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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 230 B

Chapter 230

Part 2 (Two)

That dazzling and expensive car finally left the university, but that scenery is staying long in those students who see it.

“What is that little girl relationship with Feng’s?”

“Yes, it seems, both of them are boy and girl friend?”

“Huh, no wonder, that little girl is beautiful. But too audacious, she not even let any face for the Feng’s, doesn’t she afraid being dumped?”

“Who knows.”

Listen to the whispering, Yao Yao chooses to ignore, hurried she dashing to inside of university.

“Hey, Luo Yao Yao.”

Heard familiar voice, at sudden Yao Yao stopped her footstep, coldly looked over: “Feng Ke Xin?” ah, after the big brother came to give troublesome, now the sister also comes to give trouble? Actually what she owe to the Feng’s family in her past life?

“You don’t need to look at me with that eyesight, I called you, not to troublesome you.” Feng Ke Xin is smiling in front of her.

“At the beginning I am curious, I have asked my brother regarding both of your relationship, I really never thought you are the heartless girlfriend of my second brother when he was in Japan.”

“En?” what she said… ‘you are’? Did Feng Chen Yi ever mention about her in front of his little sister?”

“Didn’t both of you have break up 2 years ago?”


“O, no wonder, my father is keeping on calling my second brother to continue family business, no matter what he does not want, the result was two years ago suddenly he called home, took his initiatives to come back to China. It afraid his feeling was wounded.” Feng Ke Xin is talking to herself, with curious expression asked: “Hey, both of you have been breaking up for two years, my second brother has many times went to Japan to look for you, why didn’t you think to reconcile with him?”

What? What does Feng Ke Xin say? “After we broke up, both of us never met anymore, until not long ago when I back to China.”

“Ah? Impossible!  Our family does not have business in Japan, so that there is no reason for my second brother to go to Japan. But there was a time after both of you broke up, every week my brother would fly to Japan, he would back on Sunday night; and then company has many things to do, he later on less visit Japan. And also this half year he has stopped goes to Japan. If he went to Japan not for you, then for whom?”

Whether Feng Ke Xin said all these things by intention or not, but unintentionally it has been moving Yao Yao’s heart.

Actually when they were breaking up that first half year, she has heard classmate said they met Feng Chen Yi in school entrance, but that time because she was so hurt, she shut all the news about Feng Chen Yi, and never asked.

But today, according to what Feng Ke Xin said, it seems that the rumour circling in her classmates were right.

Ha, it is so obvious after break up he showed ignorant attitudes, making her heart ache and then did something warm her heart, why must he be this bitter?

Enough! Enough! She really does not want to think about Feng Chen Yi, it is clearly she has gave up her feeling, should she flames it to start over again? She does not want like this, she just too exhausted.




10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 230 B

  1. That is why I shipped YY and FCY most of the time as one could feel that he truly loves her and regrets the hurt that he has brought onto her when they broke up. At the same time, he is too arrogant to make the required move which is why over and over again he pushes YY to YAT. Poor YY forever stuck between these 2 ruthless men.

    Thank you Azurro for all the constant and frequent updates. Appreciate your hard work.

    1. Both YAT and FCY love Yao Yao, I don’t have any doubt.
      When it comes between YAT and FCY, I still rooting on YAT, well of course if my man have the chance to compete with YAT and FCY, I will side him LOLS

      1. Hahaha true true…. Many readers has many reasons why they want YY with either YAT or FCY 😉 thank you so much for working on this translation for us 😘

  2. It makes me mad how fcy still thinks he has a chance when he screwd up and wants a second chance with yy. It makes me frustrated how Yat and yy are so clueless about their feelings and yy needs to get on with her life fly is her past and it makes me mad how she allows these two to treat her like this, she needs to speak her mind more

  3. Thanks. So sweet of FCY to fly to Japan every week to look for YY. But it’s too late to undo the hurt he caused YY .

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