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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 230 D

Chapter 230

Part 4 (Four)

Berson Group

“General Manager Feng, may I ask you do you have appointment?” Mo Tong Xue is stopping Feng Chen Yi in front of the CEO’s entrance office room.

He inserts his hand in his pocket: “Trouble you, please tell CEO Yu, I have thing looking for him!”

“I do apologized, CEO Yu is handling public business, perhaps now…”

“Xue Tong.” At sudden, the CEO door room is opened, Yu Ao Tian is waving his hand to Mo Xue Tong, with his devilish expression looked at Feng Chen Yi: “Chen Yi, I have heard you voice from inside the CEO room, what happen, why are you such in rush looking for me?”

“Can I get inside to have talk?” Feng Chen Yi coldly said.

Yu Ao Tian is nodding, turned his body and entering to the office room.

“Lisa, you wait at me in front of the door.”

“Yes, General Manager Feng.”

After leaving his words, Feng Chen Yi hurries follow to enter the office room.

“Sit.” Yu Ao Tian who is sitting at his chair in his office pointing at the chair in front of him.

He waves his hand: “I have thing that I wanted to ask you, CEO Yu.”

“En?” Yu Ao Tian eyes rolled, his body is leaning to the chair, smiling ambiguously: “What’s matter?”

He is moving few steps in front of the office desk, for moment, his calm expression changed: “CEO Yu, aren’t you really mind because of last night conversations, are you?”

“Ha, Chen Yi, what do you want to say?” Yu Ao Tian is acted pretending not understand asked.

“Actually it is nothing. Frankly to say because Yao Yao too understand me, she knows how to say something, so that I won’t touch her. If I know, something is happened between you guys, last time no matter how she begged on me, I would not be mercy, ha.” Feng Chen Yi is pretending to regret and heave a sighed, his eyes are meeting with Yu Ao Tian’s eyes, his mouth is curved, give a faint smile.

After that, he turned his back leaving Yu Ao Tian office room…

Ha, really embarrassing.

Standing in front of the office room, Feng Chen Yi is laughing self-mockery, it was clearly that he planted that misunderstanding, but now it only one day and he has already cleared up all the misunderstanding, actually after he thought about it, using this misunderstanding to test Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao, would it be better?


When he saw the wound in Yao Yao’s forehead, that kind of heart ache is indescribable with words, both of them had been together for such long time, not to mention hit her, even to push her, he won’t do it, but Yu Ao Tian is over and over hurting her! Simply to say damn it!

Curling his hand into fist, with his face gloomy, he whispered: “Yu Ao Tian, this is my last time to…step back!”

Many people want to know, what is different between love and like.

Hence, GOD sketched out a picture, a little boy walked to the roses garden, can’t help but lament, ‘what a beautiful rose’ he pulled the flower, put it down.

But another drawing, it still a little boy who also walking to rose garden, his eyes see roses, faintly he smiles, pick up sprinkler and fertilizer began carefully to take care the roses.

This is the differences between love and like.

Like is taste of come down on something, leave you as you want, as long as you got it, it is okay; while love is taste of carefully to nurture, although one day it will belong to other person, you will be able to look it happily from further…

Inside the office room.

After Feng Chen Yi done, Yu Ao Tian has understood the meaning behind, and then, the first thing which flowing in his mind is Li Mei Yun ever told him…

‘Aiya, Aiya really want to know how his ex-girlfriend looks alike? After all she is able to keep Feng Chen Yi’s heart that long.’

‘What? Are you starting to have interest with others girlfriend?’

‘Ah. Mei Yun, impossible for you not to know my expectation toward my woman?’

‘Could it be Feng Chen Yi never touch his ex-girlfriend?’

‘How’s that possible? Feng Chen Yi is normal man.’

‘Humph, there is time, more you love more you not willing to touch!’

During that time he doubted what Li Mei Yun told him, but now Feng Chen Yi words proved everything.

More love more not willing to touch? Ha…really hard to make people to believe it (understand the feeling).


20 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 230 D

  1. Thank you Azurro. I love FCY. YAT is continuously hurting YY. I don’t care what the reason is, it just not right!

    I am still curious about the cliffhanger comment from the last post

  2. Thank you very much Azurro.

    For a man who constantly confessing his love to YY as FCY kept saying yet he still constantly provoking YAT intentionally or unintentionally to get YY into trouble with YAT. Is that really called unconditional love? It is a sick unconditional n selfish love. FCY ego has been hurt overtime yet again n endure YY’s rejection for FCY to do things thoughtlessly continue getting YY into trouble. That kind of so-call unconditional love that YY better not have. Without it YY can live with a better n tortureless life for three years with YAT. Life is hard enough for YY without addition of egoistic of FCY.

  3. All the characters in this story is sick & twisted. My heart goes to FCY. He can do better than YY. His secretary is very nice.

  4. Thanks. Glad FCY cleared up the misunderstanding he caused. He is a better man than YAT in the sense he never lifted his hands to beat or push YY. I am now on FCY ship.

  5. I try to be objective when ‘measure’ both Yu Ao Tian and Feng Chen Yi.

    Some of you said Feng Chen Yi is better than Yu Ao Tian because Feng Chen Yi never hit Yao Yao. Yes, it is fact. Because Feng Chen Yi ever dated her, Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi ever loved each other and spending time as couple.

    whereas Yu Ao Tian keeps on torturing Yao Yao, giving her mentally and physic torment, yes this is fact too but, from the beginning just as Yao Yao mentioned both she and Yu Ao Tian don’t have any feeling for each other, their relationship is lover which bind with piece of paper called as Lover Contract. Moreover, Yu Ao Tian hasn’t found the truth, whether Yao Yao is his enemy or not.

