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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 229 D

Chapter 229

Part 4 (Four)

Should say Yu Ao Tian has very careful thought, also deep? Or must say this time Yao Yao is the one who too stupid?

“Little thing, have done to question me, now… it is my turn to ask you!” said Yu Ao Tian who face is still darken, he pulled Yao Yao into his embraces, his cold big hand is pinching her chin, slowly showing his sinister face: “Actually, what kind of reason, you could tell your ex-boyfriend, we, never happened anything!”

Her heart feels as if being suppressed by stone, strangely chills are covered her whole body.

This word said by Feng Chen Yi was so sharp; it makes her totally in cornered.

The important is not about whether she slept with whom and in whose bed, because until today Yu Ao Tian knows very well she is still virgin. But the main matter is why must she say that to Feng Chen Yi, there is nothing ever happened between her and Yu Ao Tian.

Cannot give an explanation, acting might turn to be reality, she has released signal to Feng Chen Yi, as if telling him… ‘I am still virgin, I still pure, you wait for me.’

But the fact isn’t it, that time when she told Feng Chen Yi those words, she didn’t mean to prove whatever but simply hope him to let her go, that’s all.

But would Yu Ao Tian believe?

Both of them are not having any feeling, also do not have any trust, by that way although she trying to give an explanation it would feel too much, moreover the person is Yu Ao Tian? After all, Yu Ao Tian does not understand Feng Chen Yi’s characters.

Her lips are trembling, but she not utters any sound, she really afraid speaks wrong in front of Yu Ao Tian which will anger him.

Long time, Yu Ao Tian does not wait until she regained herself. “Ha.” His face is showing gloom smile, his deep black eyes flashed, at sudden he pushes her…

‘Peng’ her forehead hit table corner, the blood dripping down blurry her eyes.

“Yu…” when Yao Yao lifts her head up, she is looking for Yu Ao Tian’s shadow, the iron gate closed sound is echoing in her ears, he has left…

The next morning.

Yao Yao has sat down in the living room for the entire night, as long as she heard the any movement or any sound, she would think whether Yu Ao Tian coming back or not?

But this apartment which is living by Long Ye or Mo Xue Tong who are returning back at home.

Based on Yu Ao Tian character, Yao Yao knows it very well he won’t show up in front of her in this short time.

If in the past, she really wished Yu Ao Tian went missing for more few days, but this time, she really hopes he could show up immediately in front of her, even only few minutes, as long as giving her an opportunity to explain.

Although he not believes on her, although he will be angry, it is nothing matter. Because, she feels little bit regret, about yesterday night hesitation, she even let her chance to give explanation slip away.


13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 229 D

  1. Ok young people, your freaking V and Virginity is totally important. Refrain and remain your self dignity, don’t just give it up randomly? 😂

    Thanks azurro dearest 😘

  2. Thanks a lot azurro ❤
    btw is virginity really that important ?? Why don't YAT just wait for a minute so she can explain…

      1. Yes in our country its always a taboo without virginity the women loose the respect the honor and maybe killed any sexual relation without marriage is forbidden “culture and religion ” and until now every girl must have a medical examination to prove her innocence before marriage

  3. She hopes YAT will show up soon so she can explain … I think this is one of the signs that she is falling for him . Of course , YAT is angry because he started to fall for her too. YY’s IQ is 200 or so but sometimes she isn’t too smart . She has to speak her mind .

  4. Brain and heart sometimes work differently. The brain knows it’s logical to explain but the heart wavers sometimes, that’s why sometimes mistakes happened.

    Thank you for the chapter

  5. I love this novel even I m addicted to it but I can’t accept all this abuse and aggressive scenes every time its disgusting and painful how can she accepte all this 😦

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