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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 230 A

Chapter 230

Part 1 (One)

“How I get it? You say how I get it? All rewarded by you!” Yao Yao detests and swaying away Feng Chen Yi’s hand, hurried she tries to control her emotion.

Feng Chen Yi is stay still as if being acupuncture his whole body, dumbfounded, not let go but also not speaking, only his handsome face which keeps on staring at the wound in her forehead.

Perhaps, he never thought, the fight between him and Yu Ao Tian will involve Yao Yao. So that today he is coming to the university early in the morning, his coming all because last night matter.

It seems that…

It still little bit late. “You don’t say because rewarded by me, aren’t you loves him, and he also loves you? How he loves you?”

Listen to Feng Chen Yi questions, Yao Yao really feels herself got one hard slap in her face, this feeling, if not because she wishes Feng Chen Yi faster to give up on her, why must she lie?

“Well, that is ours matter, none of your business.”

“That’s right, there is none of my business. But you don’t forget, Luo Yao Yao, in the past I ever told you, later I will let you to live in bitter, but…” his cold good looking face turned to other side, he sneers: “both of you feeling really cannot stand with a little test!”

Hah? Test? There is no feeling what test is for? “Feng Chen Yi, you are really… bastard!” she gritting, raises her hand ‘pa’ (slap sound) slaps hard on his face.

Is he still the man that she loves for 5 years?

She started to secretly love him at 14, dating at 15, breaking up at 17, encountered him again at 19, this is the man that she loves, one of the selfish man?

Why Feng Chen Yi didn’t act this way before? If in the past he acted this way, perhaps she has forgotten this love as earlier as she could, no! Perhaps to say, she would not fall in love with him!

“Ha.” Feng Chen Yi is laughing, slowly loosens his hand that grabs her hand, stroking his own face: “anyway my image in your heart has changed this way. You remember, Luo Yao Yao, later in the future something like this will likely to happen, you must prepare to cry wet your face!” after said, he expressionless walking back to his car.

“Feng… General Manager Feng.” Lisa who is witnessed all the processes, from the in front seat hand out a handkerchief: “You… are you on purpose asked Miss Luo to hit you?”

Just to know, kids that growing up in Feng household, from the day they understanding thing the first lesson is martial art to protect self, this because to prevent from get kidnap so that they must learn it.

When Feng Chen Yi was at 11 he has already held black belt, so that his fighting skill won’t be weaker than Yu Ao Tian.

Alike Yao Yao slapped, he could very easily to stop it, but he even welcoming that slap, enough to be seen, he is so willing to get the hit!

“There is none of your business, start the engine!”

“Back to the company? General Manager Feng.”

“No.” His eyes are gleaming coldly, he throwing out the handkerchief from the window, coldly said: “Go to Berson group!”

“Yes, General Manager Feng.”


7 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 230 A

  1. OMG……i dont have anymore patients to know how this story ends…hoping to see a happy ending between YAT and YY …I CNT seems to fancy FYC even a bit

  2. I dont know what would FCY do. Explain to YAT about everything and tell him that FCY gives u on her? LOL. I mean the true love is the love that let go, doesnt it

    Anyway thanks azurro for the hard work ❤

  3. Thanks for the translation. Can you please tell me how will FengChe end in this novel? Will heIn one earlier chapter I read that he is purposely making her hate him. Is he doing that again? Is he doing bad things to make her hate him more? Are we able to see a smiling FengChenYi at the end?

  4. i dont understand why the hell the stupid yao yao doesnt choose Feng Chen Yi and tell him everything,it is not like if she tells Feng Chen Yi , he will be in danger because Yu ao tian and FCY are almost equal, both of them are handsome,cunning and intelligent,wealthy,have good fighting skills .

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