    Women are tool for Yu Ao Tian, he tries himself not to fall in love though he ever had before. I hate Yu Ao Tian mistreats Yao Yao but this does not mean Feng Chen Yi any better than Yu Ao Tian, for me Feng Chen Yi even can be worse than ‘underworld mafia’.

    I will take Li Ruo Ting as example. She loves Feng Chen Yi, pursuing him along the way from Japan to China which turned herself a like prostitute for Feng Chen Yi, though Feng Chen Yi does not love Li Ruo Ting even disdain her but somewhat whenever Li Ruo Ting comes to offer herself, he still sleeps with her. Feng Chen Yi also violent toward Li Ruo Ting too.

  6. I can’t agree with you about FCY. His love for her is better, whatever the situation he is always their for here. He consider her precious. Where as YAT is just curious about her.

    1. Which part you disagree of?
      How Feng Chen Yi’s love can be any better than Yu Ao Tian?
      Why do you think she is considered as precious to Feng Chen Yi after heartlessly he cheated on her?

      1. That one time mistake I don’t take it as cheating. Consider his age and from the earlier chapters we know that she was cold towards him. She meet him once in a week never even let him hold her hands. He was immature at that time. And the Li girl admitted that she is the one who tried to seduce him. And when they were together it happens only once. Now he is mature he knows his feelings and knows how precious she is. He treasures her. Even after all these yrs when she asked for the Gold card remember what the password is. He has not even once pushed her I mean never hurt her physically even slightly. I agree coz of his superego he never apologized or never show any hurt feelings when she broke up. But after years passed by he told her all his feelings on the rooftop on her birthday. Remember his sis told her how he used to fly over to find her every weekend. Is this what some normal guy do. He treasures her very much otherwise while she was drugged and in his bed he would have taken advantage of the situation. He is someone who nurtures her. It’s beautifully described as the difference between like and love with the example of picture of boy and a flower. He is perfect example of that from all these chapters. I have no idea what is in store for us. I really don’t want the writer to turn him as negative. Even some of his actions is described as he is purposely doing it so that she will hate him.

        She on the other hand just closed her heart after breaking up. He didn’t give him a chance. While her grandfather was in hospital she asked him for money and he being an egoist said some words to hurt her but the minute she left he knew he did a grave mistake. Considering his behavior she should know his character and the fact that he will help her but on the other hand she being thoughtless not even waiting for even a minute take the wrong route.

        YAT on the other hand is a ruthless guy. He is just curious about the “little thing”. Is that a name someone call a human being. How many times he had hurt her physically and emotionally, assaulted and molested her. From the beginning after all the assaults she received from him in the office lift considering her personality I wonder why she stay back at that company. And seeing his character I don’t think it’s easy to change his personality as who values human life. Let’s see how she will change him. Even after being attracted towards her he slept with the mafia girl. He can’t consider sex as something to vent out his anger. If he was hurt seeing FCY & YY together he should have acted as hurt. Not just go and have sex with any other girl.

        I hope I don’t bore you by my long essay. Btw friend can you tell me how many more chapters? I got addicted towards this and I completed reading within 24 hrs that’s including one sleepless night.

        Thanks for your hard work. Fighting!!!

      2. Hi friend,
        This novel has more than 500++ chapters and 800++ chapters.

        Perhaps I need to correct you little bit about Feng Chen Yi. He cheated Yao Yao not even once but many times. Although Yao Yao caught him only one time when he was with Li Ruo Ting.
        Furthermore, he didn’t seem to be sorry with his action such as asking forgiveness to Yao Yao.
        Worst part, if you read first chapter, after both of them quarreled Feng Chen Yi even went out and slept with another woman.
        YAT indeed rude guy, I can’t imagine Mafia to be gentle moreover to stranger but as time flies, YAT indeed treating YY in better way.
        From the beginning we can’t weight FCY and YAT equally because from YY point of view FCY is man she loves while YAT is stranger she met by bad luck.
        But as the story goes, YAT has feeling toward YY, you may realize, YAT slightly better than FCY, at least he always keeps every promise he made to her.

      3. This is a an addition to the other reply so To be read after the long reply…

        Last but not the least worried that his ex will be harmed he went to YAT and cleared the misunderstanding that he created. Considering his personality and superego he would never do that but only for her sake he did it and gave YAT a nice warning, “I will not back next time”. Every time he see her hurt physically it hurts him more on the other hand YAT don’t mind hurting her. Respecting & loving a woman includes not hurting her physically emotionally and mentally. YAT do all these three. On the other hand FCY hurt her emotionally only 3 or 4 times in their long relationship.

      4. I understood why you are rooting FCY than YAT. You trying to weight both of them according to their action toward YY but I think you missed other factors….

        At beginning FCY was the person who lit the fire, trying to provoke YAT but at last he understood he wasn’t hurting YAT but he just made YY suffering more by doing so.
        If FCY really sorry for his action, why within two years he didn’t do anything to fix his relationship instead when he found out about YAT, he acted so childish, as if a little boy who toy being taken by other.
        Perhaps FCY never hit YY physically but he hurt her mentally over and over. Although YAT drained YY but, YAT action didn’t really give much pain as FCY did because YY doesn’t love YAT, she treating him as stranger who doing bad thing to her while FCY is someone she trust, she loves, someone she will entrust her life to so that even little harm could give her terrible pain.

  7. YAT learn something from FCY. It’s not like if you don’t get it you will destroy it, it’s like even if you don’t get it you will nurture it.

    1. I totally agree with you in all respects at all! absolutely Yao Yao is irrational in front of Chen Yi his mistake is understandably were young we are at present and it seems to me exaggerated of it not even shaking hands with Chen Yi is more Yao Yao does not deserve to Chen Yi I think he is worth as much as man thousand times. Whatever the reasons for Yu is absolutely not justified, there is no love between them.

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