Yi still can be his good business partner.

  3. Thanks Azurro for the explanation and assurance that YY and YAT’s relationship will be ok. Can’t take another storm. My poor heart.

  4. The more I read the more I dislike YY. Why does she always make excuses for YAT’s degrading actions? Why does all the female in this story so desperate for love?

    1. Yao Yao isn’t desperate for love she wants to be free but there are many things that tied her freedom.
      She wants to act selfish but she can’t.

      Yu Ao Tian on contrary, he is acting so childish whenever matter’s involved Yao Yao.

      1. Is it because YAT really love YY but doesnt want to confess to her yet? I hope at the end YAT and YY will be together despite any problem arising between them.

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