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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 229 E

Chapter 229

Part 5 (Five)

She is dragging her exhausted body, lowering her head going to university.

“Hey, Hey, you guys see that silver rolls-royce car, is it charming?”

“Yes, it seems to be Feng’s car.”

At sudden, that expensive car stopped in front of the university entrance, the students who are passing by they stopped their footstep, not far they are whispering.

The First University can be say having many students who are coming from all over the world, but the 40% are coming from wealthy family, so that there are hundreds of expensive cars parking in the university entrance which not really catch eyes. But Feng Chen Yi’s car is one of the five most expensive cars, in order to purchase it needed to go many procedures and much trouble, in China only the Feng’s who has those type of cars, so that many people know that car is belong to the Feng’s.

 Yao Yao creased her forehead, intentionally she passing by that car from the university entrance but not stopping, but this time Feng Chen Yi’s secretary, Lisa is walking faster from the car, stop in front of her: “Miss Luo, General Manager Feng wanted to speak with you for moment, can you get into car?”

An instant all the students are looking at Yao Yao.

She lowers her head, biting hard her lips, what Feng Chen Yi wants? Does he still feel yesterday was not enough in mess?

“I am sorry, I don’t have time. And also, please tell your General Manager Feng, between me and him there is nothing to talk about.”

“Miss Luo, this I can help you to tell him, but at moment I might lose my job. So that, I personally begging you, I afraid you should go with me to there for moment.” Lisa is speaking with begging tone.

Facing with Feng Chen Yi this domineering boss, Yao Yao understands very well Lisa bitterness. “I understood.” Her eyes are coldly sweeping to car which is not far, faster she walks at the back passenger seat.

   ‘Knock knock’ (knocking sound)

Hand is knocking at the car glass window. She could feel at her back all the students are looking at her, but since everything has gone to this point, avoiding is useless. Although, this matter would go to Yu Ao Tian’s ears.

The glass window is pulling down, Feng Chen Yi’e head pop out, when he wants to open his mouth, his eyes spotted the wound in her forehead: “You are injured?”

“General Manager Feng, What good thing you want to say?”

“Get in to car!”

“I think there is no need; if you have words just say in here!”

“Get in!” Feng Chen Yi is showing impatiently.

She is glaring at him, turned and leaving.

 “Luo Yao Yao!” helplessly, at last Feng Chen Yi gets down from the car, faster chasing her, catch her arms.

“Let me go, Feng Chen Yi!” Yao Yao is expressionless glaring at the hand which grabbed her hand, the peripheral stare from the surrounded of university.

“Tell me, how you get injured, I will let go.” Feng Chen Yi ways of speaking turned to be gentle a bit.

She quiet for while, she feels her nose goes runny, that is kind of bitter and grievance feeling, as if wanted to look at someone to have talk but there is no one can, that kind of feeling. No matter what, at least she knows Feng Chen Yi who is in front of her isn’t her confidant, he? At most he only a culprit.


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 229 E

  1. Thanks Azurro for another update. FCY is just so sweet to YY while YAT caused her injury and doesn’t care. I just don’t like the abuse YAT gives out.

  2. Thanks for the chapter. Sweet of FCY to be concerned about YY’s wound on her head though he was the cause of it. Very disappointed with YAT too. Seriously, he doesn’t deserve YY.

  3. Omfg I need to know if she’s dumb enough to get in the car with him. He’s a total dirtbag. Even if YAT is a dirtbag too. At least he’s honest and has an actual history and mysterious crime backround to explain his cruelity. Also you can see how he’s changed more and more as time goes on. It’s really just sad the writer is dragging this series out by splitting them apart through misunderstandings and bullshit. I mean come on we are 228 chapters in and we are still at the piont where both our main characters are sorta in love with each other but to scared and proud to admit it. Trust issues also abound. Yao Yao also seems to be chased by every man in China by the looks of it even though her looks with no makeup are supposed to be childish and slightly subpar. I’m still adicted. I want my YAT YY happy ending.

  4. I don’t condone YAT’s physical abuse to YY but I don’t like more of FCY public facade that masked his true deception. Here we are, we thought he is sweet. First of all he doesn’t have business to be there. If he is really thinking of YY’s concern, he won’t go there to get the situation escalated. He should know if YAT found out that he’s with YY, she can get in trouble but he doesn’t care that, doesn’t he? His moments is over period. It’s just his ego that can’t accept that. I don’t think he loves her, he is just insulted or even obsessed to proved that all girls can easily go to bed with him..except YY and he can’t accept that furthermore he might thought if he can’t have her then no one else.

    1. Well said May. YAT is what you see is what you get. We as readers know what kind of a person is in YAT yet he has never promise YY anything not even the word PROTECTION yet YAT gave it to her. It may come across as a spy or controlling yet YAT put Long Qi with YY who someone is same age as her n get along well.

      Until to this chapter I still can’t FCY truly love YY as he always proclaimed to YY. Yet at every opportunity he get he always will have women jump into bed with him just to spite YY. If FCY truly love YY, he will wait for YY instead of betraying her love n trust. FCY is no better than YAT. What YAT did to YY is between this couple which has nothing to do with FCY. FCY is the past n he get can’t that. FCY ego has been hurt not only once but many times, he has been rejected by YY whereas, no women have ever done that to him. Each time FCY appeared, the one who suffer is YY in the hand of YAT. FCY TIME TO GROW UP.

      FCY is a two face snake…out of so many second male lead that I came across FCY is the only second male lead that I dislike the most.

    1. Abuse? Abuse is somthing that is meant to harm the other. Besides slapping her once or twice and this shove her doesn’t really ABUSE her. He’s a violent and dangerous man. If he WANTED to abuse her it would be much worse. He is by no means a good guy. But his inability to come to terms with his emotions is obviously taking its toll. I don’t like YAT for the way he is now. I like him because he’s the bad guy turning good. Fyc is a bad guy playing good. Playing with YY heart. Fyc IS 2 faced about everything and abuses the good morals and heart of YY to make more and more trouble. If Fyc was not there YY and Yat would have been with each other much earlier. Yat only treats her poorly when he’s afraid she is going to leave him. While YY may be a unfortunate charachter I think Yat is as well.

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