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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 230 C

Chapter 230

Part 3 (Three)

“He is looking for Li Ruo Ting!” that’s right! He must go there to see Li Ruo Ting!

“Cut it off, Li Ruo Ting? Not long ago, the Li’s wanted to have business marriage with us, Feng’s, they said wanted to marry the second Miss but the result my second brother had refused it. If he really has feeling for Li Ruo Ting, why must he refuse this marriage proposal? It is obvious marry the second Miss of Li’s it can help my second brother to stronger his position.” Said Feng Ke Xin with piercing laughed.

She thought by bringing up about Li Ruo Ting, Feng Ke Xin could stop but never thought it would talk to wider topic, which she does not know.

Pursed lips, she creased her forehead: “Feng Ke Xin, you say this thing must have purpose right?”

Feng Ke Xin dumbfounded, ha, this Luo Yao Yao is deserved to be called as genius, after all she is able to guess what inside her heart. “I am straightforward person, since you have found out, I won’t make denial. That’s right! I have purpose! Let me tell you honestly, I like Qi Lian sunbae!”

She…she likes Qi Lian sunbae? Does Feng Ke Xin knows Qi Lian Ao Yun is Yu Ao Tian’s younger brother? Will Feng Chen Yi stoped her? If Yu Ao Tian found out will he separate them?

Strangely, Yao Yao feels unsettled, but… feeling this kind of thing, actually once falling in love, the outsider force to stop will only to deepen the bone of feeling, that’s why it is called as true love.

Perhaps, someone like Feng Ke Xin who has warm character a like sun might be able to shines Qi Lian Ao Yun dark side of heart.

“So this is your intention to keep me beside your second brother, reconcile with him?” Yao Yao is faintly smiling.

“That’s right!”

“Haha, actually you don’t need to do so, because I never dated Qi Lian sunbae.”

“En?” at sudden Feng Ke Xin eyes is glared bigger.

“This mater I could not tell you in detail, but me and Qi Lian sunbae are strictly really never dating before. If you like him, you can slowly pursuing him.”

“Cut it off, I am Feng Ke Xin, must I need to pursue anyone?” Feng Ke Xin talked alike queen: “I believe not long after this, Qi Lian sunbae will pursue me.”

Seing how confident Feng Ke Xin, Yao Yao helplessly smiles.

To be honest, from the very start she has good feeling with her, though she gave her much trouble. But from Feng Ke Xin nature, she stills able to see something good from her. If she isn’t Feng Chen Yi’s younger sister, perhaps they can be good friend. “I leave first, Feng Ke Xin.”

“Wait! No matter what is my intention to tell you about that, but, all I have said is true!”

No need to do so, Feng Ke Xin really does not need to prove anything to her, now she more willing to think whatever she said is lie; perhaps to say she really does not suitable for Feng Chen Yi, and also wish not to hear thing that she does not want to hear.

“Feng Ke…”

“Yao Yao, bad… something bad! Something bad happened!” at sudden, Gong Xiao Man with panic expression rushing between her and Feng Ke Xin in front.


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